Final Friday

It’s the last Friday before Halloween. That’s a lie; next Friday is technically “before” Halloween, but you probably know me well enough to realize that I won’t be writing an epically coherent post that evening. Instead, I’ll be writing an epically bad version of my signature on a bar tab while maintaining the persona of my costume. Normally that would be an issue for me—given the endless hours I’ve spent practicing the perfect loops of the letters in my name. However, Halloween is the exception; I look forward to it all year. So, this Fitness Friday is dedicated to the final touches that make your costume fit!

Crash diets are bad, so don’t delude yourself into thinking that you can get Halloween-ready in a week. Instead, pick your favorite (current) feature and highlight it. Like, if you have really nice ankles, tell us all about your talus with a ball, chain, and striped pajamas. You’re the hottest bandit ever.

If you have absolutely stellar abs, broaden your shoulders with a halter and, pair it with a bottom that’s bootleg or A-line. Britney? Cleopatra? Cher? Cropped and cool; that’s the way to go!

Are you more clavicly- inclined? Go for the Deep-V; take the most benign costume you can think of, and dazzle it up—or down—with a plunging neckline. You could be the hottest Minnie Mouse ever (if you refrain from yellow Crocs)!

We all want to be fit, and when it comes right down to it, (and by “it” I mean “Halloween”) you have to focus on your best attribute. That’s my attitude =)

Have a great week getting ready for Halloween. I know I will.


Richy T—Fitness focus on the positive.

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