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If Elizabeth Taylor was diamonds, Jennifer Lopez definitely has the single-strap-sandal style cornered.

Pairing them with everything from bejeweled jumpsuits to emerald pencil skirts, it seems like she’s playing favorites up-and-down LA in the stiletto’d summer staple.

Not that we blame her; her already-amazing gams look uh-mazing when she wears them, not to mention they’re a totally timeless classic. We’ll put it this way: remember that time circa 2 years ago, when the clog (gasp) had its moment? No question, that hyper-trendy shape from seasons of old couldn’t make the transition from bottoming-out a glittery ball gown, to sexing-up a knee-length cocktail number.

Ms. Lopez isn’t alone in her love –– ladies all over Tinseltown’s red carpets are strappy-sandal-ing lately. Take Camilla Belle’s office-ready ensemble in head-to-toe jewel tones, or Diane Kruger’s modest baby-doll; both starlets get the lightening-up their looks need through skin-baring sandals like our gorgeous Jessica sandals. On the (*cross out ‘sexier’) Saxonier side of the spectrum, just look at the about town Rihanna, who’s already killing it in her silk trench and side-swept hair. If you ask us, the fire-red stilletos are just the cherry on bottom!

Go toe to toe with J Lo and co. and shop our favorite ShoeDazzle strappy sandal picks!

July 26, 2012

Jenny N. (our UI tech gal) is one pedicure purist. When she’s not rocking some seriously fabulous footwear in our office, her summer-hued pedi’s are always the talk of the day. We keep one asking how does she keep her peep toe colours to last for so long? So, we turned to celebrity nail stylist, Jenna Hipp to share her best tips on extending our multi-hued, glittery topped pedicures. Jenna says:

HIPP TIP: At-home spa pedicure tip #1: Brands Matter: More than just remembering to use a base and top coat, be sure polishes are free of formaldehyde and DBP. (Not sure? Check it out by typing in your products at www.cosmeticdatabase.com)

Because most companies create their formulas to work together, it’s best to use them together to ensure your highest quality manicure. Also, your top coat doubles as a great refresher every few days to keep your pedi strong and looking brand new.

HIPP TIP: At-home spa pedicure tip #2: If you haven’t been consuming enough water, it shows in your skin, especially your hands and feet. Additionally, it is a main cause of swelling in the ankles. Drink filtered water infused with cubes of fresh fruit such as grapes, pineapple or cantaloupe to add flavor as well as vitamins to keep skin healthy and glowing from the inside out!

HIPP TIP: At-home spa pedicure tip #3: BE NICE TO NAILS! Start sourcing organic topical products and at home remedies.

People notice nails more than you would like to think. Prevention and maintenance- don’t wait, start NOW! For most of us, great looking hands and feet don’t just happen overnight. Start by budgeting in weekly to monthly mani/pedi’s or give your nails a little more attention at home.

To whiten nails, try this easy at home remedy:

Baking soda with lemon juice. Mix together and scrub nails with nail brush or toothbrush. Dip tips in hydrogen peroxide diluted with water. Wash hands and moisturize with damp hands with jojoba oil. Dab dry with a cotton towel.


Brights tips bring in sunshine and optimism and translate into a fresh beginning. Full of energy, tangerine orange, and hot pinks are top pedicure pick me ups for this 2012. Bold colors are perfect for toes and a great way to show personality without being too over the top. No matter what, skip the french pedi- The look is overdone and un-natural.

Chartreuse and mustard are heavy hitters this summer as well as shades that have an organic, earthy feel. Neon’s will be popping up throughout the season well into fall on accent nails as peek-a-boo teasers.


“Minty” by RGB cosmetics

“Poolside Party, All Eyes On Me” by NCLA

“Kutki” by Nars

“Cosmo” by Dior

Besides color, nail polish formula is also shaping up for summer by lightening up. Look for your favorite opaque color in a sheer or transparent formula, or instead wear just one coat. We took our own advice and created HIPPxRGB Nail Tints to give our nude nail loving fans more customizable options. HIPPxRGB Nude Nail System allows you to choose your color and your coverage as well as customize it to match your skin tone. Fans include Miley Cyrus, Lea Michele, Lauren Conrad and Michelle Williams.

July 24, 2012

It’s barely been a week since we’ve unveiled ShoeDazzle’s newly revamped design studio. But, if there’s one thing about fashion that everyone agrees upon it’s that the industry insiders love nothing more than to come across fresh, delightful talents who know all about how fashion intersects art in that very cool way.

As if Jennifer Rae Ochs hadn’t already reinvented the way mixed media, sculpture, and photography are experienced, the insuperably elegant visual artist has now upped her creative quotient by decorating our studio with high energy splashings of airy colour to the once bare walls. And, she wasn’t the only one inspired.

Our style-struck gazes were so ‘smitt’ with Jennifer’s strokes of genius, that Senior Director of Design Alejandro Blanco decided to take Jennifer’s painting – the Verdant – and re-create it into a dress – the Marlena – as a homage to her gloriously fun whirls of sumptuous hues whirling against the stark, white walls.

Hotness like this doesn’t happen overnight. So, we asked Jennifer about her inspirations on high style, her inspirations and about our custom design for ShoeDazzle and more.

SD: What was the inspiration for artwork that inspired the Marlena dress in the Madison collection?

JRO: Alejandro has incredible creative vision; he was immediately drawn to the Verdant painting. I knew he would use the Verdant masterpiece to create wearable/functional art. For this venture, it was important to take the art “off the wall” and extend a true interactive art experience. The beautiful element to this is it allows the clothing collector to further evolve their experience and self-express.

Verdant is a two panel piece, (18” x 24”/each), acrylic paint and mixed media on canvas. Verdant is a highly texturized piece by incorporating a mixture of minerals. Painting to me is not an exercise in randomness but rather an endeavor to shine light. I am interested in things that are beautiful, aesthetic delights. During the creative process, I focus on the impact of experience; less interested in the aggregate truth.

SD: How do art & fashion inspire one another?

JRO:Art inspires fashion. Fashion inspires an individual, as a blank canvas, to create one’s own artful aesthetic.

SD: How did the idea translate from taking your wall art into a fully fashionable dress design?

JRO: I am constantly surrounded by my paintings, seven years ago; I decided I loved my work so much, I only wished I could wear it. After years of learning about the fashion industry and consulting with those inside the industry, I knew it was only time before I found the right partner. Thanks Shoe Dazzle!

SD: Who would you say are today’s most influential artists affecting the fashion scene and why?

JRO: Takashi Murakami because he has diversified his artistic endeavors nicely.

SD: What’s your favourite fashion piece in your closet right now?

JRO: A gorgeous layered dress by French Designer, Lauren Vidal.

It’s date night for our wildly popular Signature Sole shoes– the latest at ShoeDazzle is our launch of the Signature by ShoeDazzle boutique, the perfect match to create a fully realized classic look. We’d like to call it true love.

About time, right? Now you can shop a complete collection of styled items in the Signature look, that ultimate sophisticated-sexy that becomes your own brand of style. We took inspiration from classically chic fashionistas like Jackie O and Katherine Hepburn and translated their looks into modern day style icons like Victoria Beckham and Kelly Ripa for this boutique. Whether it’s our statement-making, one-shoulder Bria dress in a very feminine bright pink or our very sexy body-con cut-out Lana dress, these flirty looks are anchored with timeless shoes and vintage inspired accessories, so you never look over-the-top, instead, you achieve that hard-to-find just right. Balance– it’s what all good relationships have.

Browse our beautiful look book to see pieces from the collection modeled on location at a regal Beverly Hills mansion, a scene fit for a star, and don’t forget our pink soled shoes, of course. Peep-toes, Mary Janes, and Lace Pumps– now part of curated mini-capsule collections. These love lessons all start at an awesome $39.95, cheaper than dinner and a movie.

It’s a boy for the Head Fashion Stylist for Entertainment Tonight and The Insider and our very own Anya Sarre! Anya and her husband, Tim, welcomed their newest bundle of joy – the adorably cute Sawyer William Sarre – on 10:21 am on Saturday July 14 at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, Calif. Weighing in at 7lbs 12 oz. and at a modelesque 21.5 inches long, Anya’s rep confirmed both baby and Mom are confirmed to be healthy.

And, the newest baby at ShoeDazzle will be no stranger to the fashionable stylings of his Mom. Anya’s rep shares that “Sawyer Sarre will come home to his over the top, nautical themed nursery complete with Carousel Designs bedding curtains and accents, a Stokee circular crib, and a custom made NewCo International rocker,” her rep says. “Everything is organized in Itzy Ritzy container whale packs.

Anya and Tim have been married for five years. Their wedding was featured in a 10-page spread in Inside Weddings magazine. Congratulations to the couple from all the Dazzlers!

Here at ShoeDazzle, we are all about accessories – obviously. But the ultimate accessory? A pampered pup to march along with you in your favorite pair of statement shoes. It girls have been accompanied by these cute companions pretty much throughout the history of fashion, and ShoeDazzle employees are no exception (we’ve been known to experience separation anxiety mere minutes away from our beloved pets). These puppies, who are fashionable celebrities in their own right, but more on that later, make appearances at work, cocktail hours, and most recently, our design studio launch.

It’s not just super sexy models dressing up on set here at ShoeDazzle, you know. Meet Sir Elizabeth Taylor and Latte ages 4 and 2 years, respectively. Sir Liz Taylor, whose name you might recognize from Sex and the City’s Charlotte York’s own dog, a King Charles Cavalier, and very used to the spotlight. Accompanying his mommy Lauren B., ShoeDazzle Publicist, to work from an early age, he’s perfected the art of the pose and knows just how to ooze the right amount of cootchy coo appeal being a long time press pro. Just look at that attitude sitting pretty on our very pink chair– we can’t get enough of him!

But don’t think Latte is camera shy. This King Charles Cavalier (sensing a trend at SD?) poses with our model as if he’s been strutting his stuff like a seasoned pro. ShoeDazzle Product Manager Ariella F. is Latte’s mommy, who named her pup for her creamy coat. We’re totally making take-your-dog-to-work-day a thing around here; next on our long to do list: designer doggy collection.

We want to know: Who is your favorite kissy-face It Girl-puppy pair?

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