Adulting 101: How to Do Spring Break Post-College

Is seeing all the #springbreak posts giving you major #FOMO? Because, SAME! The adult world can be tough at times, but it sure has its perks! For instance, although we don’t have a designated “spring break” we have the luxury of doing what we want, when we want (since we don’t have to ask our parents anymore)…when we’re not working. This actually opens up so many activity opportunities. Pull off a spring break mini-vacay with our helpful, adult-approved plans.

1. Have a Staycation: Even if you can’t fly-off to a tropical destination, a stay at a fancy or boutique hotel in your own city can be the refresh you need. Extend your staycation and take Friday off (there is a flu going around…just saying) to lay out by the hotel pool sipping on margaritas. Give yourself the royal treatment with a visit to the hotel spa, or if you’re ballin’ on budget, opt for a relaxing bath in your room with chocolates and champagne, #treatyoself! Take the weekend to explore cool local spots like tourist attractions, galleries, and neighborhood bars.

2. Go Wine Tasting: Nothing says “adult” like knowing your wine, well, maybe doing your own taxes, but that’s wayyy less fun. Head to a local winery, or drive a bit to hit up a vineyard and see the best-fruit-ever in action. Chat up the sommelier to learn all about different types of wine and how to make the most of them with food pairings. Many wineries offer deals so check out Groupon before you schedule a day of vino with your besties or with BAE.

3. Binge-Watch Netflix: Sure, you may already be deep into a Netflix addiction, but we’re talking about making a whole day of watching a new show. Invite your partner in crime over, stock up on your fave foods or childhood snacks and treats, make some drinks and bring out your most comfy and cute sweats. Voilà! You have yourself the adult version of a sleepover. Now get watching!

4. Do Brunch Right: The cardinal rule of Sunday is to brunch! So, instead of going to the spot with the least amount of $ signs on yelp, opt for a fancy brunch at the Four Seasons, Ritz or local five-star establishment and revel in the glamour. From fine champagne that you don’t want to ruin with OJ to caviar and lox, this brunch will be one for books. Leave room for scrumptious desserts and tea, and we guarantee you’ll leave feeling like the Queen of England herself.

So how about it…which will you be trying this spring?


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