All About Alyssa!

Hi Alyssa!  For those that don’t know yet, what is your role here at ShoeDazzle?

Alyssa:  I’m a User Interface Designer, which is really awesome because it means I get to work on the layout and enhancements to our website and there sure have been lots of exciting changes to it lately!  I’ve also enjoyed my time spent designing the mobile site as it continually plays a bigger role in our business.

So much awesome-ness!  We get more and more excited every day about our new site!  There have been so many changes.  What’s been your favorite one so far?
A:  As I just alluded to, I’d say the website redesign has been my favorite change of all.  I loved how all of our teams came together to pull that off in such a short amount of time.  It was a tremendous learning experience for us all.  After all the late nights everyone put in, we should all be dancing in our Dazzle shoes over the end result!

All of that hard work really paid off.  How long have you been in graphic design?
A:  Oh wow.  Where should my story even begin?  I started to really get into web design during my early high school years.  I then started to design and code fan sites and the like.  Afterwards, I started studying at The Art Institute in 2004, I believe, and I’ve been working professionally for about 6 years.

Sounds like you got an early start!  What would you say is your favorite type of shoe (we know, it’s hard to choose).
A:  Do I have to pick just one?  I guess I have a thing for booties but…I also love my wedges!

The more the merrier, right?  You can never have too many shoes….What’s your must have of the moment?
A:  I really love the Beau + Ashe Seven platform shoe that’s in my ShoeDazzle showroom this month.  I’ve eyeballed it in the photo studio a few times and I really should just get it.  It’s a really fun color-blocked style.

So…you recently got engaged!  Details, please!
A:  My fiance, Brian, and I were having our usual white elephant Christmas party last December.  It was filled with surprises and then Brian announced there was one more surprise we all should gather in the living room for.  That’s when he walked up to me and got down on one knee with a ring!  It took me a moment to realize it was really happening.  We’re very happy after 5 years of dating!

Romantic!  Any honeymoon plans?
A:  Nothing set yet, but I’d love to just relax on the beach somewhere with a Mai Tai.  We have a pre wedding trip to Munich, Germany planned for later this year though!  Gonna cross going to the original Oktoberfest off the bucket list!

Do you have any quirky things about yourself that you want to share with us?
A:  I LOVE vinyl records (my birthday is this month, hint hint).  My fiance is probably sick of hearing the same Sinatra album on repeat.  I’m also very clumsy.  I fell down an escalator once in the London Underground with luggage and everyone coming down piled up on the carnage.

That’s so crazy!  Has anything crazier than that happened to you?
A:  One story that comes to mind is when I was going to see my friends’ band play at a David Bowie tribute show and on the way there I got a flat tire and a nice truck driver stopped and put the spare on it.  After the show, I saw that I locked my keys in the car.  AAA came and we got them out and then when he left, I went to start my car and the battery was dead so my friends gave it a jump.  That’s the night that I met my fiance, so to me, that makes it extra crazy.  I think most of my crazy stories involve my old car failing me.

Wow!  Sounds like crazy turned crazy good!  Lastly, what are your girly must haves?
A:  Besides a ton of shoes?  I’ve recently discovered the importance of a good face moisturizing regime.  Don’t be afraid to splurge on some Kiehl’s Rosa Arctica.  I spent a while looking for a good, lightweight, alochol free moisturizer and it’s great!

Thanks Alyssa!
On Alyssa:  Briana (coming soon)

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