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August 20, 2013



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1. Pravi

JagLever 8.19 A

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1. Shara


Gather around you all! We’ve got a new opportunity for you to get lucky, and by lucky we mean a fierce wardrobe update. Details below:

Who: Refinery 29 and ShoeDazzle.

What: “Fast Track To Fall Sweepstakes,” enter to get styled by Refinery 29  and enjoy a $500 ShoeDazzle shopping spree. 10 runner ups will get a pair of shoes up to a $60 Value.

When: Now until August 25th.

Where: Enter here!

Why: Because who wouldn’t want to fill there closet with amazing shoes?!

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August 15, 2013

5Today is National Relaxtion Day, and we can’t wait for a little R&R. To celebrate, we’ve put together several destinations for a well deserved break. Take a look at them here!


I feel like many  fashion outlets  discount the Teen Choice Awards because, well, they’re potentially super junior.  Let’s do the math: If an X teen year old has M million dollars, what does she wear to an awards show?  I’m not going to show my work here, but the solution definitely includes edgy, fresh pre-season work from both established fashion houses and up-and-coming designers. Ergo, I’m going to pay attention to teen choice trends

Richy 8.14
Lilly Collins and Bella Thorne donned Faustino Puglisi pieces that stay true to a palmy print while swapping background colors. Diamond would totally add another layer. If you really think about it, aren’t diamond prints tropically reminiscent of pineapples?

Richy 8.14 Persephone

What we saw on Sunday was a whole lot of dichotomy; from Miley’s sheer vs. sheen ensemble to Rebel’s two-toned wetsuit (don’t do the wetsuit unless you’re in the ocean).  Persephone totally knows how to recreate that duality.

Richy 8.14 Cady

My favorite look was worn not by an X-teen-year-old but by Sandra Bullock. That dress is so sparkly, so well-segmented, and so well pattern-blocked. Her shoes look good, but I’m sure that the piecy, disconnected Cady would get a better grade.

Richy T. – Forever ≈ 21

Trend Spotlight Preppy Meets Punk



Punk wear is swiftly reemerging as a trend that should be attempted at least once for the upcoming seasons. Although, it appears to be rough around the edges it can be tamed by adding preppy accessories. We suggest slipping into a pair of charming flats like the Kelsea for a soft approach. Tell us, do you intend to try the famous English style?

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