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March 29, 2013

Nail ArtThe newest notch in the evolution of manicures is the nail wrap trend. If you haven’t tried them yet I hope this post will put them on your radar. A distant cousin to minx; nail wraps are an effortless way to achieve artistic nails. They can either be applied at home or at a salon, and come in a variety of different styles.

I recently got wrapped at Candy Paint LA, inside Melody Ehsani’s flagship store in Los Angeles. The process was extremely simple. You pick out a set, and after a basic manicure each wrap, which is similar to a sticker, is applied and topped with a coat of gel nail polish. The wraps can endure a lot, but are prone to peeling if you use your hands a lot. We recommend styling wraps with a multi-finger ring like Spiked Out, and Spell on You or a bracelet like Spike a Pose.

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Thursday'sRichyTBlog_3.28_pbAccording to me, fall/winter 2012 was exceptionally bright: pastels, neons, and Hawaiian-punch ombre extensions. In the spirit of contradiction, I’m endorsing dark colors as the new thing for spring. Generally, spring involves shiny happy colors, but this year is proving to be a whole new wonderland, and I’m down to dive into that bunny hole.

You should be, too. Here’s how to stay slinky chic this spring: You gotta Dazzle—or at least dabble—in the dark. Black is the new bright.

Think Olive and Hunter before you go Kelly; everyone will be green with envy. Ikat tell you how much I love this print.

Kennett is spot on trend and on the dot when it comes to spring do’s.

I’ve got my I-on-a shoe that quickly sneaks a little shade into the brightest of springs; Quicken.

Speaking of shades, now is the time to go full circle, like these or these from our dear Kim’s sisters from another mister.  They’ll keep you wide-eyed and bushy-tailed all season.



Richy T. – Prints of darkness.

March 27, 2013

Hi Jimmy!   You’ve been with us for awhile now and we love ya!  Tell us a bit about your role here and being with ShoeDazzle from the very beginning.

Jimmy:  Lemmetellyasomethin…I have been here a looooong time!  Haha…My role has changed here a lot.  When I was first hired, I actually was the only creative on staff.  So, I took pictures of the shoes.  I designed the emails.  I designed printed inserts.  I worked on the site.  My duties have grown a lot since then to include art directing photoshoots, designing our various packages, and I still work on most of the printed needs of the company.  I really wish there was a way to clone myself because there certainly aren’t enough hours in the day.

We do have quite a number of wonderful things going on at all times!  As an art director, where do you go for inspiration?

J:  It’s really not hard to get inspiration working here!  My coworkers are awesome and crazy, so they inspire me everyday, even if I don’t want to be inspired.  🙂  I also go to blogs and pay attention to what’s happening in music, films, theatre, magazines, etc.  As a creative, I get inspiration from the uncanniest of things…

There’s never a dull moment, that’s for sure!  You’re known for your quirkiness around the office.  What are some other gigs you’ve had before you landed this one?

J:  Tons…but the one that stands out in my mind is one that I had when I was 16.  My dad’s duck club needed all the decoys retrieved, cleaned and repainted.  So I agreed to do that as a summer job.  I went out there with him, piled about 200 decoys into the back of a pickup and took them home, soaking them in one of those kiddie pools so the dirt could be scraped off of them.  Then I painted new eyes, feathers and details on ALL OF THEM.  Took me all summer to do, and, not gonna lie, I think something was growing in the pool by the time I was done.

Sounds crazy!  What’s been your favorite shoot thus far?

J:  It’s been an evolution.  After almost every shoot, I feel like that is my favourite.  Which is good, I guess, yeah?  I feel like each shoot keeps getting stronger and stronger.  Some that have stood out in my mind are “Vivid,” “A Thing of Beauty” and “Street Brights.”  “Vivid” was awesome with the energy and movement of the model.  “A Thing of Beauty” was a shoot I’ve been wanting to do for years now with its mood and theatricality, and we were finally at a place to make it happen.  “Street Brights” was just fun and zeitgeist-y.

We love it.  It’s been really great to see the progression. Tell us something else we wouldn’t know about you.

J:  You know how they say everyone in LA is an actor?  GUILTY.  I act, I sing, umm….I don’t dance well, but I pretend to know costume design.  I don’t right good. (That was supposed to be a joke :).  I told myself that I wanted to shoot a feature film and be cast as the lead.  I should have been more specific and said I wanted to get paid too!  It was an indie film, so it was very, very low budget.  Oh well..it was still fun to be a part of!  I really love theatre too!  Just wish I had more time for it.

You’re a passionate one!  Also, may we say that we are really feeling those sneakers on you.  What made you get them?

J:  Well…to tell ya the truth, sometimes I try the samples we get in the studio.  Yeahuh even the heels…HA.  I tried SPLASH on and they looked and felt good, so, why not?!  My first ShoeDazzle purchase for myself!  BTW, heels…?  How the heck do you walk in those?!

A true lady can always walk in her heels!  It’s officially spring.  Spring has sprung and you’re really into _____.

J:  Short-shorts and sweaty bods!  Just kidding.  Not really…but the sun is always something to look forward to.  I love being outdoors, so being able to do things when the sun is out is hella nice.

You’re also the captain of our volleyball team!  Care to share any details about that?

J:  LOVE volleyball!  I started the team shortly after we moved offices and now we’re doing pretty well.  We’ve received 2nd place a few seasons so far.  That championship is just waiting for us!

Sounds promising!  Tell us:  what do you love the most about working here?

J:  I have to admit, throughout it all, the things that make working at ShoeDazzle the best are the people.  I work with some of the most talented people I’ve ever come across.  Not only are they good at what they do, they are genuinely good people.  It makes my job easier because I can lean on them and then can lean on me.  It’s fun and there’s always something new to learn.

What would you say is your favorite part about design?

J:  What I like most about design is the problem-solving aspect of it.  Trying to figure out what will work and communicate the message I’m trying to get across with my design in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Lastly, what’s your favorite trend on women right now?

J:  Finally, an easy questions!  This has been hard!  I love seeing colour.  I think trying different colour combos and layering is always fun and adventurous.  One thing I’ve learned after working here, is not to be afraid of trying new things.  Sometimes the things that don’t seem to go together, really do work!

Thanks Jimmy!

On Jimmy:  Splash Sneakers

March 26, 2013

Devonrachel 3.26.13

It’s no secret; we adore our muses and their effortless sense of style. So when we decided to refresh our wardrobe for spring, we couldn’t think of a better idea than to take notes from the girls who do it best. See our top five tips on updating your closet based on Devon of Devonrachel.com’s look below:

  1. Go Bold – Add bright elements to your look. We love Devon’s rich purple. But, pick a hue that compliments your skin tone.
  2. Balance – Dress down your ensemble with a bit of denim.
  3. Make a Statement – Mix different textures together. The snake skin of her purse and quilted fabric of her Hanneli’s complement each other perfectly.
  4. Add a Feminine Touch – You can’t go wrong with floral, and considering Easter is right around the corner I’m sure you can find plenty of it.
  5. Signature style – Make each outfit your own by adding a signature piece. Consistently lace your wrist with jewelry like Devon, or find a few rings that can do no wrong.

Photo Courtesy of Devonrachel.com


Nanysklozet 3.22.13 H

Nanysklozet 3.22.13 G

Nanysklozet 3.22.13 F

Nanysklozet 3.22.13 E

Nanysklozet 3.22.13 D

Nanysklozet 3.22.13 C

Nanysklozet 3.22.13 B

Nanysklozet 3.22.13 A


1. Shoes: (courtesy of) ShoeDazzle “TAHLIA”

March 25, 2013

SydneStyle 3.12 A

SydneStyle 3.12 D

SydneStyle 3.12 B

SydneStyle 3.12 C


1. Shoes: (courtesy of) ShoeDazzle “KALI”

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