Ambitious at Heart

Heart disease isn’t something that only affects the elderly. I know I’ve certainly been guilty of that mindset. So, it was refreshing to read about one young ShoeDazzle member who, at about my age, has made heart disease prevention an integral part of her plans for a healthy, successful, and fashionable future. I hope her story will remind all of us that it’s never too early to get smart about our hearts.

My name is Aaronni, and I am a 19 year old fashionista/student/author. I have always been a huge fan of Kim Kardashian, so when I heard about “ShoeDazzle”, naturally I signed up! I mean, having shoes handpicked for you by one of the biggest socialites in the U.S. & free shipping is too good to pass up! I have not been disappointed! I just received my first pair of shoes today (which I absolutely loved! I got the Jewel in gray) and along with my shoes came an insert that was dedicated to American Heart Month. This immediately caught my attention because heart disease is rampant throughout my family. I have lost numerous Aunts, Uncles and even Cousins to this disease, so I know how ugly it can be. Because of this disease I have to take good care of myself and try to maintain my stress levels so that my blood pressure doesn’t go up. As you can imagine being a college student, working as an intern and volunteering can cause a lot of stress, but I have managed it all! I am a junior in College, after being in school for only a year and a half, my Internship has been extended twice and I have amazing shoes to flaunt when walking around the mall, campus or even around the house! I aspire everyday to reach and exceed my potential and with that I commit to being Heart Healthy and being Style Ready!

-Aaroni, Houston, Texas

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