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1. Shoes: (courtesy of) ShoeDazzle Kolfinna’

2. Shoes: (courtesy of) ShoeDazzle‘Carine’

December 14, 2012

Shades of pastel are definitely a go to trend this season. Whether you like to carry a frosty bag like the Brantley, or walk in pretty heels like the Tomoko; the key to pulling off the style is to compliment your ensemble with a playful makeup palette.

Our makeup artist Karoliina Kangas gave us the inside scoop on recreating the look shown above. Begin with a dewy base by brushing a bit of concealer onto your eyebrows, this will give them a lighter appearance and help with highlighting the gentle hues in your shadow. Then mix orange and pink eye shadows together with more emphasis on pink to give the shading a soft frosty appeal. After primping with color, line your eyes with black eyeliner and lashes with black mascara to give them definition.

Next, add a rosy element by prepping with a bronzer of your choice and dusting your cheek bones with neon hued blush. To finish the look, give your lips a nice pink pout and gently apply powder to your face.

Shop the pastel trend at ShoeDazzle here

Although it’s no longer part of our dazzling M.O., we pretty much invented the phrase  “Skip the Month.” Like any good fashionista, we don’t throw away good ideas—we find ways to up-cycle and up-style them with the freshest and fiercest looks.

Starting today, we’re reviving the “Skip the Month” option in the form of fun fashion “don’t’s” that’ll keep you looking good this month…and beyond.

For the month of December, let’s…

Skip solid leggings. Instead, slip into a brightly patterned stretch of fabric. Ikat is huge this season because it combines both rigid geometry and bold, colorful dyes. A quality pair will accentuate all the right curves and provide plenty of color inspiration for your top and accessories.

Skip fur-lined slipper boots (think: Uggs)—they’re just so predictable. There’s nothing inherently wrong with them, but more refined or rugged boots like Lina and Proud paired with sensational socks are just as convenient (you don’t have to tie your laces!) and way sleeker. Try Kickin if you prefer a more street-smart look.

Skip Solo® cups. Even eggnog looks sexier in stemware. Opt for plastic wineglasses and use ribbon, not Sharpie® markers, to help identify whose is whose.

Skip plastic bags. There are so many great (and stylish!) reusable bags available during the holiday season that there’s just no excuse for not following the reusable bag trend in 2013.

Skip “Where’s Waldo?” searches for the ultimate romantic partner. Enjoy the loved ones who you’re surrounded by and relish their company. Besides, it’s practically a law of physics that you tend to always meet someone special as soon as you stop searching.


Meet our wardrobe stylists with the magic touch.  Check out our interview with the gorgeous Ashley and her equally beautiful assistant Debbie.    

 1.  Ashley and Debbie, how did you two become stylists?

Ashley:  I studied Graphic Design at Otis Collge of Art and Desgin, hated the desk but loved working on fashion spreads.  That job exposed me to styling and Ta-Da!

Debbie:  I went to school for apparel manufacturing, got tired of design and started assisting stylists and the rest is history.

2.  Well put.  Now, who is your fashion icon?

A:  Of all time, Audrey Hepburn.  Currently, Miroslava Duma.  She’s petite like me and is super inspiring in the way she puts things together.

D:  Rihanna.  She’s the perfect mix of street and high fashion.

3.  What’s currently on your playlists?  (They did a combo play list.  How cute is that?)

Do You — Miguel

Genesis — Grimes

1991 — Azealia Banks

Heartbreaker — Crazy P

Anything Kendrick Lamar

4.  Where’s your next travel destination?

A:  Miami for New Years.

D:  Mexico City for New Years.

5.  Well that sounds like guaranteed fun!  Last, but definitely not least, describe your style in three words.

A:  A bit timeless, minimal and moody

D:  Graphic, street and refined

Thanks you two!  It’s always a pleasure!

On Ashely:  Carine

On Debbie:  Kirie



December 10, 2012


1. Dress: American Eagle

2. Shoes: (courtesy of) ShoeDazzle ‘Abbey’

December 7, 2012

Leather is a constant friend to the style privy. The sought after staple has made its rounds on the red carpet throughout the years and will suit a gal who’s looking to incorporate a little bit of edge into her everyday wardrobe.

Start with a classic leather jacket which can be worn with any frock or a pair of shorts for a toned down look. For those that already own a leather jacket, try swapping out basic black for a daring red one like Julia Sarr-Jamois.

On the days that you want to show off your gams snag a pleated or formfitting leather skirt and pair it with a vintage graphic tee.

Supercharge the leather trend by wearing a peplum top. Gwen Stefani gets it right by wearing hers with black denim and a red lip.

Slip into ShoeDazzle’s Zalika bootie or Amy pump to complete the look.



1. Hi Stephanie! Our first question we have to ask you is… aside from your creative crew, what are some of your favorite things about your job?

I love that every day is different and I get to see projects from beginning to end. It’s pretty awesome to see beautiful work go up on our site knowing everything it takes to make it happen. I also get to meet super talented models/hair/MUA from all over the world. It’s a dream job for sure!

2. What do find inspires you?

I find inspiration everywhere! Concerts, the farmers market, hiking, the flea market, random bike rides, and people watching!

3. Fill in the blank for us. The best part about being a girl is ___.

Putting on a bold lip.

4. We heard you’re a nail freak. Whats the deal?

Yeah, I love nails, it’s weird. I remember back in middle school I used to change my nail polish every night to match my outfit. Who needs a polish change?!

5. That’s incredibly awesome. Let’s talk coffee. Hot or iced?

Oh tough one. What time of year is it? I’ll go with hot!

6. Top 5 songs on your play list right now?

The last 5 songs I’ve shazm’d: Houdini by Foster the People, Spectrum by Florence + The Machines, Genesis by Grimes, Giving Him Something He Can Feel by En Vogue and Monster by Kanye.

7. What are you looking forward to most this holiday?

R&R, eating good food with friends and family and a road trip to Big Sur!Thanks Stephanie! It’s been so fun chatting and catching up with you!

Shop Stephanie’s super cute pumps:  Amy