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July 13, 2012

Why tie up sneakers when you can slip into fashionably edgy shoes? Change up casual looks with comfy but sexy metal studded flats.

All great art deserves an equally awesome gallery, and we’d say the same about shoes (and handbags and jewelry of course!) Keeping that in mind, ShoeDazzle just revealed its sparkly new design studio– a newly revamped cool and airy design space designed by Jessica Marx, who expertly crafted the intimate pavilion for fashion. Amongst fresh flowers, rows of cocktails, the stylish ladies of ShoeDazzle, and two adorable puppies, an amazing creative space was born.

Marx brings experiences from impassioned design studios like Dodd Mitchell Design and ICRAVE Design. With her laid-back attitude and eclectic approach to design, Jessica established herself quickly in the professional ranks, being named one of the top 18 designers of the next generation by Boutique Design in 2006. It’s her sense of intelligent modernism that opened the dialogue between our studio’s structural design and celebrates an elegant sculptural environment with the intent to blur the boundaries between art and fashion.

Marx says, “I wanted to create a space that properly reflected the modern, creative, and whimsical elements behind the ShoeDazzle brand, while respecting the the industrial interiors of the existing space. I needed to design an environment that would be flexible, with rolling racks and ample pin up space, accommodating the changing needs of the designers and buyers. A clean white space with pops of bright pink and several artistic elements (including a neon ShoeDazzle sign) with artistic shoe display wall really give a strong impression of what this company is really about.

There’s a whole lot of colour going on thanks to LA based visual artist, Jennifer Rae Ochs, a modern expressionist, musician, entrepreneur and world traveler who landed in Los Angeles. If the shoe fits… she looks like a true California girl– blonde, tan and absolutely gorgeous– she resides in Los Angeles and when creatively necessary, travels back to her 100 acre art retreat in Minnesota. JRO creates an aesthetic of duplicity grounded in reality and spirited by possibility. JRO refers to her art as “a celebration of moments in time” and it’s certainly true in this case; we are having our moment, and we’re so excited to have another artists’ vision to inspire our own!

For the ShoeDazzle Art Wall, she used vibrant variations of the ShoeDazzle Pink, and incorporated a dynamic technique that simply reminds us of an abstracted, gorgeous LA sunset. Clear display cubes adorn the wall, with shoes perched on them like crowns. It’s a pretty regal space– as it should be, from now on all the darling shoe babies at ShoeDazzle are going to pop out of this studio. In addition, the space will be used as a showroom and all ShoeDazzle products will be shot here before they go out in your monthly newsletters. So you can look forward to enjoying our new space as much as we do!

Though we can’t guarantee cocktails and puppies.

Bring in the summer sunshine with all of your stylistic necessary accessories. Those all day summer pool parties, beach extravaganzas and stylish roof top events are waiting for you. Glam it up and add the final touch to your wardrobe by staying on top of this summer’s nail polish trends. Let’s make that daring transition from our beautiful neutral hues onto something a little more lively to bring in the summer right. I believe that you can never be too dressed up and your nail color can never be too fun. So once you try out these hottest colors for summer don’t be alarmed when you find a new “fabulous fav!”

Rule of Thumb

We can never be too creative, so why not walk on the wild side? Use nail polish to glam up a basic outfit or to polish off a finished styled look. With summer officially approaching, we will all start to get our own summertime glow—and what better way to set off that summer complexion than with neon nails. Be edgy and draw attention into to how lovely your nails look. It’s all about having fun with fashion, and what better way to spice up you look pairing your bright neon nails with the perfect peep toe pump or sandal. Whether you are walking through the park in your comfy T and favorite jean shorts, or in a sleek dress—be daring and feel gorgeous in your new neon fabulous find.

Nail Polish Paints a Thousand Words

Be cool and coy with metallic and glitter polishes this summer—be bold and let your nails gleam like diamonds in the sunshine. From all of the compliments, you might feel like you’re showing your nails off like an engagement ring this summer! These polishes can be compared to your everyday jewelry. I’ve noticed that we will throw a pair of glittery gold studs or shinny drop down earrings in our ears without a second thought, but hesitate to paint these color on our nails for fear of being too bold! Don’t be afraid to make your statement and be fierce from head to toe—for a nail polish color can easily help scale you as “best dressed” at an affair. With a bouncy summer dress or against denim, your hands and feet will be nothing short of amazing this summer.

Go Green

Last but not least, green the hottest color this summer in any shade! From playful pastel greens all the way to the darkest forest of greens—this is a must have color for any nail polish collection. As trendy as this color is, it really accents almost every thing, perfectly! Try it for yourself this summer and fall in love. Your manicure and pedicure are waiting patiently to be jazzed up with the summer’s hottest, so tell a friend to tell a friend. Sophistication at its finest is all about going green!

Let nail polish can be the perfect accessory without breaking the bank! Color combinations you may of never thought of before has the power to transform the way shoes looks on your feet and how and outfit is finalized. Don’t get caught in those embarrassing moments or fear shaking hands, waving to an old friend, or hiding your hands in photos ever again. With that being said, I can’t wait to see all of these styles out this summer…see you on the beach!


How did shoes become this era’s most revered accessory? That’s one of the many questions we posed to Rachelle Bergstein, the fashion aficionado turned author of Women from the Ankle Down: The Story of Shoes and How They Define Us (HarperCollins). The historical chronicle of shoes and the unwavering attention given to aesthetics footwear by legions of women throughout history made the must-read list by the New York Times for its narrative on fanatical shoe moments. Bergstein’s intellectual rigor is a pure pleasure for any serious shoe addict. Witty and clever, the book traces the origins of the heels, the women who transformed basic designs to iconic starstruck triumphs, and how the world of celebrity and fashion inspires these heeled pops of beauty and tap into the desires of everyday women. You & I.


We chatted with Bergstein, who shared some punchy and provocative insights from her engrossing survey of women, fashion, and shoes:

Who was the first woman to be officially obsessed with shoes?

I’m sure there are shoe collectors who predate Imelda Marcos but she’s by far the most famous. She owned nearly 3000 pairs of shoes — that’s extravagant even by celebrity standards!

Who invented the high heel?

Believe it or not, high heels were originally worn by men and were a utilitarian item; when riding a horse, it’s useful to wear a heel so that the feet stay secure in stirrups. The stiletto, on the other hand, is a modern design, and though no one has identified the true inventor, fashion historians have narrowed it down to Salvatore Ferragamo, Roger Viver, Andre Perugia and Beth Levine.

Why do sexy, cute, covetable shoes make women feel so complete?

That’s the million dollar question! The obvious reasons are true – shoes are beautiful; they’re little works of art you can wear; they can turn a simple outfit of jeans and a t-shirt into something much more glamorous. That said, shoes have evolved through history to communicate subtle social cues like power, sexuality and status, which I think is why they’re so popular today.

Would you say is a true shoe style icon of our generation and why?

I’d have to give it Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj — they’re both so adventurous with fashion and are willing to wear even the most editorial, architectural styles, like Alexander McQueen’s armadillo shoes or the heeleess ones that he did, and that Giuseppe Zanotti is now doing.

What do you think will be the next crazy design /texture/element incorporated into shoes?

I think we’ll continue to see the heel itself as a focal point, with designers incorporating more sculptural elements (the way Chanel did with their rock crystal heels in the fall/winter ’12 show and Rodarte has done with their sand heels). The vamp tends to get more attention because it’s what the woman herself sees when she looks down at her shoes, but now with the flood of streetstyle photographers and blogs, we know that what’s behind matters, too!

Over the years what have been the best AND worst shoe trends?

This is clearly very subjective but the best trend, as far as I’m concerned, is ankle booties. They look great at various heights and deliver a terrific mix of fashion and (dare I say) function. Personally, my least favorite trend has to be the 5″+ platform heel that is now considered fair game even during the day. I think they’re magnificent in the right setting but wish it weren’t so hard to find 3″ heels now, which used to be considered quite high.

Has a marriage ever broken up over a wife’s addictive love (and hence spending) for shoes?

I don’t know if shoes have ever broken up a marriage but in New York City, where I live and where space is at a premium, anything is possible. The closest to this I’ve heard is the Beth Shak case; she’s a successful poker player who apparently owns 1200 pairs of designer shoes, and her ex-husband recently sued her for failing to disclose her collection in their divorce proceedings.

What is the most expensive pair of shoes you came across during your research?

Well, a pair of authentic ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz sold for $666,000 in 2000, so that has to be the most expensive shoe I wrote about. Then there’s Christian Louboutin’s limited edition “Marie Antoinette” pump, which he unveiled in 2009 at the height of the recession. It retailed for $6,295.

What are some memorable moments in shoe history that truly defined the trends that followed?

Two of my favorite stories are related to larger historical events that altered the way women looked at shoes. The first has to do with WWII: In 1943, the government placed a ration on shoes made from leather and rubber (those materials were diverted to the army) and forbid footwear manufacturers from incorporating any non-functional elements – like bows or trimmings – into their designs. Certainly, that affected the way women looked at shoes during the war and then afterwards, once the ration was lifted.

Later, in 1980 the Transport Workers Union in New York went on strike, which left the city without buses or subways for 11 days. Women who generally wore pumps to commute suddenly found themselves walking to work, and so they started wearing sneakers with their business clothes and then changing into more work-appropriate shoes once they got to their desks. Athletic shoes were becoming popular for women, and the strike only added to that momentum. After the buses and subways started running again, women still kept up the sneaker-to-pump ritual because it had become socially acceptable.

How many shoes do you own?

75 – and counting!

And, #76 from ShoeDazzle? What say you, Rachelle?

July 9, 2012


Star Magazine loves the Jirina pump.

Try pairing it up with a black slip dress to get noticed!

Wedgies aren’t fun. But, wedges? Crazy, printed, fabricated, and all out daring designs on the classic wedge have taken center stage this summer. Feminine yet beautifully designed, fear not of towering wedges as nothing glams up the basic white denim than a colorful wedge with its wicked sensibility. And, that on you choose to exude your inner playfulness.

Take a peek at your closet. Do you have leggings tucked in the back? Casual maxi’s needing an oomph? Awesome printed wedges are stepping out from every shoe addict’s closet in high gear. Any pop of colour of stripe of zig zags will bring a pop of colour and that look-at-me quality. The hottest hues this summer go beyond the reds and blues and will inspire you to get saturated colours off the rack and onto the street.

Here’s our picks to instanSD3-full.jpgtly elevate denim-cut-off’s and that perfect white tee. Be prepared to be inundated with compliments on your inimitable fashion sense.

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