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December 16, 2013






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December 12, 2013


All photos courtesy of Michelle Robinson

 We stumbled across Michelle Robinson’s intricate recreation of all that’s feminine on instagram and had to know more about the Los Angeles based artist.  

Tell us a bit about your background?

I am a self taught artist and I was born an identical twin in Seoul, Korea. My army based family then moved to the US. I currently call Los Angeles my home.

Do you remember your first painting?

I honestly couldn’t tell you what my first painting was….I was painting since I was a itty bitty girl. My little hands picked up that paintbrush so often I truly couldn’t pin point the first painting. But a piece that really stands out in my mind from childhood was one of a rainforest. I painted tropical trees laced with vines and a large snake. They exhibited the piece at my local mall in Maryland. It was a very proud moment for me.


Your work centers around the female form, what made you choose that direction?

There’s something sacred and extremely alluring about the female form: a women’s capability to change her surroundings with just her nurturing presence and sexuality. There’s something very powerful that a woman holds. It can be subtle or obvious, either way, it’s there. I do believe we hold many truths. We give life and that is power. I paint who I am and who I thrive to be.

Where do you look for inspiration?

I look within myself…

Your studio is in Little Tokyo in Downtown Los Angeles, tell us about the area and what you like about it?

I love the iconic skyscrapers that dot the skyline that surrounds me and the local authentic Japanese cuisine is a plus.

Is there another artist whose work you really admire?

I’ve always been a big admirer of my twin sister’s work…she’s an artist also. Our styles are different, but I’ve always looked up to her growing up. You can peep her work on Instagram @strangedirt.

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Instagram: @mister_michelle
Website: www.michellizm.com

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December 10, 2013

Just in time for holiday party season, celebrity stylist Daniel Musto put together several seriously chic looks featuring the Brenda and designs from Rosa Clandestino. Get inspiration for your upcoming soiree’s below.





December 9, 2013




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The Holiday season is a serious threat to your waistline. We admit it; we’re guilty of encouraging you to indulge in desserts, chocolates, cupcakes, whole cakes, and all sorts of splendid carbs. We’ve also encouraged you to get puppies, but FYI: they’re calorie-free unless you eat them.

That’s why they let me recycle vintage Fitness Friday posts. This one’s from 2010, and it still works and twerks:

March 26, 2010


Maybe you didn’t make it to the gym this Fitness Friday, but you can still get your cardio on when you hit the club tonight. Health club? Night club? Take your pick! Did you know that dancing burns up to 300 calories per hour? True story! Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your crunk choreography!

- Suck it in; keeping your stomach pulled inward while you dance will actually tone and tighten your core.

- Do some leg work! Don’t just lean back all night, get your feet moving! Even a basic step-touch will help define your calves and thighs.

- If you decide to have a drink, stick to cocktails that have only one mixer, preferably club soda which, unlike tonic water, has no calories.

- A mad dash to the dollar menu might be your typical 2am ritual, but if you plan ahead, you can enjoy a healthier snack on the ride home

Now you can really work it out on the dance floor! Be safe and have a great weekend!

Contributor Dazzle Gal


–End of Flashback—


Richy T.—Who the dazzle is Dazzle Gal? I wrote that.


Image via Burberry

Every year around this time, we’re faced with a few seasonal conundrums: Should I have seconds? Where is my present? Does this brandy need more eggnog? Can I wear socks with my heels?

I’m not claiming to have the definitive answers to any of these questions, but I’d like to address the socks and heels issue.


Images via Elle, OpenWardrobe, TopsyTurvy, HRH, MaxiTube, and Clueless.

As you can see, socks&heels is and has been a legit’ thing for more than a hot minute. Some of these images are old, and some are new. I’m not going to tell you which are which because it doesn’t matter. When it comes to socks and heels, we’ve been questioning the issue for seasons, years, and maybe even decades.

Richy12.4C Richy12.4D Richy12.4E

Images via Elle, HRH, and the TomiTons

The moral of the story is that, if you think socks and heels look good, shoe it up. If not, then don’t. Whether others love it or hate it, no one will remember after a second serving of ham, 4 cups of eggnog-flavored brandy, and an unruly white elephant exchange. Talk about ideal circumstances to experiment.

Richy T.—Rock your socks off and on

December 3, 2013





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