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January 31, 2015

Have you ever caught yourself staring at your shoes, marveling at how gloriously beautiful they are? Have you ever took too long to dress and arrived late to an event, simply because you were just too mesmerized by how perfect your shoe collection is? There’s no denying it: there’s something inherently attractive about shoes. For us fashionistas, heading to our favorite boutiques to ogle at all the new, exciting trending styles is pretty much exactly the same as carousing the hippest art gallery, viewing priceless works of art. Read More

January 31, 2015


Super snacks

The Superbowl is tomorrow! Did you forget? No need to worry, we’ve got a super snack recipe that is simple and scrumptious! You are sure to wow friends with this tasty treat. Touchdown! Read More

January 30, 2015

1.30 photo 2

TGIF—you survived the week and managed to keep it cute through all of the hustle and bustle! You deserve a round of applause for all of your hard work and effortless style. Check out some of our favorite looks from this week. These girl’s really know how to “werk” it. Read More

Earl Grey Tea Cocktail

It’s National Tea Month, and we’re celebrating with this Earl Grey Infused Cocktail! This gin-infused treat is sure to brighten your day with it’s sweet and tangy taste. The weather is starting to warm up in So-Cal, which means Spring is on the way! We are so ready to take this recipe for a whirl on a picnic date! Try it for yourself! Read More

Dress up fun with our Dazzlers

Dress up fun with our Dazzlers

So far, 2015 has been big for ShoeDazzle. Not only do we have great products, styling tips and dazzling #shoefies planned for the upcoming year, but we have moved into a brand new space! The new Dazzle HQ gives all of the Dazzlers a great space to work and have a great time doing it. From playing dress up with our Office and Executive Assistants, Damara and Crystal, to posing among our most stylish ladies in the office. Read More

Cozy Styles

Let’s talk cozy styles! We find it very important to make sure that our girl is able to wear our styles through any season. Whether it’s warm, cold or in between we like to think of ways that you can implement all of your favorite ShoeDazzle styles all year long. Take a look at one of our favorite cozy ensembles!

Read More


January is coming to an end but it feels like it just started! The year has basically just began but we’re already in love with all the new tunes of 2015, including the 10 trending tunes we’ve put in this lovely playlist. Check it out and lose yourself to the sweet sounds of Meghan Trainor, Purity Ring, Gavin James and more!

Didn’t see your favorite tune? Let us know with a comment below!

January 25, 2015

Opposites Day

January 25th is National Opposites Day! In honor of this fun one-off holiday, we decided to do a little photo shoot in our brand new office.

The theme was to showcase one outfit (work AND girls night out appropriate) worn with three completely opposite shoes.

You can never go wrong with a little black on black leather action! Which style is your favorite?

From left to right: Emry sneakers, Marielos sandals and Estelle heels.

January 24, 2015

Drinking + cocktailing

Picture this—you walk into a trendy-chic bar downtown. You grab a menu, and can’t help but be intrigued by the fun mix of organic drink garnishes, and a list of ingredients you can hardly pronounce. For years, bartenders have been taking little pieces of gourmet flair and adding them to specialty drink menus. Now, it’s the chef’s turn to take a little something from the bar!

Cocktail-infused baking has been around for quite some time, though many have yet to catch onto this style of cooking. Chef’s have been adding wines and spirits to dishes for years; and even some classic favorites have a little extra in them. Think about your heavy-handed Aunt pouring Sherry into the pasta sauce. It just makes sense! When you think about it, mixology is a lot like baking; bringing out subtle flavoring while keeping the tastes cohesive. That’s why these two pair so well together.

The combination of liquor and baked goods hasn’t reached commercial success quite yet, but we’d like to think a renaissance of tipsy treats will be fast approaching! Whip out your pretty pink apron and pumps, and whip up some treats for your next adult-only party! This one is sure to lift your spirits!

January 23, 2015

Our girl’s have really been bringing the shoefie game this week! We spotted these trendsetters posing ’round town in their ShoeDazzle-kicks. Now, we know you have your selfie-game down pack, but check out how these style experts snap a shoe-flick for “the Gram”. Hashtag—shoefie!

FF 1.23- photo 1

Lefashnmonster struts around town in her Aaliyah boots, while Lihnnwinn stops to let them admire her Noriko booties.

FF 1.23- photo 2

Iamfashionlaine has just the right pop of color with her Sheffy and Emry sneakers, and Tayehansberry gives us the ultimate classic-chic style in the Pixie booties.