5 Reasons You Should Start Buying Boots Now

Summer’s not over, but boot season is quickly approaching! While we love all our sexy sandals, boots definitely come in handy for a rainy day…literally. Here are 5 reasons why you should get a head start on next season’s trends!

Sales, Sales, Sales!

Right now is the best time of the year to stock up for boot season because of all the sales! As the season starts to end, many of your favorite stores will start promotions to clear inventory for the new season. Promotion season is your chance to sale away with that perfect pair you’ve been eyeing for months. Stock up on past season’s boots, or even snag some transitional booties for a discounted price. Your fall closet will thank you later. 😉



Day-to-night, indoor or out, you can rock boots year round. I know what you’re thinking…how can I rock a tall boot in this summer heatwave?! Lace-up boots can be casual with a denim skirt, or sexy with a bright bodycon dress! You can still sizzle in your tall boots all summer long if you wear them right!



If you wear sneakers and flats this season you should definitely be wearing boots! Whether you’re going to a festival or nightclub you need some shoes that’ll keep your pretty pedi secure. Live in a tropical area? You definitely want to keep your boots handy for those random rain spells. Ever get caught in a summer thunderstorm wearing flip flops? The struggle is #TooReal! Boots will protect your toes, and keep your bottom half dry.


Boots at any height can be comfy! Let’s be honest, flat sandals can do a number on your feet after a full day. A perfect pair of ankle boots with a low heel are just like rocking sneaks all day. Pro tip: size up half a size to allow air to circulate during high heat.



Trends are constantly changing. Just because people say you shouldn’t wear boots in the summer doesn’t mean you have to listen! Boots can be stylish yearlong if you wear them right. So listen to that inner voice, and buy the shoes!

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