Alice and Olivia: Orchids in Ice and Angels on Earth

The ladies of ShoeDazzle went out and about for fashion week on New York City’s way west side and found ourselves sipping ornate cocktails, complete with orchids frozen in perfect chunks of ice while we ogled the very bold numbers at the Alice and Olivia presentation. The drinks were pretty, sure, but the clothes?

Gorgeous and colorful, playing off a late 1950’s aesthetic, making even the best working woman wish she was a housewife. With a serene backdrop of a partly cloudy sky, the models lounged on mod couches and playful swings, in a setting like a perfect day at the park! The line launched a handbag collection this season, featuring swank skins and plenty of sequins to complete the looks. We munched on gourmet ice cream bars and jello shots in the shape of orange slices while perusing the fashions, and let’s just say, we’re already looking forward to rocking these party perfect pieces next season!

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