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September 19, 2012

Somewhere between spring’s neon nudes and next year’s neutral shades, you’ll find yourself growing extremely fond of jewel-toned shades and textures. Rich in saturation, royal in style, jewel  toned shoes and accessories are sure to elevate your bare basic tees and denim in a flash. This season, it’s up to you to choose the right shades of teal, purple and oxblood separates and strike that perfect balance between super-sexy and sophisticated.

back to school

It’s that time of year where we start retiring those flip flops and start investing in back to school gear. Since school is officially in session, we wanted to make sure you are all equipped and looking well, better than everyone else. Here are few things we think you should make sure is on your list.

Why? We’re obsessed with studs and these shoes can work with almost any outfit!

Your Back to School Checklist: 

It’s important to look your best and your skin should be a first priority. Investing in a good tinted moisturizer will help you with stress from the teachers and crushing hard on those boys. 

1. NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30, $42

2. H&M Skinny Low Jeans, $9.95

3. R13 Boatneck Sweatshirt Pullover, $97.50


It’s completely vital to have the perfect shoes as you walk up and down those halls. The Shoedazzle Hurl Sneakers are a great trendy look and the stud details add just the right touch.

4. ShoeDazzle Hurl Sneakers, $39.95


Depending on your iPhone to get to class on time is not a good look. This Shoedazzle ‘Day Trip’ Gold Watch adds some style and will help you stay punctual.

5. ShoeDazzle Day Trip Gold Watch, $39.95

6. Topshop Washed Clip Backpack, $72


It happens to the best of us– the temptation to literally replace your entire closet at the start of a new season is thrilling, but Dazzlers know the trick is to integrate a few key items and mix and match with the staples you already own, know, and love. Step away from the Salvation Army donation bags! If you’re anything like us, your daily daydreaming consists of planning your future outfits, along with your absolute-musts shopping list; crisp new tights, boots, and rich hues. Seriously, how good are socks going to feel after months of naked feet!?  Read More

It can be totally awesome when your gal gets engaged. But, let’s be real – we all cringe at the thought of her turning into a bridezilla at the point between cake tasting and party favor shopping. Thankfully, Marissa O. (Director of Product) has been nothing but a cool and calm bride since he put a ring on it. With her big day – October 13 – fast approaching, we asked Marissa to give you three tips on how to help you keep your sanity through the planning fun:  Read More

Fashion Blogger

Everyone knows fashion week means mega-high style at the shows and on the runway. After all, our favorite top designers are working seasons ahead to present the trends we will be wearing in the future before they even touch down on our radar. But what really moves us, and the bulk of street style blogs proves we’re not alone in this sentiment,  is what’s found out on the streets, around the Lincoln Center and the streets of the city. New Yorkers and everyone and anyone visiting for fashion week puts on their best and turns the sidewalk into a catwalk. So don’t be afraid to stare at these street walkers. They love it, and their towering heels and ultra glam sunnies all work to provoke that je ne sais quoi that just screams, ‘Photograph me!’ So for them, and for you, the ShoeDazzle gals did just that. Here are some of pretty inspiring and impressive looks straight from the streets.  Read More

Nanette Lepore knows how to throw a good party along with her show, and for her Spring ‘13 line she did not disappoint! Opening with a live performance by Brazilian Girls, the mood was set with an upbeat, jungle rhythm, so the models sporting her newest looks had a spring in their step. Pun fully intended!  Read More

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