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September 25, 2010

I hate water. It’s gross. It’s like swallowing wet dirt, no, mud–mud would be better. Water is the epitome of flavorlessness—that’s not even a word, and yet it clearly describes the wet abomination. On the other hand, you should drink a lot of water—so that I don’t have to.

Summer may be over, but it’s gonna be a million degrees in LA this weekend (Jealous?), and while getting the latest update on the Lohan’s legal status, I hear local news reporters tell me to stay hydrated. If I were paying attention, I might also hear things like this (and respond in parentheses).

Water makes you look younger. (So does makeup. #next)

Water relieves headaches. (So do pills. #next)

Water gets rid of thirst. (So does Coke Zero. #next)

Water helps prevent cancer. (Fine…fine…that one is fine)

Water is very cool. I love to swim. I’m into mermaids. I’m a Pisces (water sign). I have an aquarium.

Water you waiting for? #drinkup

Richy T.—let’s get hosed.

Priscilla Amador comes from a family with a long history of breast cancer; she’s lost her grandmother and her great grandmother. Her own mother was diagnosed–not once–but twice. The first time, Pricilla’s mother received the painful news while pregnant with Priscilla’s younger brother. After both bouts with breast cancer, Pricilla’s mom refused to succumb to the disease and, instead, focused on her dreams of being a dancer. Today, Priscilla’s mom is cancer-free and dancing in shows that benefit breast cancer education! Baila is inspired by her confidence and dedication to her dreams. As Cyndi Poe noted, when circumstances stand in the way of our dreams—when looking to overcome breast cancer—“hope” is all we have. We should all clutch to hope and keep on dancing while we race for the cure

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September 14, 2010

Beth will be available October 1st and 10% of sales will benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Beauty inspired by strength; Beth pays homage to one woman’s courageous battle with breast cancer. Beth Martinez was diagnosed at the age of 49 while serving on active duty. With her husband in Iraq and her family far away, she was forced to cope with the devastating news alone. When her husband was able to return, Beth underwent a modified radical mastectomy on her right breast and spent a week waiting to find out if the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes. It hadn’t. Unfortunately, Beth’s niece was also struggling with breast cancer. Hoping to prevent a relapse like the one that would ultimately claim her niece’s life, Beth made the brave decision to have her left breast removed as well. It took six surgeries, but we are thrilled to say that Beth remains cancer-free today. ShoeDazzle is proud to offer this boot as a symbol of Beth’s strength and the strength of all women battling breast cancer.

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Friday after Labor Day barbeques—sounds like a problem. Can I do a Fit-less Friday? Maybe. Other than the three-day weekend, I’ve been working out maniacally, and now I’m tired. I’m really tired. I just fell asleep. Am I awake? Nope. The hardest thing about working out is balancing the gym with my strict Golden Girls schedule and Cheeto-centric relaxation. How do I “veg out” while I’m trying to be “flamin’ hot?”

The truth about fatigue is that your brain lies. Your brain says you’re exhausted long before your body agrees; so keep going. You’ll see results—or faint. Don’t faint. ShoeDazzle is not responsible for any of that. The goal is to make others swoon—not swoon yourself. Let me tell you, passing out on the treadmill is not cute. Here’s what I’ve learned:

1) You’re crazy: As I indicated above, your brain is your biggest enemy when it comes to pushing physical limits. If your brain says “Stop”, do a little more, and you’ll feel insane while burning calories. I feel insane all the time, but cardio makes me feel better.

2) You’re crazy: Talk to yourself. If your body is telling you that you’re done, disagree. Most people wear headphones in the gym anyway, so feel free to tell yourself—out loud—that you’re amazing, you can do this, and that you are not afraid to do lunges in front of someone exceptionally hot.

3) You’re crazy: It’s all in your mind. Preemptively strike and convince yourself that you should work out. Imagine the payoff and the compliments and how amazing you’ll look in your ShoeDazzle shoes. You will! Get mental!

If you’re cognizant of your mind’s influence; working out will be so much more brainless.

Work it out,

Richy T—I’m crazier than you.

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