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July 26, 2013

Culture Shock Image 1

Image via Buzzfeed

If you liked it, then you shoulda dripped a ring on it—instead of just nailed it.

Clearly, we’ve managed to manually cure the common French Tip with creative colors, dazzling decals, and fun filing. So the question becomes “what’s my next manicure about?” and “can I handle it?”

Buzzfeed.com reports that a brand by the name of “Beyond” by Rad Nails is nailing the next level of digit-al fashion. It’s cute and it’s cuticle.

Culture Shock Image 2
Image via Buzzfeed

“Another Round,” “Your Point??,” and “In a Pinch” (in order from top to bottom) invite you to finger it out.

Culture Shock Image 3
Image via Tikiroom.com

The area just above your nail is poised to become prime fashion real estate this year with both temporary and potentially permanent tattoo options.

Permanent tattoos sound painful, but they might make you reconsider the meaning of flipping someone off.

Richy T. – Go finger.

130724_Thursday'sRichyTBlog_pbLA is currently enduring a hot, wet summer. Everybody’s paring it down to the basics: T-shirts and jeans. Why? because no one here’s used to this weather except maybe aspiring actors from the Midwest.

Personally I’m hot and sticking with beefy-T V-necks and Levi’s shorts—but I kind of like it like it because it forces me to step up my shoe game. This week I’m ranting and raving about shoes that elevate, escalate, and go on dates when paired with plain white tees and denim.

Joss because you’re wearing stovepipe jeans and a T-shirt doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize with a turquoise necklace that references one of the many hues in your heels. Moral of the story: feel free to add a dash of color to your crew-neck.

I didn’t come up with this one on Myona; I’ve witnessed plenty of women strolling through malls and on boardwalks in oversized T-shirts, super skinny jeans, and sneaky heels. I complimented them shamelessly and gave them my card. True story.

If you want to Spycee things up, play with proportions. For example: Try high waists, calf cuts, and cropped tops. Cut it out because those looks are getting hotter as we speak/read.

Don’t forget your hats, belts, and sunglasses when putting “tee and jeans” looks together.

Richy Tee. – See you monsoon/on Friday.

Cultureshock 7.19

Remember when videophones were a thing of the future and you could only win them on “The Price is Right” or “Sally Jesse Rafael?”  Unfortunately, I do! But thankfully, some sort of revolution happened and the world finally got smart to smart phones.

So, I’m letting you know now—before anything has been “Dazzled”—that in the future you may be able to have your ShoeDazzle shoes sent to you via email thanks to 3-D printing.

This desktop 3-D printer appeared on my Facebook timeline a few days ago, I was ready to pop on some glasses to see it, but turns out, it wasn’t that kind of 3-D. This printer by Form1 creates objects you can hold, turn, and definitely throw. How? Lasers harden liquid plastic one itty-bitty layer at a time to form structures from the bottom up. The result is an object (not a print!).

This technology was not developed specifically for shoes, but conceivably, you could order a file from ShoeDazzle and instantly print your shoes straight from your desktop. Of course, we’d offer a wide variety of designer plastics that “laser out” to be colorful, pearly, metallic, matte, all that, and everything else. I imagine it would be something like choosing a nail polish from a great wall of options.

It’ll take a while, but I’m sure we’ll get there eventually.


Richy T. – Step Up to the Future. 

Richysrant 7.17.13

If I said I liked flats, I’d be lying. I watch “Mean Girls” enough to know that heels in high school are totally sanctioned. Pretty much the only thing I like about flats is that sometimes they’re androgynous enough for me to “play” Shoedazzle, too.

However, lately I’ve noticed that some of the sensational flats on our site compensate for their lack of height with a heaping helping of shiny. As much as it pains me to admit it, these are some flattering flats. Gag.

Glora is the first in this sequence and has sequins for days. No, literally: She’s a great daytime shoe and as casual as other loafers, but all shiny about it.

Guard is dazzlingly dapper and not as flashy as Glora! A top hat and cane are optional, but a tux jacket with coattails is a must.

I actually went so far as to buy Treat (I had grand illusions of a stylish take on the Tinman), but even a size eleven was too small. Though, I did notice that the tapered toe elongates legs like a heel. I vote you keep the outfit as monochromatic as the shoes.

*Richy T. – pants in fire.

In the world of mobile share buttons you have a duty and responsibility to Insta-capture, edit, and post socially acceptable images that convey to the cool people—and the rest of the world—your super coolness.

That’s why I’m ranting about the JV photos I continue to encounter on social media. If it doesn’t look cute, why post it?

Once upon a time I took a photography class. I’m not gonna say that I went, but I will say that I learned something that first day: the fundamentals.

The first one was simplicity, but I didn’t really get that one so I ignored it. Looking back, it probably means that if you’re taking a picture of your outfit then make that picture all about the outfit rather than the dirty half-bath behind you.

That leads us right into the real fundamentals.

Cropping: cut the picture so you can barely see the half-bath or whatever is behind you. Pravi cropped out the color in her wedge heel, and all we can see is her band of gold.


Lighting: If it takes 100 shots, make sure you get the lighting right especially when it comes to a shiny shoe like Lisa; she’s a gem and hologram

Last but not least: Balance. Don’t fall trying to capture your shoes on film. Get a friend to take the pic; it’s that easy.


Richy T. – No filter.


Richy’s Rant: Throwback Thursday/ Last Dance

Do you by any chance recall Rhiannon?  This boot was the shining star of over-the-top style circa two ShoeDazzling years ago—knee-topping in synthe-snake silver fabric. Best believe she was striking. Shout out if you own them.  The friend for whom I bought  these loves them to this day.

How about the time we had Velvet Angels? This style is unforgettable. However, it’s time to reflect on her mirrored heel and celebrate. Paired with something red and white, these shoes keep the fire cracking on liberty day.

I’m well aware that this blog will go live on the 4th of July, and I think that I’m right on the money (American dollars)  when I say that we have no choice but to acknowledge what already happened and look forward to a fashionable future.

Take, for instance, Shanina. With her revolutionary micro-wedge heel, this shoe is ready to celebrate and fire(work) with everything from  jeans to lace and patterned shorts.

This will be my last dance on Thursday but don’t trip in ShoeDazzle heels; I’m moving to Wednesdays!

Hope to see you then.

*Richy T. – thrown back a day.


Twerk. Prance. Split.

Seems like every other week there’s a new song&dance craze begging you to learn them, perform them, and share them moves as movies. That’s all well and good, but don’t forget to style those Vines and (now) InstaVids appropriately.

Should you work on your twerk, go Addi. Why? Because 1 + 1 = double buckles and double dares you to drop.

Nothing Kap Sures our devotion to a good prancercize workout like this shoe. Who needs ankle weights when this shoe comes with ankle straps?

 Imagine a flash mob where everyone is doing splits on trees. You want to be the sneaky one with the hottest shoes.

Richy T. – Still stuck on the cha-cha slide.

June 6, 2013


The following is a true story: I typically write my blog on Tuesday nights and cross my fingers that it doesn’t get edited out before being published on Thursdays. My last rant negatively tipped the scales, so you’ll never know what it said—my bad/your loss. This week I thought it was Tuesday on Wednesday but I was lucky enough to be inspired by the happy hour I spent at the local TGI Friday’s. And I realized that, like ShoeDazzle, style is the main reason it’s always Friday there.

If you’re a fan of the show “Chopped,” you probably already respect pros who get creative with mandatory ingredients. The same goes for style at  TGI Friday’s. For every female employee, that mandatory ingredient is a branded sash. She is free to wear it however she wants: as a belt, a hair tie, a scarf, a slinky halter—doesn’t matter. It only matters that she’s flared up like it’s Friday and does Rebecca Black proud.

In the spirit of Americana, take some Sage advice and pair stripes with spikes. Clearly.

Be sure to Krissy cross the Atlantic-nautical look in red, white, and blue.

Finally, show us how you’d style a striped sash.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine—doesn’t matter. It only matters that you post @shoedazzle.

Richy T. – You may have noticed I have nothing positive to say about Mondays.

Richy Rants 5.23

Don’t forget: Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer. Granted we’ll all be fast forwarding to the actual solstice on 6/21, but reality is plastic and it’s  about to get real.

All I have to say is that before you dive poolside into a barbecue, you should pull some cues from Barbie. Let ‘Mattel’ you all about it.

Barbie is tealing into summer in an aqua bikini, matching heels, and a paisley, partially sleeved, semi sheer robe with a handheld fan. I’m a fan. (The bikini is optional. If you prefer a sexy one-piece, go ahead and Skipper.)

Macro prints are slimming, and length always accentuates the vertical. Taller at a girl!

The fact that it’s sheer makes the robe light and fluid, especially when paired with SUNsational glasses.

Obviously you’ll need some heels to complete the look. Pretty sure these coal-erful heels are Barbie approved.


Richy T. – Hotter than the grill next door.


I’ve been reading a lot of articles online about the Her-story and His-story of heels. Some sites say that Da Vinci invented the heeled shoe (his), and most agree heels were originally worn by men of status (his). During the French Revolution you’d probably be caught dead in heels, because they were a sign of opulence and the fashionably affluent aristocracy—Think K Dunst in Marie Antoinette (hers). She lost her head. True story.

But this story is inspired by India, Where guys have (re)embraced the high heel as a symbol of prestige, wealth, and of course, style. The article I read featured this duo, who brought the trend stateside to a parking lot behind a club in Hollywood.

More importantly for the #TBT, the one on the right is rockin’ one of our styles from way back…no, further back. You OG Dazzlers may know her as Maxine, circa 2010.

Richy T. – Boys? Girls? Dazzle is dazzling and dats dat.