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1. Shoes: (courtesy of) ShoeDazzle “SHERRYLIN

Flashbackfriday Marc Jacobs 4.12.13

In honor of Flash Back Friday we’re tipping our hats to one of our favorite designers Marc Jacobs. Although these are past looks, they can easily fit into the present. Get festive and recreate Jacob’s vision with the Ynez, Bindhi (coming soon), or Sabina.


Here’s a little more 411 on the Twenty13 spring thing. I’ve already mentioned that spring style is darker this year, simpler this year, and is retro-Grade A when it comes to high waists and lace. Haven’t been following my blog ’til now? Welcome! The next step in my try-logy (things you should try this season) is combed toward the idea that pastels can be paired with their bolder cousins. Pink and Red hang out together during Valen-times. Sky and Navy used to spend vaycays at the lake house with Violet and Lilac. When it comes to pairings, summer better than others, but  this year you shouldn’t be afraid to introduce your typical spring pastels to their more intense counterparts.

Like, if you happen to slip into Skylas, don’t hesitate to pair her with some real teal.

When shoes like Anka hand you lemon yellow, make tangerine-, peach-, and mustard-ade. That sounds gross, but the coolness is in the contrast.

Lottie in white and lavender is pure sweetness. Pair her with something salty like black pleather leggings and anything magenta. Take it to the max with purple hair. Plumb perfect. My cousin, Erika. Seriously, I live this stuff.


Richy T. – Welcome to the Dark Side.

April 10, 2013


Hey Natalia!  It’s been a great year so far.  How long have you been at the Dazzle?

Natalia:  I think I’m approaching veteran status here at the Dazzle, I just had my 2-year anniversary on March 16 and I can’t believe it!  Seems like just yesterday I was buying my first pair of Ciji wedges!  But you know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun!

2 years?  Wow!  You must have some great Dazzle memories.  What’s been your favorite memory here so far?

N:  Working at ShoeDazzle has given me so many great memories but I’d have to say that one of my favorites was the launching of the new and improved ShoeDazzle site earlier this year.  We all worked together to create something that we are proud of.  It took many long nights (and early mornings) but in the end I think it turned out pretty amazing!  Hopefully our clients love it as much as we do!

The website looks great and I’m sure our clients love it.  What would you say is your favorite part about being a Product Manager at ShoeDazzle?

N:  I love so many parts of my job  Work is NEVER boring.  I would say my favorite part is that I get to be involved in many different projects and work with so many different departments (like our Creative and Teach Team), it’s really fun to see how everyone’s different contributions play out in ShoeDazzle’s growth.  And of course the endless supply of shoes are a plus too!

I think we all love the endless supply of shoes here.  You can have a different pair for every day of the month!  But if you had to live in one type of shoe, what would it be?

N:  That’s a tough question because I love so many different styles!  At my core I”m a California beach bum so I guess I’d have to go with a flat strappy sandal.  I love wearing a sandal that will show off my fresh pedicure and can take me from strand cruising to sun bathing in a blink of an eye.  This summer, I will be running around with the Annelise, Debbie and Nahzin.  All three will get their fair share of sunshine.

There is nothing better than a dreamy California summer full of palm trees and sunshine.  Who do you look to for inspiration when styling your summer wardrobe?

N:  My style crush of the moment is Blake Lively.  Whether she’s running errands or strutting her stuff on the red carpet, she makes every outfit look effortlessly chic (not to mention she has the ultimate arm candy; Ryan Reynolds!).

That couple is too much (in a good way).  Speaking of couples, your boyfriend’s a personal trainer.  You must have a killer workout mix!  What keeps you moving?

N:  He definitely keeps me on my toes with new workouts!  The best accessory to a new workout is a fresh new playlist and I’m always searching Pinterest and fitness blogs for new playlists to freshen up my workouts.  My top 3 songs of the moment are:  Suit and Tie – Justin Timberlake and Jay Z, Satellite – Rise Against and Hey Ya – OutKast.

We’ll make sure to download those!  That kind of music would work well on a fun trip too!  Any travel plans coming up?

N:  Next up is Philadelphia and Washington D.C. in September.  My boyfriend and I are going to a wedding in Pennsylvania and we decided to make a little vacation of it.

Sounds like your 2013 is shaping up to be a pretty good year.  Are there any words that can sum up this year for you?

N:  I can’t complain.  So far, so good and I’m excited to see what’s next!  My 2013 Mantra is:  Simplify.  Be Inspired.  Be Original.  Work Hard.  & Enjoy.  I really want to focus on being the best version of myself this year and enjoying life!

On Natalia: Londyn (coming soon)!



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1. Shoes: (courtesy of) ShoeDazzle “YNEZ

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