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It’s not hard to imagine that Kelly Lee of Kelly Golightlys favorite quote is “Happy girls are the prettiest girls”.  Her blog exudes bliss and we were lucky enough to discover a few her indulgences.

Music Therapy: I love picking up old records at thrift stores and my best recent find was the Breakfast at Tiffany’s soundtrack, so I play that over and over and over again. I may be a little obsessed. Moon River…

Favorite Read: I’m lucky that I get to write about some of the world’s most beautiful weddings for Inside Weddings magazine, so that’s definitely a favorite for party and decor inspiration — and while I love the design aspects, the couples’ love stories and how they met is actually my favorite part (I’m such a sap). I also love any interior design and decorating magazine I can get my hands on (’til this day, I still miss Domino). And New York magazine is my US Weekly.

Favorite Destination Around Town: Sprinkles Ice Cream and Bouchon Bakery are both in dangerous walking distance from our place, so I’m often getting my sweet tooth fix there. And when I want my clothing and candy fix in one go, I head to A SweeT Boutique, where they serve up both!

We recently bought a weekend house in Palm Springs, so we split our time between LA and Palm Springs. When we’re out in the desert you can find me at Las Casuelas eating Mexican food, shopping at Party Lab for fun party supplies and treasure-hunting at all the great vintage and thrift stores in town.

Curious Epicurean:  I love the casual French bistro Mr. Marcel in Beverly Hills for brunch/lunch and Speranza in Silver Lake for the best Italian (so cute for date night — they even pass out blankets to keep things cozy!). Now that we’re homeowners with an actual yard and pool, I must admit al fresco meals by the pool can’t be beat.

Weekend Schedule: My ideal weekend day is sleeping in, having a long leisurely brunch at home, swanning in the pool,exploring the desert (and maybe getting in a photo shoot) and hitting up a vintage furniture store or two.

Aroma Therapy: I don’t typically wear perfume but have been known to dabble a little vanilla extract behind my ears. There’s nothing better than the smell of baking — even if you haven’t spent all day in the kitchen.

Beauty Ritual: Sleep, lots and lots of sleep. And a big sunhat!

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So between Opening Day, Coachella, Ke$ha’s red carpet homage to Manson style, and LOGO’s New Now Next Awards, the past few weekends have made it clear that we’re all going out of our minds to go outside, stay outside, and play outside. Duh; it’s spring.

Here’re a few Twisted, stir-crazy ideas that’ll keep you on your fashionable feet should you find yourself— oh I don’t know—out at a ballgame, a concert, a glitter factory, a creepy desert compound, or anywhere there’s anyone judgmental.

When it comes to playin’ dirty, Ke$ha lives the role, aesthetically only (possibly). She isn’t going to make any best-dressed lists in see-through, bell-bottom crochet pants at the MTV Movie Awards; but you gotta Admire her for going outside the commune box. We should all sip a little of that kool-aide from time to time.

Cap it all off with a head turning ball cap. No longer just for bad hair days, this sporty staple can actually augment your style and your SPF. Unilaterally and unisexually, the right snapback can accentuate any outside look. There are many variations in stores this season, but I gotta say there is something endearing about rep-ing your local team.

I hope this encourages you to go outside and—not only dress for, but—enjoy getting warmed up for summer.


Richy T. – Rockin’ out (side).


April 24, 2013

photo[1] Hi Jessica!  What’s your role here at ShoeDazzle?

Jessica:  I’m one of the fit models here for our shoes and I am also a part of our Client Services Team.

What would you say is your favorite part about your job?
J:  My favorite part is getting to work at the Merch space and seeing all the new shoes coming out in the upcoming months!

Your ultimate style crush?
J:  I have a lot but would definitely have to go with Kerry Washington right now.  She always looks so put together and stylish on the red carpet.  I’d love to steal her closet.

Your skin is so deliciously buttery!  What’s your secret beauty weapon?
J:  Thank you!  My secret weapon is eating healthy and my Clarisonic!

Next to shoes, what’s your favorite thing to wear?
J:  Either a unique top or a dress (I’m starting to really love dresses right now).

Top 5 from your April showroom?
J:  My top picks are Seven, Ceyda, Maresa, Meja and Calista.

Song of the moment?
J:  Midnight city by M83.  Definitely a great song to listen to while stuck in traffic.

Your most treasured possession?
J:  My family is my most treasured possession.  I love them unconditionally and they are irreplaceable.  They are my biggest cheerleaders and always believe in me.

Best advice you’ve ever received?
J:  I’m going to have to geek out and quote Yoda from Star Wars: “Do or do not.  There is no try.”

On Jessica:  Magic (coming soon)
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