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I tuned into The Inauguration on MLK Day and was pretty perturbed—not only by Beyonce’s ship-syncing performance but also by the amount of faux fleece scattered across the National Mall like it was a regular mall.

I get it; it’s cold. L.A. temps were dipping it low last week. Luckily—like “The Carrie Diaries”—we’re now back in the ’80s. We are not, however, back in the times when they figured out how to make fabric from recycled soda bottles. Only the Navy is that old, and the gap between Then and Now is at least XX2 years.

Here are a few contempo’ solutions to beat the cold and get away with it.


Statement (Of the Union) gloves provide a punch of color that fingers you as a fashion-pro in a Wintour-wonderland. Here’s our dazzling First Lady, Michelle Obama. Notice: no faux fleece.


While we’re sugar coating… Wool-n’t it be nice to be warm in something patterned and fitted? Michelle’s tiled and pleated coat gives her the silhouette she deserves, the iconic intrigue of a First Lady, and the propriety to which she must adhere—albeit grudgingly. Way to go, designer Thom Browne. Pretty sure the Alejandra also passes the same bill—she’s proper with whimsy.

You need to (North) face the fact that faux fleece should be relegated to boot-linings, pj’s, pet beds, snuggies, the wilderness, ski slopes, and charity bins. Even Artesa  would have trouble keeping it streamlined against a poly-plush cover-all—and she’s the one of the sleekest bags I’ve seen.


Quit fretting if the previous trends didn’t warm you up, because you can always chan’el quilted looks for added warmth and comfort. From coats to hot totties like  Emmalina, this controlled cush’ helps heat things up.

Richy T. – lip-syncing the National Anthem every Thursday.

1.  Hi Monica!  How’s it going?  Thanks for setting some time aside to catch up.  What’s your average day like working the front desk at ShoeDazzle?

Monica:  The pleasure is mine!  A typical day consists of greeting guests, answering calls, receiving mail…oh, and feeding the company’s pet piranha named Dazzle!

2.  Dazzle is a cutie!  You started out working in Client Services then transitioned into this role.  Describe the major differences.

M:  In Client Servcies, I got to work hands-on with clients assisting them with their orders, talking about shoes, and all of the extra good stuff.  Now that I’m ShoeDazzle’s receptionist, I’m exposed to different fields and aspects of the company.  I meet cool new people every day and I’m always keeping busy with various tasks.  I do miss working personally with our awesome clients though!

3.  We have such great clients.  We all really love how we are able to get so personal!  Speaking of shoes, what was your first ShoeDazzle purchase?

M:  The ever-so-popular, Ciji!

4.  Oh, that Ciji!  She had to make quite a few comebacks!  What are the highlights of your job (aside from all of the great shoes)?

M:  On my first day working as the receptionist, I had the pleasure of grabbing Rachel Zoe an iced latte and some English Breakfast tea.  It’s kind of silly but i would say that had to be one of the best moments of my job everrrrr since I love Rachel Zoe, but it was also nerve-wrecking at the same time since it was my first day.

5.  Oh, I bet!  We are beyond excited to have her on board as Chief Stylist.  So, we heard your boyfriend works for an airline and we’re all a little jealous of that.  Do you two get to travel everywhere?

M:  I guess we like to consider ourselves little jet setters!  Occasionally, we fly out and go on one day trips to Vegas just to have lunch.  This definitely spices up the average date night!

6.  That is definitely not average and we like it.  Valentine’s Day is coming up.  1.  What are you getting your significant other and 2.  Are there any special plans in store?

M:  Ahh, we’re actually not too big on Valentine’s Day but I do love to surprise the boyfriend every now and then.  I truly believe that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  He can expect a good meal to come!  Will I be cooking for him?  Maybe.  I do like to play chef in the kitchen while experimenting with a dish or tow.

7.  Lucky man!  What are some of your beauty must haves?

M:  I’m currently obsessed with my Clarisonic I got this past Christmas.  Ladies, it is a must!  I will never wash my face using my hands again!

8.  What are five ways you would describe yourself?

M:  Macaron lover.  Queen of happy hour.  A foodie-enthusiast.  Travelista.  Bargain-shopper-whore (I’m always looking for a good deal!)

9.  The best thing about working in Santa Monica is _____.

M:  All of the amazing places to go eat!  I get so excited every time lunch comes around.  I’m always looking for new places to try.

10.  We’re lucky to be in such a prime location.  Lastly, your current obsession is…

M:  I would have to say working out!  I’ve never been much of a gym rat so let’s see how long this lasts!

Thanks Monica!  I’m sure our readers had just as much fun reading this as we did making this blog post with you!

On Monica:  Sabina (coming soon! )



1. Shoes: (courtesy of) ShoeDazzle Carine


1. Shoes: (courtesy of) ShoeDazzle ‘Kolfinna’

January 18, 2013

It’s always exciting to see a girl who can work an outfit that’s bursting with color, and we figure the easiest way to achieve the look is by following the rules of color blocking. Although it seems intimidating to swap out mundane shades such as grays and blues for reds and violets, it’s super easy to pull off.

You can either wear one color throughout your outfit in several different shades or combine garments of complementary colors together.  Hint: use a color wheel to get the perfect blend of tones.

Get started on your bold ensemble with a few pieces that seem to be made for color blocking like the Kiara and Diane.

January 17, 2013

Extra, extra: Read all about NewDazzle. The latest layout makes me happy with all its sexy simplicity and a stellar new chief stylist who doesn’t know we’re about to be best friends. It’s “Zoe” going to happen.


A teacher once told me that delayed gratification was the key to scholastic success, but I’ve learned that anything worth studying is immediately pleasing. That’s why we have a new Fix on the daily.  Think of it as the Cliffs Notes to current style, discounted temporarily for a starving student budget.

Speaking of which…Recent studies indicate there’s no telling what designer styles will show up in your future showrooms. We’re kicking access and taking name brands—all up in your Facebook. Starting now, you’ll see stuff that’s expertly designed by known designers to buy, like, and share. Oh, and devotees will still see plenty of ShoeDazzle originals.

Tag yourself in cohesive collections of stylized footing in our shakin’ Boutiques. There, you’ll find all the pieces you need to clique with the right trend in the right color way. Bouti’ bouti’ bouti’ bouti’ bouti’ bouti’ bounce. Today I feel like being…(insert fad-ulous fashion trend here).

That was my version of a site tour. You can take the real one here, but I’m relatively certain I covered the basics in a way that would make the bosses cringe.

Richy T. – That’s what makes you bouti’ful.


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