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Featured Dazzlers left to right: Rayna, Ainslee, Monica, and Allandra
Featured Accessories left to right: Drip Drop in black, Rodeo in black, Mojave, and Dramatic Proportions. 

Rayna sent us these pictures from a recent shoe-lovers lunch she helped organize through FaceBook. What a great idea! These ladies look lovely in their ShoeDazzle shoes, and in creating that perfect gal-on-the-go style, they’ve incorporated some great bags and accessories!

In her Marchesa lattice heels, Rayna combines edgy elements with flirty surprises like pleats, sparkling earrings, and a funky hat. Her dainty necklaces add the finishing touch to her cutting edge cuteness, and although not identical, Drip Drop can help you achieve a similar style. Ainslee balances her printed trapeze dress beautifully with a substantial heel, the Domino. Her bronze metallic bag echoes the gold hardware of her shoes, but you could also do the same with Rodeo and its oversized gold studs. Monica’s Celeste wedges are a great color match for her necklace, but it’s her purse that really stands out in the best of ways. If you want to show off your style sense, use a bright bag like Mojave to create a rich color palette rather than exactly matching other pieces. Last but certainly not least, Allandra works it in her Camerons and this season’s must-have shorts. Her jewelry plays with proportions; the tighter fit of her necklace balances the cut of her top while the spidery cuff brings drama to her wrist. Dramatic Proportions could bring you both at once if you go for a look like Allandra’s. Job well-done, ladies!

Thank you for showing us just some of the dazzling ways to wear items from the new DazzleAvenue!

Normally, I read posts on the FanPage about how people can’t wait until the following month, and I think, “Next month is only 5 days away!” This month, I’m right there with you. Please, let it be July soon, because it’s been June for decades. I hope you’ve enjoyed the new site and new products.

If you remember, I used to be all about short workouts. Since then, I’ve changed my mind. I do that often, and my doctors say it’s okay as long as I’m crazy. Short workouts are convenient, but your body is smarter than that; it actually gets used to your routines. So, if you do 20 minutes on the stair climber every day, your body only cares about the first two weeks. After that, you’re basically climbing stairs for no reason while your body laughs at you.

The solution: switch it up.

I’m sure you’ve heard that slow and steady wins the race. Which race? Not sure: but it’s a great way to fool your body into working harder (and not laughing at you).

Rather than running for 20 minutes, walk super slowly for an hour. Call a friend, chat it up, and bide your time on the treadmill. Sure, there are people waiting, but who cares? Unless it’s me; in which case, hurry up.

If you’re into heavy lifting, switch to light weights for a few days. Your muscles are easily confused, and changing your workout will actually build more muscle in the long run—unless I’m waiting for the 5lb dumbbells; in which case, hurry up.

You know how you’re super cool because you can do 30 leg presses at 200 lbs? What if, instead, you did 200 leg presses at 30 lbs? Then your leg muscles would be more toned, you’d take forever, and I’d tell you to hurry up.

I love long workouts because they help me relax. I focus on not falling, and my mind is inordinately clear. I hope it works for you, too.

Richy T.—Hurry up.

                                                               Left to right: Christine, Kristie, Viviana, and Anaiz

Stand up and stand out! Congratulations to the graduates of 2010. Caps and gowns may not technically be high fashion, but these ladies prove they’re ready for whatever comes next in high-class graduation ensembles.

Matching her sash with her sashay, Christine looks well coordinated in her Londons. Kristie is the Envy of her classmates in a monochromatic, navy look; and—not to be overlooked—Viviana brought fuchsia flash to her special day with Stephanie. Anaiz was one of the first graduates to submit a picture, and she chose Nikita to cap off her gown and balance her gorgeous, dark hair!

ShoeDazzle would like to wish these ladies—and all graduates—the best of luck in the future! You’ve worked hard and looked great doing it!

June 18, 2010

Sunday is Father’s day, and that probably means many of you are scrambling to find the perfect guy gifts for the dear old dads in your life. I asked the stylists to weigh in on some last minute suggestions, but they were too busy figuring out what to buy for their fathers. So here we are, staring paternal gifting in the face; and since I’m better at sipping from glasses that are half empty, I’d like to offer some suggestions on things your dad doesn’t want this Sunday.

Sports bottles- he already has a flask; so what’s the point? Unless he plans to smash it with a steam roller and see if it survives—which would be cool—I wouldn’t bother. Also, do you really want him fastening that thing to his belt loop and going out in public? No.

Chick Flicks on DVD- he was excited about that 50-something inch flat screen TV; but the chances that he wants to see Pretty Woman or Hope Floats in high-def are pretty slim. I, on the other hand, would like that very much.

Underwear- possibly necessary, but so awkward. I’m aware this bullet point is shorter than the others, but it speaks for itself.

A tie- he can barely dress himself, so a tie is like giving a poodle a Rubik’s cube—you know you’ll end up adjusting it anyway. That, or you’ll have to reign him in when he has the tie around his head pretending to be Geronimo–his choice.

High heels, purses, and shiny jewelry- Wait: I might be wrong on this one, because if YOU get enough heels and accessories, then he can get away with watching TV on your anniversary, playing golf on Christmas, and taking “business” trips on your birthday. The key word here is ‘enough’. Make it happen.

Richy T.– Hope definitely floats.

                                                                          left to right: Lauren, Amani, Jubilee

This week’s Wrap Up stars are stepping out in their ShoeDazzle shoes–outside that is! Celebrate summer weather with these ladies in cool day and early evening looks. Lauren adds a silver lining to her brilliant, sky-colored dress in a pair of Marijas. What a great look for an early evening happy hour! Amani takes in pockets full of sunshine in her playful short romper. Notice how her Toni heels and gold accessories add just enough shimmer to brighten up the palette for daytime? Going for contrast, Jubilee pairs the warm tan of her Mimi sandals with a dusk gray, sleeveless dress; a light sprinkle of conservative jewelry keeps the look refined but no less fun in the sun!

Way to step outside in style, ladies!

The stylists have been working so hard to fulfill your alternate requests that they haven’t been able to sort through the Wrap Up submissions and they haven’t been able to select a shoe for Work It Wednesday. Instead, they asked me to “figure it out.” Consider it figured. Welcome to Work It Wrap Up! I know; I’m clever.

Left to Right: Anna’s Stevies add a little shine to her outfit. BTW: pocket tanks are going to be a summer staple, so stock up. Also, oversized scarves are the new cardigans—just saying. The Muse isn’t really a dainty shoe, but if you pair her with sheer fabrics and long jewelry, like Sophie did, you’ll achieve a look that’s both edgy and soft. Liz proves that Ginny is a stellar “casual” heel, adding height and drama to cargo Capris and a basic top.

Let’s be honest, this month is one of the craziest—that’s why all my blog posts have referenced the mayhem of June—and yet, these ShoeDazzle ladies still manage to get up in the morning and put together some Dazzle-worthy outfits before driving to work. Meanwhile, I’m selecting outfits from a laundry basket in a room that qualifies as a disaster area mere moments before beginning my commute. Hey: You win some; you lose some; and sometimes you embrace the fact that you can get away with horrible hair if you have the right hat. Happy halfway-through-the-work-week!

Richy T. – working for Kyle this Wednesday.

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