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I know that 2/3rds of the country is hashtag: Frozen right now; so I understand why people are more worried about keeping warm than looking cute—you know, in the YouTube videos where they toss boiling water into the air and it freezes instantly. No for real, it’s a thing, see here Polar Vortex Problems.

However there are some other “cool” things happening this season, and pastels would definitely be one of them.

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In past years, softer versions of bright colors were relegated to spring looks and Easter eggs; but that’s not the case, this time. Paired with white sunglasses, pastels are so current that they’re practically futuristic.

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Richy T.– Frozen Style

In short, shorts are winter-time rebels.

Have you ever headed out, scantily clad, knowing that you’d have to endure freezing temp’s as you walked to the club? It’s that stylish determination that makes me love girls who wear shorts off-season—not in the creepy way.


If your face  twisted in an ‘Are you kidding me?’ way when you read that, then maybe this particular post isn’t for you. However, I am sure that somewhere, out there, there are fashionably defiant women who don shorts when the weather says not to.


People are all like, “Why is she wearing shorts? It’s freezing.” The girl I’m talking to shrugs off this question by slinging her coat over her shoulders (rather than putting her arms through the sleeves) and walking away.

Here are a few tips to make a shorts-for-winter ensemble impress and confuse onlookers without going into hypothermia:

– Leggings add a little extra warmth while still keeping your legs looking somewhat bare.

– Fabrics like synthetic leather and Chanel-like tweed will keep you from freezing.

– Tall boots add leggy coverage.

– Oversized coats exaggerate the minimalism of a barely-there winter look.

– Get soxy with it; a thicker sock within a boot won’t even be visible.

– And since warm rises, hats can help you retain body heat and – let’s be honest—your body is pretty hot.


Richy T. – Short-sighted in the good way.


The Holiday season is a serious threat to your waistline. We admit it; we’re guilty of encouraging you to indulge in desserts, chocolates, cupcakes, whole cakes, and all sorts of splendid carbs. We’ve also encouraged you to get puppies, but FYI: they’re calorie-free unless you eat them.

That’s why they let me recycle vintage Fitness Friday posts. This one’s from 2010, and it still works and twerks:

March 26, 2010


Maybe you didn’t make it to the gym this Fitness Friday, but you can still get your cardio on when you hit the club tonight. Health club? Night club? Take your pick! Did you know that dancing burns up to 300 calories per hour? True story! Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your crunk choreography!

– Suck it in; keeping your stomach pulled inward while you dance will actually tone and tighten your core.

– Do some leg work! Don’t just lean back all night, get your feet moving! Even a basic step-touch will help define your calves and thighs.

– If you decide to have a drink, stick to cocktails that have only one mixer, preferably club soda which, unlike tonic water, has no calories.

– A mad dash to the dollar menu might be your typical 2am ritual, but if you plan ahead, you can enjoy a healthier snack on the ride home

Now you can really work it out on the dance floor! Be safe and have a great weekend!

Contributor Dazzle Gal


–End of Flashback—


Richy T.—Who the dazzle is Dazzle Gal? I wrote that.


Image via Burberry

Every year around this time, we’re faced with a few seasonal conundrums: Should I have seconds? Where is my present? Does this brandy need more eggnog? Can I wear socks with my heels?

I’m not claiming to have the definitive answers to any of these questions, but I’d like to address the socks and heels issue.


Images via Elle, OpenWardrobe, TopsyTurvy, HRH, MaxiTube, and Clueless.

As you can see, socks&heels is and has been a legit’ thing for more than a hot minute. Some of these images are old, and some are new. I’m not going to tell you which are which because it doesn’t matter. When it comes to socks and heels, we’ve been questioning the issue for seasons, years, and maybe even decades.

Richy12.4C Richy12.4D Richy12.4E

Images via Elle, HRH, and the TomiTons

The moral of the story is that, if you think socks and heels look good, shoe it up. If not, then don’t. Whether others love it or hate it, no one will remember after a second serving of ham, 4 cups of eggnog-flavored brandy, and an unruly white elephant exchange. Talk about ideal circumstances to experiment.

Richy T.—Rock your socks off and on


Images via Urban Outfitters, Forever21, and Zara.

I know the 90’s are back, but I honestly couldn’t have predicted it would run this deep; baggy sweatshirts are ‘in’ again. The key word here being, “baggy.”

Fitted sweatshirts reek of last decade and A&F’d up style.


Images via Top Shop, Urban Outfitters, and H&M

If you’re worried about width, make sure your sweatshirt is wider than it is tall.

If you’re worried about height, crop it or look for something that hangs below the equator (your waist) . One or the other.


Images via Urban Outfitters and Forever21

As the temperatures drop, rely on vintage, new vintage prints, and heather sweatshirts to keep you warm and stylish.

Richy T. – What time is it? Sweat:shirty.


Checked is the gingham of the season. What the fall is the difference? Let’s check.


via Colorbox

You have your ginghams:


via Kaboodle

And you have your checks:



via Zimbio

The main difference is that checks are clean cut; there’s no overlapping, no shades of grey, and no intermittent lines. It only takes one checkered piece to get any ensemble up to speed. Rihanna did a jacket, but scarves, leggings, and sweaters would also check the box this season.

Don’t be scared, just be squared. Hint: Our Wiktoria shoe really likes to play checkers.


Richy T.—Just checking things out.

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