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December 17, 2013





Go Denim in the Carman!


December 12, 2013


All photos courtesy of Michelle Robinson

 We stumbled across Michelle Robinson’s intricate recreation of all that’s feminine on instagram and had to know more about the Los Angeles based artist.  

Tell us a bit about your background?

I am a self taught artist and I was born an identical twin in Seoul, Korea. My army based family then moved to the US. I currently call Los Angeles my home.

Do you remember your first painting?

I honestly couldn’t tell you what my first painting was….I was painting since I was a itty bitty girl. My little hands picked up that paintbrush so often I truly couldn’t pin point the first painting. But a piece that really stands out in my mind from childhood was one of a rainforest. I painted tropical trees laced with vines and a large snake. They exhibited the piece at my local mall in Maryland. It was a very proud moment for me.


Your work centers around the female form, what made you choose that direction?

There’s something sacred and extremely alluring about the female form: a women’s capability to change her surroundings with just her nurturing presence and sexuality. There’s something very powerful that a woman holds. It can be subtle or obvious, either way, it’s there. I do believe we hold many truths. We give life and that is power. I paint who I am and who I thrive to be.

Where do you look for inspiration?

I look within myself…

Your studio is in Little Tokyo in Downtown Los Angeles, tell us about the area and what you like about it?

I love the iconic skyscrapers that dot the skyline that surrounds me and the local authentic Japanese cuisine is a plus.

Is there another artist whose work you really admire?

I’ve always been a big admirer of my twin sister’s work…she’s an artist also. Our styles are different, but I’ve always looked up to her growing up. You can peep her work on Instagram @strangedirt.

Michelle wears the Sloane wedge, shop her look here!

Instagram: @mister_michelle
Website: www.michellizm.com

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Go White in the Skya!






Go plaid with the Claudine!


November 19, 2013

BeautyBeatAZ Dates 111913

Photo Credit: BubbleWS

Over the years, we’ve found that Mother Earth has an answer to most if not all of our beauty queries. With a little bit of experimentation we’ve found natural alternatives that can put your favorite beauty line to shame. If you’re up for a little DIY, follow Beauty Beat A-Z to add a little nature to your beauty regimen.

Say hello to healthier hair! When our hair is lacking we turn to superfoods to fix the damage. We love dates for their sweet taste, but even more for their nutrients. Dates are packed with B5 and do wonders for our hair. You won’t see a miracle overnight, but this fruit can stop brittle hair and split ends like no other.


 Meet Enocha Tellus of Locks & Trinkets. She tells us all about her personal style and journey in the music industry!

What made you start blogging?

I first started blogging as a outlet to share my music before I even really knew what blogging was and that it was the new “thing.” My friend actually introduced me to the world of fashion blogging, I told her I think I want to start posting my outfits and she says, “Oh like Karla’s Closet?” and just like that a whole new world was revealed to me. I had honestly never read a fashion blog until I started one, but I quickly realized that this was right up my alley. I was always known for how I dressed so when I found an outlet to share my love with the world, it just seemed to fit perfectly.

Have you always been fashionable?

Apparently. My mom says I stopped letting her dress me by age 4 because I didn’t like how she styled me! I do remember crying one time because she put me in a polka dot suit and I was NOT having it.

Who do you look to for style advice?

I kind of wear whatever I want so I don’t typically look for advice persay when dressing myself, but I do love to scroll through Tumblr for style inspiration and I love people watching and checking out different fashion blogs. Also, am I the only one that still sometimes finds inspiration from store window displays? Sometimes they dress the mannequins tres chic!

What’s your beauty regimen?

I wear the same makeup day or night. I’m so low maintenance in that way. I’m more concerned with the quality of the makeup than doing crazy different styles.

I wear Makeup Forever HD concealer and foundation, MAC powder and eyeshadow, Anastasia Eyebrow gel (otherwise my eyebrows look cray), Tarte cream liner, Lorac blush, mascara and lipgloss in the ‘ben” color <– it’s like my favorite thing ever.  On days I don’t wear makeup I always make sure to use my Anastasia eyebrow gel and my Lorac lip gloss so it looks like I tried at least a little.

Music seems to be your first love, can you tell us about your experiences?

I have been recording since I was 16 years old. When I went to college I decided to go for Fashion Design, but by age 18-19 I was performing all over nightclubs and bars in Boston and recording every weekend I realized I wanted to go to school for music instead so I finished my undergrad at Berklee College of Music. I’ve had a lot of close calls with some big people in the industry, but now that I look back on it I’m glad nothing panned out because I was too young, the music industry would have eaten me alive. The past couple years my music has been on hold, but I now have a great manager and am starting to work on my very first official album with some amazing people in the industry and I’m very excited about it! :-)

What songs are currently in rotation for you?

No specific songs but I’m loving all things Lorde lately, James Blake and my all time favorite Little Dragon.

Finish the sentence: I never leave home without my camera, my lipgloss, and my cell phone charger.





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