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Rachel Zoe, the chief stylist of ShoeDazzle, has a new look book out that features fun styles for “Any Given Saturday.” Plus ShoeDazzle and Rachel Zoe are donating 10 percent of the proceeds to Baby2Baby which means your purchases give to families in need by helping them get proper baby gear.

Sheknows May 1

From Rachel herself, “In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m so proud to partner with ShoeDazzle and Baby2Baby in support of other moms and families in Los Angeles. This partnership combines my two favorite things: fashion and motherhood. I encourage everyone to shop to show your support!”

Check out the May look book below and pick the shoes you can’t live without to help support the cause. It’s a win-win! 

Sheknows May 2

It’s easy to resort to purely comfortable style when meeting up for brunch with the girls, but comfortable can be chic, too. Women should use it as an opportunity to get a little fancy and Rachel recommends a metallic wedge as the perfect solution.

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MM LoveJooKim 5.13 B

Music Therapy: I listen to all kinds of music, but my replay list this week is Miss Out by Blush, Closer by Tegan and Sara, and Love It by Icona Pop.

Quote to Live By: “You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction” -George Lorimer

Favorite reads: Style.com, Elle, and Lucky

Favorite Destination Around Town: I hang out in Downtown LA quite often. There’s a bunch of new restaurants that keep popping up.

Aroma Therapy : Jadore Dior

Beauty Ritual: I wash my face every morning and as soon as I get home at night! I always moisturize and do a vitamin face pack once a week and a peeling gel.

MM LoveJooKim 5.13 A

MM LoveJooKim 5.13 C

MM LoveJooKim 5.13 D


MM LoveJooKim 5.13 F

MM LoveJooKim 5.13 G

MM LoveJooKim 5.13 H

MM LoveJooKim 5.13 I

MM LoveJooKim 5.13 J

Shop the looks: 

1. Sherrylin

2. Missy

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RZ Image

We don’t know how she does it, but Rachel Zoe has got it on lock. As ShoeDazzle’s chief stylist, she curates the most major kicks and accessories on offer — and, in honor of Mother’s Day (this Sunday, ladies!), ten percent of all her May boutique sales will benefit Baby2Baby, an L.A. charity close to Rachel’s heart that provides struggling families with baby gear and clothes. Here, she gives R29 the lowdown on the collab, now to mention tips on how to be a stylish mom, where to snag that perfect baby shower gift, and the summer trends she loves. Read on!

How did the ShoeDazzle and Baby2Baby partnership come about?
“I’m a longtime supporter of the charity — as are ShoeDazzle’s CEO and his wife — so  put our heads together and found a way to raise money for them.”

As a mother, what’s the importance of charities like Baby2Baby to you?
“As a mother, we need to address issues that are right next door, sometimes literally down the street from us. Some mothers have to choose between diapers and food for their babies — that’s insane. I feel like Baby2Baby is doing the best to fix these issues.”

Where do you get inspiration?
“Everywhere, but mostly Europe — places like London, Paris, and all over Italy. In New York, too, sitting in the village at a café just watching people. It’s also in my mind. I’ve spent like, 100 years as a fashion-obsessed person just gathering stuff in my mind.”

How did your style change after you became a mom?
“I pretty much wear black every day. I dress to move, so pieces that aren’t precious and things the baby can get stuff on. My good clothes are reserved for nighttime, after he goes to sleep.”

It’s baby shower season! Do you have tips for appropriate baby gift-giving?
“I am someone that throws a baby shower the way I would throw a dinner party: There are no rules anymore. If I did it again, I would have the proceeds go to Baby2Baby, because I don’t need anything. I’m not someone who likes to buy things off a registry, and prefer to do something more personal. Also, I like sets — to pull a whole look together with a hat and a blanket.”

What advice would you give to stylish moms who want to put their best selves forward, but are pressed for time?
“Any new mother has zero time to devote to herself. I’d say to always have your go-tos, your uniform if you will. Go with nice jeans, riding boots, and an oversized jacket if you still have your baby body that you’re trying to hide a little bit. It’s all about how fast you can get out the door and still look good. Luckily the messy top knot is everywhere right now, so washing your hair isn’t necessary. I’d say throw your hair up, put on some lipstick, and head out the door.”

What trend are you loving for spring/summer?
“I’m at one with the maxi dress and skirt: it’s my happy place. Also, I love a long, long denim skirt, some wood-stacked heels, and leather in pretty spring colors.”

What are your favorite baby boutiques in L.A.?
“Eggy on Third Street, Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren, and Burberry.”

Where are your favorite places in L.A. to go with the family?
“We go to Soho House on Sundays for brunch. Also, we go to the park and Le Pain on Melrose. Really, we go everywhere, but usually any place that’s outside, because we are New Yorkers originally so we never take it for granted here.”

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Richy's Rant 5.9.13

So many LA schools held their high school proms on Cinco de Mayo Eve. Consequently, a lot of drunk moms approved their daughters’ dresses.

The best dress I saw was a beauty—as in the beast—featuring so much yellow tulle, I thought it she was a bell—I mean a Belle. Either way, there was something there that wasn’t there before.

That’s a step up from the Cinderella girls I saw in clear heels, which might actually be trendy this month. So dress in Skyblue and don a tiara.

Under the C girls were the girls doing Ariel stunts in Technicolor hair and mermaid dresses. Flippin’ awesome.

Anytime you can channel a Disney princess, you should do it…well.


Richy T – Fired up like Lumiere.

May 8, 2013

Yes, we’re still thinking about all of the gorgeous gowns we saw at the Met Ball.  To name (or show) a few, we couldn’t resist pairing some of our favorite dresses with our favorite shoes for the month!  What do you think?

0507-Met-Gala2013-4 0507-Met-Gala2013-5 0507-Met-Gala2013-3 0507-Met-Gala2013-1

In order:  Megan, Sinclair (coming soon), Rosella and Lizzy.

Chief Stylist Rachel Zoe shares her top pick for your summer-shoe wardrobe in the June issue of Cosmopolitan!

Cosmopolitan June 2013 Cover
Cosmopolitan June 2013 Feature

Shop the look:

  1. Jalen (Coming Soon)
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