Richard Torres

The thought of having anyone else write my bio for the blog is ridiculous, considering I've been writing for ShoeDazzle since it was six people in a loft off Hollywood Blvd, thousands of clients ago. I started as a client service rep, answering e-mails. Now, I pride myself on speaking the truth, the whole truth,and nothing but the dazzling truth. I blog on Wednesdays and Fridays and tweet things I'm not supposed to @RichyTDazzle. Let's go. P to the S, I'm not this good looking; my photog friend, Rachael C. must have photoshopped me.

Fashion Is A Sport

img. via Camila Carril Fashion is a sport. If you want to be a champ, team-up with varsity looks that are set to win …


Culture Shock!

You know how going out in a pair of dazzling heels feels as good as soaking your feet in warm water when you get home…