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                                             From left to right: Vanessa, Yulonda, Elizabeth, Emily

Welcome back to the weekly Wrap Up! This week, we received a lot more submissions; and after checking out each and every one, we’re excited to give these four ladies a little recognition for their ShoeDazzle style!

This week, we love your dresses! Vanessa and Emily showed us two great LBD looks. Combined with Villa, Vanessa’s lace yoke dress makes for a seductive, monochromatic date look. Emily is more than aLittle Bit Dazzling in her Anyas and perfectly matched turquoise accessories. Organic-looking, dyed prints, like those worn by Yulonda and Emily, are oh-so trendy for spring. Yulonda did a great job preserving the flow and movement of her dress with Roma; and Elizabeth showed us how a loose dress with a straight-edged shoe like Adina can be just as fashionable!

Another great week of style Ladies! Thanks for sharing your outfits and making the Wrap Up so exciting; keep them coming!

Congratulations to this week’s Wrap Up stars. If you haven’t seen your picture featured yet, there’s always next week!

I don’t know about you, but I’m always most concerned about being fit and healthy when suffering from’5th slice of pizza’ guilt or ‘whole can of frosting’ guilt or ‘2am taco fest’ guilt. Yep. That next morning I am rededicated to eating right and going to the gym. So I peel the taco wrappers off my bed sheets, try not to trip on the empty can of frosting or the pizza box, and search for my gym pass, which may or may not be covered in hot sauce. What? I had a good night.

Pizza, tacos, and frosting happen to all of us—or am I alone on this one? Either way. When they happen (and they will happen), here’s some tips to get you back on the diet train. I was going to say ‘back on track’ but then I thought ‘diet train’ was funnier.

1- Eat breakfast. What? Why? Because you need to keep your metabolism going. If you don’t eat breakfast, the calories you inhaled last night will stick with you. Breakfast will also help reduce the amount you’ll eat throughout the day. Note: Stack of pancakes; not a good choice.

2- Just add water. Cold water. Your body will have to work harder to warm it up, and water will get your body back to burning fat. Note: Nowhere does it say you can’t put the water in a margarita glass, so drink up!

3- Do the walk of shame into the gym. Yes: Everybody is looking at you because you hooked up with the value menu last night. That should motivate you to do a few extra reps, a few more minutes on the elliptical, or at least spend less time pretending you’re trying to find a good song on your iPod. Just play your favorite and throw in a little dance move as you’re running. Note: Don’t fall—that’s way more embarrassing than the walk of shame.

Well, there you have it. It’s like I always say, “When life gives you pizza, tacos, and frosting, make sugar-free, diet lemonade.”

Happy Friday, ladies.

See you next week,

Richy T.—I’ll be getting my own, cool Dazzle icon any day now. You’re excited; I can tell.

Not only do these ladies look stunning in their ShoeDazzle shoes, but now they get to tell everyone that they were the first to be featured on The Corner’s weekly Wrap Up!

From left to right: France-Marie gave us a great transitional outfit that melds fall favs like tweed, layers, and ankle cut Cocos with shorts and sheers that clearly reference warmer weather. Stephanie rocked some ‘bohemian sleek’ with a printed top, Trudy boots, and yellow-washed skinny jeans to tie it all together. Ivie showed us her talent for coordination with the perfect pair of earrings to echo her cheetah-print Stephanies; and Calandra revved up her casual look with some Monas and an over-sized beaded necklace.

Nice job, ladies! We’re sure there are a lot more pics out there, and we’re more than excited to see them! Mail your pics to TheCorner@shoedazzle.com for a chance to be in next week’s Wrap Up and share your style with your fellow dazzlers! Don’t forget that you can also submit your pic to the ELLEgirl Model Search for your chance to win some amazing prizes!

Irregardless … yes that’s a word, it’s in the dictionary. Anyway, starting over:

Irregardless of any holy status, the egg is a quintessential symbol of spring and life and rebirth and a bunch of other things that mean ‘it’s sunny’. So, before you begin hunting for sunny-side-ups, here’s some fitness-friendly advice on the ‘incredible, edible’ egg, minus the chicanery—sorry I was trying to reference chickens. Get it? No? Ok. What about a far-reaching allusion to being ‘chic’? Moving on.

13 essential nutrients – Yay. Thirteen is the coolest number ever! Have you ever tried booking a flight for Friday the 13th? Cheap! Plus, it’s the number of floors in a thirteen-story building; it’s the number of rolls in a baker’s dozen; and it’s the smallest, two-digit integer with the fewest letters in its name; but we’re focused on benefits so let’s think of it as big (like really big) in terms of nutrients.

6 grams of protein – Being a ‘Pro’ is the ultimate accolade. You’re a pro! See: It feels good! But PRO-tein will help you feel fuller longer (don’t ask ‘who’s Fuller?’) Eggs in the morning will accidentally reduce calorie intake throughout the day; you won’t feel hungry and you’ll end up eating less.

Eggs get a bad wrap – You can’t judge a book by its cover—unless the cover is really compelling. Shell out some sympathy for the falsely accused. According to this site, eggs aren’t connected to heart disease in healthy adults and may actually reduce blood pressure!

Looking ‘buff’ may not be your priority, but looking good ‘in the buff’ is always good. Eggs promote muscle development and prevent muscle decay. Isn’t the word ‘decay’ really gross? Yes.

I’m not sure if this applies, but if you’re rockin’ your ShoeDazzle shoes AND a baby bump, eating eggs will contribute to the brain development of your kid. It’ll also help boost your brain activity. So, you AND your 5th grader will definitely be smart! Check out incredibleegg.org for all the hard-boiled details.

Eggs have eye-healthy antioxidants. With healthy eyes, you’ll never have to ask whether that dress makes you look fat; you’ll just know you look good because you’ll see it in the mirror…with your healthy eyes. Good job!

Generally I like to give an odd number of tips, but I’ve decided to be ‘good’ this Friday. I hope these six tips help! Have a great weekend!

Richy T.
a.k.a. The New Ali—how many times do I have to mention that she left?

April fools! Okay so, you thought you were coming here to read all about a new ShoeDazzle for dudes—ShoeCoolness?— but instead of loafers, flip flops, and sneakers that look dirty when they’re new, BAM it’s the Wynn deVille and the Juxtapose. What? Confused? I know, right?

Well I just thought that some of you ladies might like a place to direct the guys in your life when they express any skepticism about the hottest club you know, ShoeDazzle. Here are a few guy-centric benefits of a ShoeDazzle membership that you may want to reference when convincing your boys. Feel free to use these:

1- Remember that time he wanted to empty his savings for that red convertible? Maybe if you had your candy apple shoes, he’d have his candy apple car. They’re a lot less expensive but just as shiny; Win for him, Wynn for you.

2- In March he was mad for basketball; explain to him that he could make you feel that excitement every month. Mention that our CEO is definitely contemplating SportDazzle—even if it’s a lie, you get your shoes.

3- James Bond. Yes: He’ll get to be the gadget-tastic, internet-savvy spy and you’ll look and feel like Halle Berry or Denise Richards or Eva Green (google and ogle) in your Juxtapose.

4- He gets a rush when he hears the sound of a can being opened—I won’t can cans but you know it’s something mildly alcoholic or at least inordinately caloric. Anyway: That’s the same thrill you get when you open a ShoeDazzle box, right?

5- Man’s best friend is a dog; girls’ best friends are diamonds. There isn’t a DiamondDazzle (maybe next year, but not for 39.95 a month), and DogDazzle isn’t even a consideration. So…

Whether you’re trying to use his credit card or just have him accept the pile of pink boxes invading your bedroom, there are plenty of reasons why he should love ShoeDazzle as much as you do. Don’t forget to tell him we have gift cards that make you happy and free shoes if your friends get involved!


Richy T.
a.k.a. The New Ali—She’s so cool, she went back to school.