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May 31, 2013

Overall'sOne garment that has found itself in the midst of a style evolution is the overall. Once known as a uniform for farmers and popularized by musician’s like LL Cool J and TLC this jumpsuit has taken it’s fair share of leaps from bane to bold. Take a look at Mira Duma, The Man Repeller, and Alexa Chung’s interpretation of the tried and true trend. If you’re feeling the look try pairing overalls with the Sahara’s.

Flor 5.30.13 A

Flor 5.30.13 B

Flor 5.20.13 C

Flor 5.30.13 D

Flor 5.30.13 E


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1. Izzy

HuffPost 5.28.13

On a recent Sunday night Glam4Good, the foundation started by style and beauty expert Mary Alice Stephenson, set out to make some New York City high-schoolers’ dreams come true. Thanks to the generosity of brands like BCBGMAXAZRIAMAC cosmetics and ShoeDazzle, and services from celebrity hair stylist Ric Pipino and his team at Melville Pipino, Glam4Good helped over 50 girls perfect their looks for the prom of a lifetime.

Stephenson and Glam4Good teamed up with Erica Ford’s Peace Is A LIFEstylefoundation to style these young ladies whose lives have been affected by Hurricane Sandy, gun violence and homelessness. As one young woman told Stephenson, “You have no idea how good this makes me feel. Some of us don’t have parents to buy us a prom dress.”

Get the full scoop here!

MM Sazan Barzani 2

MM Sazan Barzani 1

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. But, we didn’t take heed to that advice when we saw Sazan Barzani. This Texas beauty looks angelic from the outside and actually has an immune system to prove it. Read on to get to know this muse in depth, and see why she’s the exception to the popular saying! 

Entering the Blogosphere: An obsession of sharing pictures of my new shopping purchases and outfits sparked my interest in blogging! I would take pictures of what I was wearing (shot with my cellphone) and inspirational fashion pics I found online and post it to my Facebook page, just for fun! More and more friends started to comment and suggest that I start my own online fashion blog to store all of it. I was always a fan of the fashion blogging world but I never thought I would become a part of it. Online fashion blogs are today’s go-to place for inspirational outfit ideas from everyday girls. And just like that- I become a fashion blogger.

Style Crushin’: I have always had the biggest style crush on Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen. I feel like Ashley’s feminine style mixed with Mary-Kate’s edginess is the perfect combination that makes up my personal style. If I could raid pieces from their closet, I would grab all of their over-sized designer handbags and sunglasses…. totally chic to the max.

Music Therapy: Just like my personal style, my mood depicts the type of music genre I feel like listening to for that day. Right now on my Ipod, you’ll see me listening to a variety of artists from Rihanna and Justin Timberlake to Empire of the Sun, and even The Great Gatsby soundtrack. Love it all!

Epicurean: I moved to Los Angeles from Texas in January and I’ll tell ya, LA is no Texas when it comes to food BUT I’ve become more of a clean eater by living in this town! The Italian and sushi out here is also great! Some of my fav spots to chow down are Lemonade, Blu Jam Café, tex mex eating at Marix, and Cafe Med for Italian! Can’t lie- I love Chipotle too. The list goes on…

Secret Scent: Not a crazy perfume girl. Strong perfume scents make me dizzy! I can do soft scents but for the most part you’ll see lots of Victoria’s Secret body sprays in my bag that are perfect for on the go!

Beauty Ritual: The beauty questions I’m asked about the most on my blog pertain to my hair! It’s no secret that I love big hair (hello I’m from Texas ya’ll). If you’re someone who wants that natural voluminous look, get a good voluminous shampoo/conditioner, and style gel. Try not to use a flat iron at the top of your head (the crown area). Instead blow dry it straight and then tease the roots with a tease comb and flexible voluminous hair spray. After you tease, flip your hair upside down and brush lightly with a round brush. When you flip your hair back to normal, it will instantly look 80% fuller and thicker. To keep it full all day- you have to make sure you are teasing correcting (plenty of youtube videos on how to do this). Also using a separate hairspray to add extra hold if desired.

Weekend Destination: My jobs as a busy part time fashion blogger and entertainment host take up a lot of time during the week, so when I get a chance to relax, you’ll probably find me in doors on the weekends kicking back with my closest pals or attending fun blogger events in LA! I’ve spent a lot of time learning how to balance this industry’s work and also finding time to play. I think both are equally important for living a balanced and happy lifestyle!

Wise Words: My favorite quote is, ” Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Confucius.

Currently Reading: Right now on my reading desk I’ve got handful of my fav magazines including (just to name a few) People StyleWatch, Elle, and Redbook! Book wise- I recently started reading “God’s Not Dead” by Rice Brooks and I’m hooked!

Life changing Story: In 2008, my little brother was diagnosed with Leukemia and I was his lucky bone marrow donor that helped save his life! Never in a million years do you think that you will be a vital role in helping save someone’s life. The process wasn’t painful, I was put to sleep for it. Him and I now have the same immune system and blood type. Sometimes we get colds at the same time…so funny.  Best gift I’ve ever given. 🙂

MM Sazan Barzani 4

MM Sazan Barzani 5

MM Sazan Barzani 3

MM Sazan Barzani 7

MM Sazan Barzani 6

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1. Brona

Need another dose of Sazan? Check her out as she Dazzle’s in the Brona’s here and Sherrylin’s here.



We here, at ShoeDazzle, love a good girl group! So, we couldn’t be more thrilled to find out Valisia LeKae who leads as Diana Ross in “Motown: The Musical”, is head over heels in love with ShoeDazzle.

Take a look at LeKae’s supreme style as she wears the Dana, Kali, and Jenny.


Richy Rants 5.23

Don’t forget: Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer. Granted we’ll all be fast forwarding to the actual solstice on 6/21, but reality is plastic and it’s  about to get real.

All I have to say is that before you dive poolside into a barbecue, you should pull some cues from Barbie. Let ‘Mattel’ you all about it.

Barbie is tealing into summer in an aqua bikini, matching heels, and a paisley, partially sleeved, semi sheer robe with a handheld fan. I’m a fan. (The bikini is optional. If you prefer a sexy one-piece, go ahead and Skipper.)

Macro prints are slimming, and length always accentuates the vertical. Taller at a girl!

The fact that it’s sheer makes the robe light and fluid, especially when paired with SUNsational glasses.

Obviously you’ll need some heels to complete the look. Pretty sure these coal-erful heels are Barbie approved.


Richy T. – Hotter than the grill next door.

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