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SheKnows Editor’s glammed up their outfits with ShoeDazzle heels. See how they styled the Jordanne, Lenny, Courteny and Pravi here!


July 18, 2013

Here’s a behind the scenes look at our most recent photo shoot at our headquarters. We focused on black and white minimalism with a touch of chic snake skin prints.

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July 17, 2013

When it comes to beauty, eyes that shimmer and lips that pop are a huge plus. We’ve selected four trends that are a must for experimenting with this summer.


1.Keep cool with bright blue hues.


2. Go for glitter and create sparkling eyes.


3. Illuminate the night with an illustrious shadow.


 4. Set off sirens in a sultry red lip.


Find more beauty trends here!

Richysrant 7.17.13

If I said I liked flats, I’d be lying. I watch “Mean Girls” enough to know that heels in high school are totally sanctioned. Pretty much the only thing I like about flats is that sometimes they’re androgynous enough for me to “play” Shoedazzle, too.

However, lately I’ve noticed that some of the sensational flats on our site compensate for their lack of height with a heaping helping of shiny. As much as it pains me to admit it, these are some flattering flats. Gag.

Glora is the first in this sequence and has sequins for days. No, literally: She’s a great daytime shoe and as casual as other loafers, but all shiny about it.

Guard is dazzlingly dapper and not as flashy as Glora! A top hat and cane are optional, but a tux jacket with coattails is a must.

I actually went so far as to buy Treat (I had grand illusions of a stylish take on the Tinman), but even a size eleven was too small. Though, I did notice that the tapered toe elongates legs like a heel. I vote you keep the outfit as monochromatic as the shoes.

*Richy T. – pants in fire.

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