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In the world of mobile share buttons you have a duty and responsibility to Insta-capture, edit, and post socially acceptable images that convey to the cool people—and the rest of the world—your super coolness.

That’s why I’m ranting about the JV photos I continue to encounter on social media. If it doesn’t look cute, why post it?

Once upon a time I took a photography class. I’m not gonna say that I went, but I will say that I learned something that first day: the fundamentals.

The first one was simplicity, but I didn’t really get that one so I ignored it. Looking back, it probably means that if you’re taking a picture of your outfit then make that picture all about the outfit rather than the dirty half-bath behind you.

That leads us right into the real fundamentals.

Cropping: cut the picture so you can barely see the half-bath or whatever is behind you. Pravi cropped out the color in her wedge heel, and all we can see is her band of gold.


Lighting: If it takes 100 shots, make sure you get the lighting right especially when it comes to a shiny shoe like Lisa; she’s a gem and hologram

Last but not least: Balance. Don’t fall trying to capture your shoes on film. Get a friend to take the pic; it’s that easy.


Richy T. – No filter.



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July 9, 2013


Poolside patriotism was in full swing on Thursday, according to copywriter Valerie. While getting sun-and-water soaked at the W Hotel Westwood’s July 4th bash, Val sipped mojitos and snapped photos of some partygoers with stylish independent spirits:





HPP Monday Muse A

How would you describe your style?

I always have a hard time with this question mostly because my style is constantly changing depending on my mood every day. I would definitely say I’m always on the girly & eclectic side!

When you’re getting dressed what’s one indicator that you’ve got the look?

It’s an indescribable feeling! You feel confident and it immediately perks up your mood. For me, I instantly start brainstorming for locations to photograph the outfit; even if I’m running late to an appointment. It may sound silly, but you kind of fall in love with what you’re wearing – sometimes, it happens when I have no where important to go like buying groceries and running errands and then I debate on whether or not to save it for another occasion.

What are some of your fashion do’s and don’ts?

Do push your limits! Some of the best outfits are those where we’re thinking outside of the box and maybe slightly outside of our comfort zone, in a good way, whether it’s an unusual texture, an eccentric shoe pairing, or a fun pop of color (or all monochromatic). Don’t doubt yourself. If you feel good in it, rock it!

Have you ever made a huge fashion mistake?

Of course! There was one outfit where I just went too far with mixing textures and prints (think monochromatic, faux fur, leather, textured tights, ikat shorts – it was overboard) but I’d rather be on the quirky side causing a small commotion than boring, any day!

Your husband takes all of your photos, what’s a fun fact about the man behind the camera?

He used to DJ and competed in battles, placing with some of the top names in the industry!

How do you balance your career in Technology Sales and Blogging full time?

It’s definitely something I struggle with, especially during the chaotic month end, quarter end and fiscal year ends as it makes it nearly impossible to not work 24/7 but I would say I attribute it to the fact that my husband and I work together as a team in both careers. Because of that, he really helps me balance it out and keeps me sane! Also, although I definitely spend full time hours blogging (there are just enough hours in a day to work 2 full time jobs and sleep!), it doesn’t feel like work because I love it so much!

When you’re not blogging or working what do you like to do for fun?

We’re big foodies (which is something I do blog about occasionally) so if I’m not working, blogging or attending industry events, you’ll find me at any one of LA’s highest rated eateries or watering holes!

Your mother went into labor at the South Coast Plaza, what’s your favorite store there?

Yes! While she was pregnant with me! What store is there not to love there? I’m not sure I could pick one favorite but I love Hermes (my husband bought my birthday bracelet from there) and well a girl can day dream about their bags all day right? Louis Vuitton from the days I used to collect a ridiculous amount of their bags, Zara because it’s Zara :) and the easy go-to’s Nordstrom & Bloomingdales!

How would you say your style has evolved throughout the years?

I’m definitely much more adventurous. Although I’ve always loved bright colors, fun prints and lots of accessories, I’ve also always had a huge complex about my legs (they’re thicker than the average!) so I used to shy away from fun colored and printed pants. My close friend aka my blogger bestie, Sheryl, would always try to encourage me to try them and she finally got me to wear a pair of red jeans. That’s when I fell in love. Now, I have more crazy printed jeans and crazy colors than I do the average blues and blacks!

Complete the sentence: Every stylish woman should ____________

have more shoes than she has room for!









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Richy’s Rant: Throwback Thursday/ Last Dance

Do you by any chance recall Rhiannon?  This boot was the shining star of over-the-top style circa two ShoeDazzling years ago—knee-topping in synthe-snake silver fabric. Best believe she was striking. Shout out if you own them.  The friend for whom I bought  these loves them to this day.

How about the time we had Velvet Angels? This style is unforgettable. However, it’s time to reflect on her mirrored heel and celebrate. Paired with something red and white, these shoes keep the fire cracking on liberty day.

I’m well aware that this blog will go live on the 4th of July, and I think that I’m right on the money (American dollars)  when I say that we have no choice but to acknowledge what already happened and look forward to a fashionable future.

Take, for instance, Shanina. With her revolutionary micro-wedge heel, this shoe is ready to celebrate and fire(work) with everything from  jeans to lace and patterned shorts.

This will be my last dance on Thursday but don’t trip in ShoeDazzle heels; I’m moving to Wednesdays!

Hope to see you then.

*Richy T. – thrown back a day.

July 3, 2013

















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