Exclusive #BTS: On Set With Aliya Janell

Here at ShoeDazzle, we’re ready to take boot season to the next level. For our newest commercial, we teamed up with our break-out choreography queen @thealiyajanell for a not-so-typical day at the office.

Big breaks come in all shapes and sizes, and Aliya Janell is no exception. Los Angeles based self-taught dancer and founder of Queens N’ Lettos has taken the social space by storm with her 1.3M cult following. The 24-year-old diva has generated millions of online fans including the likes of Nicki Minaj, Jason Derulo and Chris Brown. This last year, she danced alongside Tank for the Soul Train Awards  making her official television debut.

“Dance is such a universal language. It can make anybody smile and get their spirits up. There are so many different ways to dance and express your language. I continued to get inspired by other people’s material and content,” Janell confesses her love for the craft and the new era of upcoming artists dancing their hearts out and servin’ up some serious moves.

Our commercial puts Aliya Janell in the spotlight. Right now we take you behind the scenes of our newest TV spot that features our stand-out fall styles that will make you want to turn up the beat! We transformed our HQ studio into a corporate office hallway with extras in suits in juxtaposition with sequins and boots.

Watch below!


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