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Richy's Rant 5.2.13 B

We all have unrealistic visions of summer. We see ourselves frolicking through meadows catching butterflies, cliff diving, picking daisies, sunning poolside, lounging at the beach with a 6 pack (of beer) and a swimsuit body worthy of being illustrated. But the fact of the matter is most of us will spend the summer here on the computer, crying a little that we can’t go outside partially naked. Instead we’ll be running errands, feeding pets, feeding children, driving to wherever in traffic, squeezing in a workout, bathing, and attempting to get enough sleep.

I’m not cool enough to have a window seat, so here’s how I plan to evade SSAD (summer seasonal affective disorder) and all the MAYhem.

Step 1: Work out. Lunch-hour power walks will help you stay lively during the less-sunshiny hours at your desk.  Probably best walk away from the minimart cashier/fatty-snack pusher.

Do or Day: Take at least one day a week to devote more than 5 minutes to your daily wardrobe choice. Don’t pick Mondays because they’re too manic, and everybody hates them anyway. Tuesday is good; you’ve had like a whole day to acclimate. Wednesdays are the beginning of your weekend anticipation, so you can just throw on anything and call it a hump day. Thursdays works because they build excitement. Don’t dress up on Fridays because you’ll feel better when you transform into your sassed-up summer self later that night. That’s the theory of relativity.

Finally: Consider a Miami sound machine—sans Gloria Estefan. You can get a sound machine at most bedding stores (and beyond). You might not be at the beach, but there’s no reason you can’t fall asleep to the sound of crashing waves.


Richy T – Totally wrote this blog on my smart phone while tanning at an imaginary beach.

May 1, 2013

Marissa-blogHi Marissa!  What’s your job title here?

Marissa:  I’m Vice President of Product at ShoeDazzle, which means I manage the website and lots of things related to our consumer experience.

What’s your favorite thing about the Dazzle and working for it?

M:  Just one thing?!  I love so much about working here.  I’ve been at ShoeDazzle for 4 years, so I guess I have to say watching the company grow and succeed and keeping our customers at the center of what we do has been my favorite thing.  Like some of our older clients, I feel like ShoeDazzle is a friend, not a company, and the fact that that still remains true today is pretty amazing.  PS:  A close second is that ShoeDazzle designed my wedding shoes.  That was really amazing, and I will cherish them forever!

That is incredible.  What’s your oldest pair of ShoeDazzle shoes?

M:  My oldest pair of ShoeDazzle shoes that I still wear are the Ginnys!  Shout out to the OG Dazzlers who are the only people who remember this amazing tan, platform sandal that goes with EVERYTHING.  I should have bought five pairs…

Zodiac Sign?

M:  Scorpio!  Jealous, passionate, emotional!

Best thing about your sign is _____.

M:  I’m sure my husband would have quite a lot to say about that based on my description above.

Favorite type of shoe?

M:  Oh geez, just one again?!  I love a great wedge and I love a great flat sandal.  Not-boring flat sandals (think neon, metallics and prints) I would say are basically my #1 shoe must-have.  I’m obsessed with the Yumikos right now and I have both colors of the Debbie.

What did you wear on your first date when you first met your hubby?

M:  Easy: brown wedges, light bootcut jeans and a linen yellow top.  I met my husband 9 days after I started ShoeDazzle, so my life change pretty drastically that April!

Dream vacation?

M:  Everywhere – dream vacation would be a year off with lots of money and plane tickets and I’d go around the world!  I’m obsessed with travel, and in fact, I did Semester at Sea in college which means I lived on a boat for 100 days and went to 9 different countries.  It was pretty amazing.

Guilty pleasure?

M:  Dirty Martinis, Sour Skittles, The Bachelor(ette) and People Magainze – in that order.

Beauty must haves?

M:  Eye liner, good face wash, I wear Palmers cocoa butter lotion everyday…I mean, makeup in general.  My Grandma used to say that I look MUCH better with makeup on, so I try to remember that.  :)

Words to live by?

M:  Family, Friends, Work Hard/Play Hard.  That’s not a quote, but those are things I try to live by.

On Marissa: Brooklyn Sandals (in black), Sandy Wedges (in pink), In Shape Earrings (coming soon) and Recco Bag (coming soon).