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October 14, 2013

Full Skirt

Image courtesy of Vogue.com

Full skirts are on my radar. The genteel vibe that accompanies them brings a much needed feminine mystique to my closet full of minis and pencil skirts. Although they are known for their connection to the 50’s; they are quite versatile and are not limited to the girlish ensembles that were worn years ago. Full skirts look great with a modern edge, specifically menswear. A tailored blazer, letterman jacket, or sweatshirt adds necessary roughness without diminishing the ladylike panache of a low hemline.

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We don’t take style advice from just anyone. We’re thrilled to have Style Director Andrea Levinthal of PeopleStyleWatch.com offer  some tips to prepare for the upcoming months. Find out what ShoeDazzle boots and accessories make the cut for your fall weekend wardrobe.

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October 11, 2013


Thursday night, 21 of our most dazzling clients swarmed to our headquarters for a soiree to celebrate the launch of our new program, “Stiletto Society”. The first members indulged in sweets from Georgetown Cupcakes and toasted to a new beginning at ShoeDazzle with pink champagne from Moreno. After a short presentation, guests began to mingle. Resulting in an exchange of numbers and free flowing conversations that were only interrupted by a call for a group picture. One Stiletto Society member commented, “The only time it gets quiet is when we’re concentrating on our poses” and the silence rose into laughter. The night continued with selfies at a photo booth station by Blank Booth, candy bar, and swag bags filled with stiletto’s and other stylish necessities.









FAARROWxSHOEDAZZLEPhoto courtesy of Faarrow

Every once in awhile you run across a song that captivates you on the very first listen. This is exactly what happened as I was driving around downtown Los Angeles many summers ago prepping for Fashion Week. Back then the girls had a different name and sweet vibe, but have since evolved into a fierce sound that demands you find out their name. Take a look at the latest video from Faarow and get to know the sister duo that will soon have your IPod’s heart ! – Ericka

SD: Hey Siham and Iman “Say My Name” has been on repeat! Tell us about the inspiration for the song?
FAARROW: This song was inspired by our own frustrations within our culture and the music industry. We want to be heard and we want the world to know Faarrow. More importantly, this song was also inspired by and dedicated to all the girls in the world who feel trapped and judged by their culture/community. We’re from Somalia and our culture places a lot of boundaries on women.

SD: We heard the video was shot in Kenya. What was that experience like?
FARROW: Traveling to Kenya was incredible!!! We originally wanted to shoot the video in our home Country (Somalia), but because we’re female artists and what that represents it wouldn’t have been safe for us or our team. Our favorite location we filmed in was out in the desert which is land owned by the Masai tribe. We actually hung out with them all day, they were speaking Swahili & we were speaking English, but we still understood each other. That’s the power of pointing at stuff and body language lol.

SD: Did you pick up any interesting pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe during the shoot?
FAARROW: We bought handmade jewelry from the Masai that we wore in the market scene in our video. Dope colorful pieces!

SD: How would you describe your style as a group? What do you like to wear?
FAARROW: As a group our style is a fusion of both of our worlds, Africa meets western style.
SIHAM (Black hair): My style is more androgynous.”
IMAN (Blonde hair): My style is more girly & funky!

SD: The Olsen Twins and Tia and Tamera Mowry are proof that sister duo’s are the best! What has the experience been like for the both of you?
IMAN: Working together is pretty awesome for the most part. No ego’s just realness.
SIHAM: Except for the days we want to kill each other.. Lol I’m the older one if you can’t tell
The thing about working with your sister is we can’t get rid of each other, we’re stuck for life lol.

SD: How do  you maintain your own identity?
SIHAM: We’re complete opposites in every way and that’s never going to change, so that makes it simple!
IMAN: We’re Day and night :-)

SD: If we were to follow you around, in a non-creepy way over the weekend, what would we see?
FAARROW: You would see us in Korea Town at a karaoke spot rapping a “Biggie” song super hard and not singing lol. You can also see us at “Jet Rag” vintage store tag team fighting over dollar finds on Sundays! Every weekend is different & random!

SD: What’s the funniest experience you’ve had while performing?
SIHAM: Iman ripped her brand new $300.00 rag and bone jeans on stage lol. I told her not to wear them, but she didn’t want to listen to her little big sister. :-/

SD: Names have a lot of meaning, what’s the story behind Faarrow?
FAARROW: It’s a combination of our Arabic names, Iman means faith and Siham means arrow. We put them together and we came up with Faarrow!!

SD: What’s next for the group?
FAARROW: Releasing our self titled EP and expanding our philanthropic endeavors. We want to change the world while making Dope music!


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TartanandSequinsThink you’re partaking in a fashion faux-pas? Not to worry! We’ve tapped stylist Debbie Gonzalez to answer all of your most pressing fashion questions. Read the first edition below. 

Q: I was always told mixing silver and gold is a major fashion don’t. Is that true?

A: “Not any more! Mixing metals is a quick and easy way to update your look. Try layering your favorite mixed metals for the perfect arm candy.”

Image courtesy of  Tartan and Sequins

September 30, 2013

MM 9.30.13

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