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July 23, 2010

Kyle reminded me this morning that “it’s finally Friday! =),” and I couldn’t be happier. Well I could be if he ditched the smiley face. Anyway: While Yazmin Rodriguez was relaxing by the pool, Kyle, Charlie, and I were working extra diligently to scan the Wall for a few of our favorite recent quotes. A lot of them had to do with yesterday’s FanPage promotion.

For example, Stephanie Danielle said, “Oh,” and she’s right; the timeline for the contest was way too short. Thanks, in part, to Stephanie’s comment, we’re extending the offer until midnight tonight! That’s midnight, Pacific Standard Time or “3:00 Eastern time!”—as Kearstin Mary August so clearly put it. That should give those of you who, like Amy Lamson Granato, “can’t log in from work” (everyone else does) the chance to take advantage of the discount, too.

This week, we surpassed 80-thousand Facebook fans. Kyle and I promise that—between the both of us—we read each and every comment posted to the FanPage. (Hold for applause)

Although we can’t quote exactly when, they tell us more Facebook exclusives are on their way.

Here are some honorable mentions from the Wall that I tried, but failed, to include in this week’s post.

“I use moleskin and it works wonders” – Ivie Imoisili

“My man truly likes his oatmeal lumpy” – Pink bang

“Happy almost Friday” – Kyle Chandler

Richy T. – remember the time I spelled it “Kristin Cavalleri?” Me either.

Featured Dazzlers left to right: Shabana in Roxy, Rosalinda in Mhairi, and Michelle in Natalia.

These showstoppers won kudos from our stylists, and Rosalinda won tickets to see Rihanna in Los Angeles! Shabana, we’re loving the burst of color that Roxy adds to your outfit. That dress is gorgeous on you! Michelle, we love your attention to detail; could that polish match your top any better? It really ties your look together. Congratulations, Rosalinda, on your winning style. You’re definitely ready to dazzle at the show tomorrow!

From now on, we’ll be selecting our Wrap Up stars right from the FanPage; so don’t forget to post pictures every time you ShoeDazzle. You could be featured next!

July 16, 2010

See: you thought I wouldn’t be able to come up with something to replace Fitness or Fashion. Today, however, is Front Row Friday, and it’s inspired by our current giveaway, the chance to see Rihanna and Ke$ha live at the Staples Center in L.A. on the 21st—from really awesome floor seats. Anyone who’s going to be in the Los Angeles area next week should visit our and enter the contest. All you have to do is post your idea of the perfect, concert-worthy outfit directly to the FaceBook wall.

The winner will be revealed on Monday; until then, here’s some general advice on how to dress to impress in the front row at any show.

Height. With everyone dancing and giving standing ovations, you might actually need the advantage of high heels to see the stage—unless you’re okay watching the show on the TV screens. That said, show a little compassion for the people behind you and avoid high hair—unless it looks so good from the back that they won’t mind.

Glitz. Don’t be afraid to overdose on glitter and sequins when it comes to your top. Shine and movement will reflect light from the stage so everyone can see what a good dancer you are—unless you blind them with your shimmer. In which case they won’t see much, but you’re still a good dancer.

Fit. While you’re dancing and dodging fainters, you’ll want to make sure that the performer is the only one giving the audience a show. You don’t want your dress riding up when you duck or dip it low in the crowd—unless the lead singer, the drummer, or the guitarist is really hot.

I can’t wait to read more of your suggestions on the FaceBook. Good luck and have a nice weekend!

Richy T.—unless I come up with a cooler stage name.

July 10, 2010


It’s Fitness Friday, isn’t it? Nope: Not this week. This Friday we’re taking a break from fitness to focus on fashion—that’s a lot of F’s in a row.

In case you haven’t heard, SoCal is being a little indecisive lately; it’s cold and cloudy all morning and then magically transitions into the sunny summer weather we pretend exists year round—which it does. Meanwhile, the east coast is hogging all the heat. If you’re feeling a little bicoastal, you may be looking for a shoe that can handle your many transitions: day to night, hot to cold, club to car. You know: the basics.

Luckily, ShoeDazzle’s Chief Stylist and seasoned, coast-to-coast jet setter, Kim Kardashian has picked a shoe that she believes is up to the ever-changing challenge; she calls Romi “a wedge with some edge.” Check out her styling tips here and keep reading for some advice based on recommendations from our other style experts (but written by me).

– The combination of black and white makes Romi twice as neutral. That means you can pair her with everything from solid gray to darker floral prints. If that means packing a handkerchief dress in your briefcase for an after-work cocktail hour, so be it.

– Romi flashes some pearly white, which brings levity to your day looks and brightens up your evening attire. Wearing white in the summer is a great way to stay cool, thermally and visually.

– Wedges will help you avoid being the girl who walks barefoot through the parking lot with her heels in her hand—not that there’s anything wrong or gross or horrific about that. Wedges are big(ger) on comfort, and Romi’s lighter base and cutout vamp read more like a high heeled sandal than a typical wedge.

I’ll be peppering my Friday posts with a mix of fitness and fashion while I look for another word that starts with the letter F.

Happy Friday!

Richy T.—I didn’t say the F word.

Based on the results of Tuesday’s Twilight poll, Ashley Greene’s look was your favorite at the L.A. premiere of Eclipse. Let’s call this style ‘Intricate Simplicity.’ Not only do I really like those two words together, but I can’t think of a better way to describe a look that’s plain without being ordinary; I mean, other than the gold bracelet, she isn’t even wearing jewelry! I heard someone say it looked like she was going to a toga party; it must have been the hottest, greatest toga party ever! I’ve asked the stylists for a few quick tips on how to do something similar—although maybe a little more wearable at non-toga parties. Here’s their advice:

– Stick with the monochromatic gray scheme. If you’re hungry for color, look for grays that have baby blue or sage undertones.

– Keep it simple; but how simple is up to you. A tank dress is as basic as it gets, so you may want to find a piece that also features gathered elements, which add complexity and movement to the look.

– Ashley’s look isn’t all about the shoes. You, however, can draw more attention to your stunning shoes by contrasting the single-color, matte finish of your dress with something metallic, like Aven, or two-toned, like Carolina.

– As you can tell by her silver clutch and gold bracelet, Ashley isn’t afraid to mix metals. Bangles like Treasure Chest in silver will reinforce the gray palette; a touch of gold will add visual interest and reinforce the glow of a great tan. An accessory like your Robertson clutch will provide both: the gray and the gold.


There are some things you just have to do: charge your phone, put gas in your car, see the new Twilight, go to the gym, etc. I know; it’s not fair, because summer makes me want to lie out in the sun and be perfectly still. If only there were a way to play possum while burning calories and looking awesome—I didn’t mean for that to rhyme, but since it did, I’ll take credit.
This Fitness Friday, let’s liberate ourselves from the idea that you have to move to tone and tighten. There are definitely ways to get physical without budging an inch (sorry, Olivia Newton John).

The Plank: Harder than it seems, this not-so-simple exercise will strengthen and tone you from the inside out. Lie down on your stomach, then brace yourself on your elbows while keeping your body perfectly rigid for 60, 30, or even 10 seconds. No crunch and all flex makes for an unexpectedly difficult ab workout.

The Shrug: I don’t know. I’m kidding—I know everything—but shrugging with weights is a great way to improve your posture, tighten your neckline, and reduce back pain. Hold some manageable hand weights while you try to make your shoulders touch your ears. Hold still for a bit, then repeat and keep extending the time you spend in that position. The longer you can hold it, the more benefits you’ll see.

The Tip Toe: While holding weights, stand on your tip toes like you’re trying to spy on your neighbor over the fence. Just make sure you spy for a while. With these, you’ll think, “This is easy,” for like a minute, but when it gets hard, force yourself to hold for a little longer; that’s when it’s working. Soon your calves will look great and you’ll be able to spend more time looking into your neighbor’s yard than ever before!

I hope you have a great 4th of July; maybe I’ll take some of my own advice and hit the gym—or at least do some of these exercises while I watch TV. Either way, Happy Fourth!

Richy T.—I hate putting gas in my car.

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