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February 24, 2010

Heart disease isn’t something that only affects the elderly. I know I’ve certainly been guilty of that mindset. So, it was refreshing to read about one young ShoeDazzle member who, at about my age, has made heart disease prevention an integral part of her plans for a healthy, successful, and fashionable future. I hope her story will remind all of us that it’s never too early to get smart about our hearts.

My name is Aaronni, and I am a 19 year old fashionista/student/author. I have always been a huge fan of Kim Kardashian, so when I heard about “ShoeDazzle”, naturally I signed up! I mean, having shoes handpicked for you by one of the biggest socialites in the U.S. & free shipping is too good to pass up! I have not been disappointed! I just received my first pair of shoes today (which I absolutely loved! I got the Jewel in gray) and along with my shoes came an insert that was dedicated to American Heart Month. This immediately caught my attention because heart disease is rampant throughout my family. I have lost numerous Aunts, Uncles and even Cousins to this disease, so I know how ugly it can be. Because of this disease I have to take good care of myself and try to maintain my stress levels so that my blood pressure doesn’t go up. As you can imagine being a college student, working as an intern and volunteering can cause a lot of stress, but I have managed it all! I am a junior in College, after being in school for only a year and a half, my Internship has been extended twice and I have amazing shoes to flaunt when walking around the mall, campus or even around the house! I aspire everyday to reach and exceed my potential and with that I commit to being Heart Healthy and being Style Ready!

-Aaroni, Houston, Texas

February 24, 2010

Question: I’m 27 and a college educated professional, but I look like I am 18. When I dress close to how I think those my age should dress, I look like I am trying too hard. I have trouble finding going out clothes, recently realized my wardrobe is 95% work clothes, and although I am 5’3, I shy away from heels. Help! I love fashion and am really good at helping others, but always feel a mess when I try to create my own personal style. I’m tired of jeans, flats, and t shirts :(

Lakeya C., Rancho Cucamonga, CA

February 23, 2010

Romance is all well and good, but when the Valentine’s date dinner candles have long since fizzled out, you better be ready to keep the fire burning with a smoldering hot wardrobe! This season, dark, sheer fabrics abound, and the simultaneously skimpy and full-coverage looks they can create remind all of us that we don’t have to wait for summer– or even spring–to embrace the joys of the flesh. Unless you’re the most daring of divas, layers are key to keeping these looks wearable. Follow Leila’s example; this demure but sultry pump combines sheer lace over ivory satin for a naughty-and-nice look that appears lingerie-inspired without actually revealing anything! Try to look for pieces with texture, movement, and strategically placed opaque elements to further obscure the view. That should keep your admirer’s heart racing and mind wondering how much is really left to the imagination. Seductive and deceptive, this trend is sheer perfection!



February 19, 2010

Thanks to a little tutoring from the “old” pro’s, the giggling batch of little girls who modeled on last night’s Project Runway did a fantastic job! But, as one of our lovely members reminds us, there’s plenty more we can inspire in young girls than an appreciation for fashion and the confidence to strut down a catwalk! Take a moment to read her plans to set a heart-healthy example for her daughter:

“As a new mom, changing my thoughts on weight and health has become a priority. In 2010, I am going to finally get to a healthier weight, not because I want to look better in a pair of jeans, but because I want to be a healthy role model for my daughter, showing her the right eating habits and relationships with food and exercise. It’s also a priority that I don’t do anything to shorten my life. I want to be around as long as she needs me.”

-Ann, Edmonds, WA

It’s our favorite 80’s actress’s birthday today! In honor of Miss Ringwald, we are showing you how to recreate some of her most famous looks with some of our favorite styles from Fashion Week. Whether you prefer to be pretty in pink, or rock more of a tomboy look, just like those 80’s classics, there’s something for everyone this Spring! Don’t be afraid to make men’s looks a little sweeter or a little skimpier like these Marc Jacobs or Chloe looks. With Jason Wu’s feminine frocks, frilly never looked so fabulous. And while Derek Lam is combining looks from the 50’s to the 80’s to make his rompers truly modern, Alexander Wang shows us how black and white is totally now. So enjoy ladies – it’s never too late to pull out those cult classics and get inspired all over again!

One of my favorite looks from the new Kardashians by Bebe line, this asymmetric jersey dress has Kim’s jet-set style written all over it. It’s not easy to pull off major glam in cotton, but the dramatic leatherette section takes heather gray from ‘t-shirt fabric’ to ‘tre chic fashion’ without looking forced. This is exactly the type of dress I envisioned pairing with Giselle, which is still one of my top shoe recommendations this month. The simple gray scale color palette will work for any occasion and the gathering of the dress means it travels well, even if it makes the trip folded up in your handbag. To get this look off the ground, all you need is a quick change at the office or the airport, some geometric silver jewelry, your Giselles, and plans worthy of such mile-high style!

February 16, 2010

With New York Fashion Week in full swing, it’s difficult not to be inspired by the fall 2010 looks now! And when you really think about it, there’s no reason why fall looks won’t work sooner rather than later– especially while the weather is still on the cooler side. Why not shed a layer or two from styles like these vibrant Lacoste looks that hit the runway on Saturday and enjoy a little fashion premonition? Don’t forget that we’re still dressing up for American Heart Month; so, while you’re falling early, go red!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to foreshadow spring trends! So, whether you opt for acid hues, avian color-ways, scalloped edges, polished pastels, textured jewel tones, or the impending revival of light-wash denim, we hope you find the look that gets your heart a flutter this weekend!

February 10, 2010

Concerns about body image are, of course, nothing new in fashion; but it’s exciting to see those intimately involved in the industry meet to consider healthier, more realistic representations of women on fashion week runways! Last night, the Counsil of Fashion Designers of America invited guest speakers to discuss current body expectations and the drastic measures models take to meet them. The panel, called “The Beauty of Health: Resizing the Sample Size” included one of my favorite designers, Zac Posen, who expressed concern that fashion is currently fixated on ultra-frail frames. Since the fall shows start tomorrow, it will probably be awhile before we see any major changes on the runway. For the time being, we can all take heart in the fact that there are sample-size women and plus-size women around the world who wear the same shoe size! So, whether you’re rockin’ the runway or workin’ your curves –-or both– don’t forget to do it in some show stopping shoes!

If any of you are One Tree Hill fans, you couldn’t have missed this energetic, forcible, and very flexible lead-singer of Noisettes perform. Raised in London, Shingai Shoniwa and her band have taken the UK and US charts by storm with their album Wild Young Hearts this year. It’s hard to decide what we love most – her music or her style. Both have a retro feel, both are perfection created with daring choices and new combinations, and both are totally and completely her. She braves combining bright colors with more bright colors. She gives a proper nod to 50’s tailoring, but makes the look her own with unique accessories, and of course, her hair. She also pays homage to her Zimbabwean heritage on stage and off stage; all Shingai learned about fashion, she learned from her mother and grandmother, she tells the UK Times Online. “My mum and my grans are all very flamboyant. Even if I left the house very, very dolled up, I would always mess something up…[Clothes] have always been fun. And mum always knew how to turn copper into gold.” Well, we’re pretty sure that everything this talented singer touches turns to gold. Her self, her music, and her style are singular and we’re hoping she’ll inspire you to make a little noise and try something new.

PS – Check out the song Never Forget You at http://www.myspace.com/noisettesuk.