2018 Shoe Horoscopes for Every Zodiac Sign

With the new year upon us, it’s time to kick up your heels and pick up some new shoes. That said, it’s also time to think about what the new year is all about, too.

Read on for shoes for every sign and what to expect for the new year!


You’re strong and disciplined, so this is set to be a great year for you in the business world. Work hard and you’ll see results in no time at all.


For you, helping others and being a good friend has always been number one. This year though, you may need a shoulder to lean on yourself. Instead of holding on to things, rely on the help and love of a friend to get you out of a rut.


Your artistic nature is inspiring to everyone around you, which is why you should show ’em what you’ve got. Try something new like a fun music or art class and let your creative nature really stand out.


Pink is the perfect color for you, babe! Why, you ask? It’s simple: You’re optimistic, determined, and love to stand out. And because of your personality, this is the perfect year to take chances. Whether it’s business or personal, get out there and make it happen!


You’re known for being responsible, stable, and always practical, which is why people constantly look upon you for advice and guidance. This year, keep those qualities in mind, but let loose a bit! You deserve to have some fun.


Your curiosity is something that has always defined you. This year, really use it to your advantage. If you’ve been wanting to travel somewhere that may be slightly off the grid, make it happen! Who knows what your next adventure may hold.


This art-inspired pink pair is perfect for someone like you because it’ll force you to switch things up a bit. Since you’re known to be more of a homebody who loves hanging at the house with friends, this poppy pair will inspire you to go out! She’s that good.


Warm-hearted and cheerful, this dusty blue pair encompasses everything you’re known for. Since blue is famous for being one of the most cheerful shades in the game, this is the perfect pair to kick on for that new year’s date you’ve been looking forward to!


Blush is a sweet color, making it ideal for your kind, practical, and oh-so-loyal mentality. This pair will make a huge impact at that next board meeting, so rock her with a blazer and some skinnies and you’re set.


While you’re known for loving to share with others, now’s the time to treat yourself to something special. This pair is not only sexy and chic, but she is the perfect way to show off what you’ve got!


Your great sense of humor is something that inspires the people around you every day. And your strength will really shine when you hit the dance floor in this bold, strappy bright pair. We’re obsessed!


A passionate individual, you’re all about being truer than true to your friends and loved ones. This year, be true to yourself and take chances you’ve always wanted to take (whether it’s calling up that new guy you’ve been crushing on or taking the steps to get that promotion you’ve been wanting at work!).

What do you think of the pair we recommended for you? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!


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