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                                          From left to right: Nicole, Romanetta, Friend, Shauna. 
Every shoe fanatic knows that the best things in life come in pairs! After careful consideration, these lucky ladies–and a few supplemental gentlemen–have made our stylist’s top picks this week. If you’d like to complement your beau’s casually sleek look, you should follow Nicole’s example and aspire asymmetrically; he’s leaning toward the conservative and you can get away with the opposite in a one-shoulder dress and a stunning shoe like Lark! If that’s not your vibe, take a cue from Shauna and embrace the conservative with Wynn and a gorgeous, boldly-printed dress; her look is playful and yet totally sophisticated! When you want to match your partner in crime, a monochromatic look is sleek, easy, and gorgeous! Romanetta and her friend prove that coordinated style can be totally original in Tribute and Marchesa. Stunning!

In the spirit of stylish duos, ShoeDazzle is proud to announce its first Mother’s Day contest! ShoeDazzle is looking to give one lucky mom a year of ShoeDazzle for Mother’s Day! Send us a photo of your mom and her shoes–for better or for worse–and she could win a year of ShoeDazzle and a a feature for you both on our blog! If you read our blog, you’re hearing it first; so, submit your pics by May 3rd! You and your mom just might be our next dazzling stars!

April 19, 2010

Who is Richy T.? Since our early days, Richy T. has been making us laugh hard and dress well, and we’re excited to present his debut video blog to our lovely clients! Many of you have read his entries at The Corner . We’re beyond excited to introduce a visual counterpart to his colorful commentary. We hope you enjoy! You can look forward to another installment of “Wear It! with Richy T.” next month!


The title is misleading.

You thought I was going to tell you how skipping the gym would make you super cool and nifty—not to mention slim, trim, and Heidi Klum. Nope. Basically, I’m sick; and I blame the creepy, sweaty guy who feigned friendliness by relinquishing the Stairmaster when he was actually and deliberately spreading the bubonic plague. Yes: that guy was the monkey from Outbreak, starring Dustin Hoffman, and he was really sweaty. Now, I’m really sick.

With that in mind, this Fitness Friday is dedicated to staying healthy while getting fit.

Step 1: Treasure your towel. If the world’s grossest person just got off the elliptical, don’t use your own towel to sanitize the handles (P.S. don’t use the handles, they don’t do anything). Wipe those things down with paper towels and disinfectant spray. If you use your own towel, you’re extra likely to wipe your face 10 minutes in and inadvertently put someone else’s sweat directly into your eye sockets. Just saying.

Step 2: Eye your pod. You can meticulously wipe down the machinery, but if your ear buds are dangling in a pool of sweat as you prep or your nano is resting in a nest of gum, you’re basically licking the person who was there before you. Wash your hands as often as possible and avoid lifting your music player to change songs or check the time. My advice: create a playlist that’ll not only keep you entertained but also help you keep track of time. (For example: Britney Spears’ 3 is exactly 3 minutes and 33 seconds long; so if it plays thrice it’s been about 10 minutes)

Step 3: Lay down the law—or at least your towel. Those yoga mats may look all comfy and friendly, but they’re not. Think about it; you’re sweating, the person before you was sweating, your pores are all open, and now you’re downward dogging all up in their perspiration. This towel isn’t big enough for the both of us.

Step 4: Don’t lick the water fountain. That one’s pretty self-explanatory.

I’m about to chug some Nyquil; but I hope those of you who don’t feel like they were hit by a truck have a good night!


Richy T. –I’m too cranky for an icon, but I’ll have something fun for you on Monday; I promise.

I don’t know much about beauty pageants, but I do know that I liked Miss Congeniality. I didn’t really like Miss Congeniality 2—I blame Benjamin Bratt— but I’m going to say I loved it just to support Sandra B. Whether or not you’re into pageants, you should be excited to know that ShoeDazzle Stylist, Toni Ferrara, made an appearance at the first press event for the Miss California and Miss Teen California USA pageants helping women who are already obnoxiously attractive look their very best! All joking aside, Toni met a bunch of ShoeDazzle members and even handed out free shoes this past Saturday at Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach (it’s in LA and it’s gorgeous). She asked me to pass along her sincere gratitude to everyone who showed up and everyone who wishes they could’ve. Congratulations to Matilda, Natalie, Melody, Mariah, and DeAnna who all got a pair of Shoedazzle shoes! I’d suggest you don any tiara you might have handy and live vicariously through these lucky young ladies!


                                             From left to right: Vanessa, Yulonda, Elizabeth, Emily

Welcome back to the weekly Wrap Up! This week, we received a lot more submissions; and after checking out each and every one, we’re excited to give these four ladies a little recognition for their ShoeDazzle style!

This week, we love your dresses! Vanessa and Emily showed us two great LBD looks. Combined with Villa, Vanessa’s lace yoke dress makes for a seductive, monochromatic date look. Emily is more than aLittle Bit Dazzling in her Anyas and perfectly matched turquoise accessories. Organic-looking, dyed prints, like those worn by Yulonda and Emily, are oh-so trendy for spring. Yulonda did a great job preserving the flow and movement of her dress with Roma; and Elizabeth showed us how a loose dress with a straight-edged shoe like Adina can be just as fashionable!

Another great week of style Ladies! Thanks for sharing your outfits and making the Wrap Up so exciting; keep them coming!

Congratulations to this week’s Wrap Up stars. If you haven’t seen your picture featured yet, there’s always next week!

I don’t know about you, but I’m always most concerned about being fit and healthy when suffering from‘5th slice of pizza’ guilt or ‘whole can of frosting’ guilt or ‘2am taco fest’ guilt. Yep. That next morning I am rededicated to eating right and going to the gym. So I peel the taco wrappers off my bed sheets, try not to trip on the empty can of frosting or the pizza box, and search for my gym pass, which may or may not be covered in hot sauce. What? I had a good night.

Pizza, tacos, and frosting happen to all of us—or am I alone on this one? Either way. When they happen (and they will happen), here’s some tips to get you back on the diet train. I was going to say ‘back on track’ but then I thought ‘diet train’ was funnier.

1- Eat breakfast. What? Why? Because you need to keep your metabolism going. If you don’t eat breakfast, the calories you inhaled last night will stick with you. Breakfast will also help reduce the amount you’ll eat throughout the day. Note: Stack of pancakes; not a good choice.

2- Just add water. Cold water. Your body will have to work harder to warm it up, and water will get your body back to burning fat. Note: Nowhere does it say you can’t put the water in a margarita glass, so drink up!

3- Do the walk of shame into the gym. Yes: Everybody is looking at you because you hooked up with the value menu last night. That should motivate you to do a few extra reps, a few more minutes on the elliptical, or at least spend less time pretending you’re trying to find a good song on your iPod. Just play your favorite and throw in a little dance move as you’re running. Note: Don’t fall—that’s way more embarrassing than the walk of shame.

Well, there you have it. It’s like I always say, “When life gives you pizza, tacos, and frosting, make sugar-free, diet lemonade.”

Happy Friday, ladies.

See you next week,

Richy T.—I’ll be getting my own, cool Dazzle icon any day now. You’re excited; I can tell.

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