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1.  Hey Lydia!  Look at you wearing the curved wedge!  For those that have not dared to rock them yet, do you have any advice?

Lydia:  Don’t even think twice about them!  They’re just as easy to walk in as a stiletto.  You will always find me in a wedge.

2.  Being an associate buyer, you see every shoe shape, size, style…you name it, you’ve seen it.  What’s it like buying so many shoes all the time?

L:  I love seeing all of the designs and inspirations.  It’s a great feeling bringing that back for our clients.

3.  Yes!  We thank you for it!  It’s been great seeing our shoe selections expand.  How many pairs would you say you (roughly) own?

L:  I’d say the good thing about me is that I’m not a pack rat.  On average, I’m rotating about 80 pairs of shoes.  I’m definitely an “out with the old and in with the new” kind of gal so if I find something I love, I will allays make room for it in my closet.

4.  You must have a giant shoe closet!  We’re also loving everything about nail art right now.  What’s your favorite nail trend of the moment?

L:  I love embellishments, gold dust and adding your own loose glitter onto the nail polish.  On NYE, I had a black nail polish base with silver dust on top.

5.  Sounds dazzling!  What’s on top of your to-do list this year?

L:  To travel more!  The best way to see more is by getting out there more.  Some places you may not ever think about traveling to might have some of the best fashion trends!  Part of my family lives in Israel and I love going to visit.  We got to visit them last summer and I was able to really appreciate not only the history and culture but I also recognized more of the fashion side.  It was great!  Shenken street was full of amazing fashion finds!

6.  That’s great!  Thanks for the insider shopping scoop.  What are three things you want to tell us about yourself?  Make one weird!

L:  1.)  If anyone ever invites me to watch live music, I’m there.  I love watching new and interesting music of any sorts.

2.)  When I’m not in high heels, I’m running around in soccer cleats with my inter mural team.

3.)  For the weird one…I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

7.  Music, fashion and sports.  Not a bad life!  You’re headed to Vegas soon for the Magic Trade Show.  Have any fun Vegas stories you would want to share with us?

L:  Well….as we all know, Vegas is a really crazy place.  You never know what’s going to happen.  I’ve ended up at the Hugh Hefner Suite watching Kanye West preform.  I was also randomly entered into a Halloween contest one year by someone who was running the club.

8.  Did you win?

L:  Unfortunately no, but I made a really sweet peacock costume with about a hundred peacock feathers.

9.  You put in a lot of work for that one!  Okay, fill in the blank for our readers.  Every girl should have at least ____ pairs of shoes.

L:  Every girl should have enough shoes for every possible occasion!

10.  That’s why we’re here!  Thanks for catching up with us.  What can we look forward to this year?

L:  New embellishments, prints, cut outs and tons of metal.  Oh, we’ll also get to see lots more cool new sneakers with mixed materials!

Awesome!  Thanks again Lydia!

Shop Lydia’s shoe:  Mandalique (coming soon!)



1. Shoes: (courtesy of) ShoeDazzleAine

January 11, 2013

Although it was originally intended as a method of disguise, the camouflage trend has stood out in the fashion scene throughout the years and continues to do so. This favored print takes no prisoners as it appears heavily in resort collections for Marc by Marc Jacobs and Kelly Wearstler. While, it is available in an endless assortment of garments; a battle will arise if you are unsure of how to wear the pattern without appearing too harsh. Luckily, wearers of the camo trend have balanced out masculine and feminine by giving it a soft makeover. Like our muses above, you can redefine the style by pairing a statement camouflage piece with blush and neutral tones in a blazer, skirt, or dress and finish with an edgy pump like the Carine or lace-up bootie such as the Clever.

Sound off in the comments below. How will you wear your camo?

January 10, 2013


1. Shoes: (courtesy of) ShoeDazzle ‘Elisabeth’

2. Bag: (courtesy of) ShoeDazzle ‘Arley’

1.  Hi Michelle!  We’re so happy we were finally able to catch you.  You’re our accessories and handbags buyer.  Can we call you our bag lady?

Michelle:  Only if we can do a ShoeDazzle edit of Erykah Badu’s Bag Lady song!

2.  That would be really fun!  Tell us, what’s it like being a buyer for ShoeDazzle (it’s kind of every girl’s dream job).

M:  It’s a ton of fun.  I get to buy unlimited amount of bags, jewelry and watches without spending a dime.

3.  Well isn’t that nice!  I’m sure your closet is spilling over with all the goodies.  As a buyer, you’re always traveling.  You must have a few essentials you always have with you.  If you were a bag, any type of bag, what kind of bag would you be?

M:  That’s a tough one but I would most likely be a studded cross body because I’m always on the move.  Whether I’m headed to my car, the subway, a restaurant or a party, I like to have all my essentials close to me and am obsessed with studs!

4.  We love them all too–flat, spiked, squared, you name it!  What are your top 5 beauty must haves?

M:  Mascara, Carmex, gum, Advil and a hair brush.  Long hair does care!

5.  You’re right!  You never know who you’ll run into!  Since we’re changing our styles so rapidly to stay on trend, what’s it like buying so many accessories every month?

M:  It’s great!  Costume jewelry’s the best.  I love being able to snag some great deals for our girls.  You can layer and accessorize without having to break the bank.

6.  Speaking of never knowing who you’re going to run into, we heard a funny story about your running into your man crush Joseph Gordon Levitt.  Details on that please.

M:  Well, the background story on that love interest is that I’ve loved the boy since 3rd Rock from the Sun!  I was driving down on La Cienega Blvd a few years ago and came really close to a pedestrian.  And by really close, I mean I almost love tapped him with the front of my car only to find that it was Joseph Gordon Levitt!  Needless to say, he and I both are alive and I haven’t seen him since.  Heartbreak.

7.  Wow!  Talk about a love encounter!  Hopefully your paths cross again very soon…in say, a romantic park with a sundae.  Speaking of sundaes, do you prefer ice cream or fro-yo?

M:  I scream for ice cream!  My boyfriend actually makes fun of me for chewing my ice cream.

8.  That sounds really chilly!  Maybe that’s how you keep your pearly whites.  😉  Last but not least, it must be so fun providing such a variety of product for every type of woman out thee.  Thanks for helping our client do it with so much ease.  Since you’re off to NYC this weekend, what new trends will you be on the hunt for?

M:  Jewelry wise I’ll be looking out for ear cuffs, layered rings, intricate body jewelry and chunky chains.  On the bag side, we’re looking for laser cut outs, perforation and more prints!

Sounds promising!  We can’t wait to see what 2013 brings us!  Thanks for chatting with us Michelle!  Stay warm in New York!

Michelle is wearing a January mid-month release.  Keep your eyes peeled for the Kaydra bootie!
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