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Kendall Jenner can’t get enough of the Guard and we’re not mad at it! The young model paired the tuxedo flat in white with an all black ensemble Saturday and decided to revisit the look yesterday by rocking the gold version with a pair of skinny jeans and a tied shirt. We love both takes, but want to know which one is your favorite. Sound off, white or gold? Either way, Kendall comes out a winner.

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The crisp combination of black and white makes any outfit look effortlessly chic. Don’t believe us? Peep, Kendall Jenner in the Guard by Beau+Ashe. This tuxedo inspired flat adds a posh touch to her black shirt and pant. Get her look by shopping the Guard here!
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When the cooler months come upon us, it’s hard to part with summer basics. I find this to be especially true when it comes to footwear; and if you’re familiar with Southern California you know we love our sandals rain or shine. Although I’m personally wont to trade my slip-ons in for something a bit cozier when the weather gets crisp, I’m willing to add an extra layer for the sake of fashion. Luckily, sandals are sticking around with furry, sporty, and printed elements. If you can’t get your hands on that coveted furry sandal pictured above, try the sandal and sock combination. Whether you rock a heel or flat you’re going to get the best of the comfortable chic tomboy look and I’m not sure if it gets any better than that.


Bare shoulders made an appearance on streets around the globe during fashion week and I have to say I don’t mind this trend at all. The demure reveal highlights delicate collarbones while providing the perfect skin to fabric ratio for subtle sex appeal.  I particularly love the look on Australian rapper Iggy Azalea. Her Viktor Ralph dress actually forgoes exposed skin, but the contrast of the sheer and opaque  fabric work together to create the same effect. I can’t wait to test this trend out, after all I think my shoulders deserve some spotlight.

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