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1.  First things first.  When did you get your knack for PR?

After interning at Vogue and Women’s Wear Daily, I couldn’t think of a better way to combine fashion and writing. I got my start at a small PR firm and now I’m dazzling at the coolest shoe company on the Internet.

2.  What are the top three things you find most interesting about working in PR for a fashion company?

The pace of my work flow, the relationships I get to build, and seeing all of the new shoe styles before they¹re released.

3.  Who is your absolute style icon?

My style and icons are always changing but Solange Knowles and Clothes Encounters’ Jenn Im are currently my cause for inspiration.  Both of these women let their personality show through their clothes and look confident doing it. Plus, it’s always good to see a woman (Solange Knowles) who can mix her prints well.

4.  Words to live by?

Thoughts turn into reality. I’ve learned that when you think positive you get positive results.

5.  Lastly, for all of the girls wanting to get into PR, do you have any words of wisdom for them?

Build and nurture as many genuine relationships as you can. You never know what little bits of knowledge your peers or superiors can offer you!

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Pumps:  Tabi


Photography by Ulysses H


1. Oxblood Jacket: Forever 21
2. White peplum top: Topshop
3. Jeans: Charlotte Russe

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November 8, 2012

1. Red Nails

2. Red Lips

3. Red Velvet

4. Red Dress

5. Red Shoes

Ruby works it in neutral tones this Wednesday. Meet the fancy fingers behind ShoeDazzle‘s social media.

Fast Five

1. Dark choc, milk choc, or white choc?

Dark or milk! But my favorite is Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Nuggets with toffee and almonds. Mmmm…

2. Joseph Gordon Levitt or Ryan Gosling?

JGL forever!

3. Fill in the blank:  When I’m not thinking about social media I’m thinking about ____.

Food! If you visit our corner, you’ll immediately become hungry…food talks all. day. long.

4.   Next place on the travel itinerary?

Korea! But I would love to live in my dream city, London for at least a year or two. Bring on the cute British men!

5. What types of books do you like to read?

Fantasy (yes, nerd-alert!), non-fiction, and the classics. My favorite book of all time is the Great Gatsby! Can’t wait for the movie to come out this December!

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Handbag- Keswick

Booties- Kadesia


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The perfect footwear to stay warm this winter and look chic is the over the knee boot. Whether flat or high-heel, these are a must-have.

Jenny’s look features the ‘Ann’ in black.


Dear Stylist,

“I’m only 5 feet tall but there are SO many great flats in this season! How can I pull off wearing flats without feeling really short and what are the top flat trends for fall?

Heather Says: There’s no reason that you too shouldn’t be able to indulge in this flat-out chic trend!  One of the most coveted fall flat trends that has become the fresh new take on the ballet flat is the smoking slipper along with the menswear inspired loafer.  Many come with a small stacked heel, which is perfect for straying away from the really flat flats and the way to go to add a little height, even that little bit can make all the difference!

This season with their eye-catching prints and ultra luxe studs, beaded and tasseled adornments flats are far from boring and are the perfect must-have to make a statement with your look!

Try out these trends with the Katy loafer.  This flat with its faux-stacked heel and polished accents is the perfect combo of masculine meets chic!  For a flat that’s a bit more ladylike and refined go for the ever-so-luxe leopard printed Famke and you’re ready for fall!

The holidays are approaching… Make sure you have your shine, sparkle, and Dazzle!