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Richy's Rant 5.9.13

So many LA schools held their high school proms on Cinco de Mayo Eve. Consequently, a lot of drunk moms approved their daughters’ dresses.

The best dress I saw was a beauty—as in the beast—featuring so much yellow tulle, I thought it she was a bell—I mean a Belle. Either way, there was something there that wasn’t there before.

That’s a step up from the Cinderella girls I saw in clear heels, which might actually be trendy this month. So dress in Skyblue and don a tiara.

Under the C girls were the girls doing Ariel stunts in Technicolor hair and mermaid dresses. Flippin’ awesome.

Anytime you can channel a Disney princess, you should do it…well.


Richy T – Fired up like Lumiere.

Richy's Rant 5.2.13 B

We all have unrealistic visions of summer. We see ourselves frolicking through meadows catching butterflies, cliff diving, picking daisies, sunning poolside, lounging at the beach with a 6 pack (of beer) and a swimsuit body worthy of being illustrated. But the fact of the matter is most of us will spend the summer here on the computer, crying a little that we can’t go outside partially naked. Instead we’ll be running errands, feeding pets, feeding children, driving to wherever in traffic, squeezing in a workout, bathing, and attempting to get enough sleep.

I’m not cool enough to have a window seat, so here’s how I plan to evade SSAD (summer seasonal affective disorder) and all the MAYhem.

Step 1: Work out. Lunch-hour power walks will help you stay lively during the less-sunshiny hours at your desk.  Probably best walk away from the minimart cashier/fatty-snack pusher.

Do or Day: Take at least one day a week to devote more than 5 minutes to your daily wardrobe choice. Don’t pick Mondays because they’re too manic, and everybody hates them anyway. Tuesday is good; you’ve had like a whole day to acclimate. Wednesdays are the beginning of your weekend anticipation, so you can just throw on anything and call it a hump day. Thursdays works because they build excitement. Don’t dress up on Fridays because you’ll feel better when you transform into your sassed-up summer self later that night. That’s the theory of relativity.

Finally: Consider a Miami sound machine—sans Gloria Estefan. You can get a sound machine at most bedding stores (and beyond). You might not be at the beach, but there’s no reason you can’t fall asleep to the sound of crashing waves.


Richy T – Totally wrote this blog on my smart phone while tanning at an imaginary beach.

Thursday'sRichyTBlog_4 17_pb (2)


So between Opening Day, Coachella, Ke$ha’s red carpet homage to Manson style, and LOGO’s New Now Next Awards, the past few weekends have made it clear that we’re all going out of our minds to go outside, stay outside, and play outside. Duh; it’s spring.

Here’re a few Twisted, stir-crazy ideas that’ll keep you on your fashionable feet should you find yourself— oh I don’t know—out at a ballgame, a concert, a glitter factory, a creepy desert compound, or anywhere there’s anyone judgmental.

When it comes to playin’ dirty, Ke$ha lives the role, aesthetically only (possibly). She isn’t going to make any best-dressed lists in see-through, bell-bottom crochet pants at the MTV Movie Awards; but you gotta Admire her for going outside the commune box. We should all sip a little of that kool-aide from time to time.

Cap it all off with a head turning ball cap. No longer just for bad hair days, this sporty staple can actually augment your style and your SPF. Unilaterally and unisexually, the right snapback can accentuate any outside look. There are many variations in stores this season, but I gotta say there is something endearing about rep-ing your local team.

I hope this encourages you to go outside and—not only dress for, but—enjoy getting warmed up for summer.


Richy T. – Rockin’ out (side).



Here’s a little more 411 on the Twenty13 spring thing. I’ve already mentioned that spring style is darker this year, simpler this year, and is retro-Grade A when it comes to high waists and lace. Haven’t been following my blog ’til now? Welcome! The next step in my try-logy (things you should try this season) is combed toward the idea that pastels can be paired with their bolder cousins. Pink and Red hang out together during Valen-times. Sky and Navy used to spend vaycays at the lake house with Violet and Lilac. When it comes to pairings, summer better than others, but  this year you shouldn’t be afraid to introduce your typical spring pastels to their more intense counterparts.

Like, if you happen to slip into Skylas, don’t hesitate to pair her with some real teal.

When shoes like Anka hand you lemon yellow, make tangerine-, peach-, and mustard-ade. That sounds gross, but the coolness is in the contrast.

Lottie in white and lavender is pure sweetness. Pair her with something salty like black pleather leggings and anything magenta. Take it to the max with purple hair. Plumb perfect. My cousin, Erika. Seriously, I live this stuff.


Richy T. – Welcome to the Dark Side.

Thursday'sRichyTBlog_4.4_pbI pretend I know about music, so I thought about 4/4, the meter, before the date (actually I thought about the fraction first, because I’m a nerd, then I remembered it was my beFri’s birthday). Anyway, the meter 4/4 is 4 quarter beats per measure—think club music: thump thump thump thump. This got me thinking that maybe spring fashion, like the “4 on the floor” records topping the Top 40, is not only darker (see last week) but consistently bass-ic and a little retro.

That’s why I’ve made Kelly Kapowski my unlikely muse for Spring 2013. For those of us who showed up at the corner just in time to see the bus fly by, we’re right on time. I’m going to endorse black, white, cream, and gold as a new spring thing. Note: there’s nothing colorfully neon or pastel; that’s why it’s brilliant.

The metal of the season is so gold. Don’t feel gilt-y if you mix, but you Midas well put your mind to it, go for it—especially in Cuff Times.

You could Zip yourself into some gold studs, or let a high-top sneaker Twist things to the max.

Let’s get totally high-waisted on jeans paired with racy, lacy tops, caps, and heels with a whole Lottie of spikes.

Purse-onally, I think the scallop-trimmed Corbin and unnecessary suspenders would be friends forever.

Richy T. – Having a Zack Attack (de ja vu remix).

March 21, 2013



3, 2, 1,  Hi I’m Richy T., and I’m a Dazzle-holic. Was that convincing or should I do it again?

The countdown to spring is over, because it’s here—as of yesterday. So what’re you gonna do about it? Spring forward? Done. Spring clean? Maybe. Spring cheese? Not a thing. At this point, we’re all sprung.

For example, crossed-leg’d Krissy makes us jump. Jump velvet ropes to party with the stars. She’s all like, “Denim and then some.” Sprung.

Zip a de do da. It looks like some bees stung some classic slip-ons to make them as sweet as honey. Sprung.

Wade out your final flurries in style. Sprung.


Richy T. – Sprung up.


Every year, Daylight Savings costs most of us an hour of sleep, and, frankly, I’m not okay with that.  It would be better if they kicked back Fri’ to a 7-hour workday, but instead they cut my weekend short. Not cool. The only consolation prize is that sometimes there’s an extra hour of Halloween on the backend. Big whoop—I’m typically too dru…dazzled…to care.

That’s why this rant is my ode to Arizona, a state that doesn’t give a daylight savings what the rest of the country is doing.

I’ve been to Arizona a few times (more times than I can remember). I know the people there are patriots who love their pastels and parties. Shout out to the ASU students who ran with me in the Undie Run (call me).

This is the Apple of our eyes—in the “Chevy to the levy” kinda way. This style is set in flagstone (Geography lesson: it’s a city in AZ).

Be sure to get desert. Georgie’s creamy colors reference “vintage,” but look modern and “Best West-ern.” Not the hotel.

Can I or cacti? Of course you canyon—in a prickly pair of Fyona,  Just like Sedona, Fyona rocks with flowing silhouettes and lightweight natural neutrals. Maybe even a wide brim hat. Sedontchya wanna try?

Richy T. — A.S. U wish.

February 21, 2013

Thursday'sRichyTBlog_Feb20Nobody asked me, but my pick for the month is a shoe that’s so cool, it makes everything hot look lukewarm—a sexy little slip-on called “Plea.” There’s at least 2 Chainz that run rampant across this shoe, not to mention ribbons of gold and spots of cheetah print. It kind of reminds me of Versace.

My absolute fave aspect of this pair is that they work together, even though the left and right are not the same. It’s like me and my co-workers; we collaborate and coordinate, but don’t imitate. We’re different. Yeah, we’re different.

I’d also like to give a shout out to all my size 11s out there, because you, and you alone, made it possible for me to don this ’Dazzle myself—with only minimal foot damage…probably. I’ll deal with that when I’m old; for now, I’m sold.

Usually, I go for high-tops like you go for heels, but best believe we can pull up to the scene with our high ceilin’s missin’ and still feel like fashion addic’s. Roll up your favorite patterned skinnies, put on your Pleas, and  you’re ready to “Hear Me Roar” (you’ll notice a theme).

Style Phile: These Pleas link well with aqua, cream denim, and even more graphic cheetah prints. I encourage all the DIY-hard dazzlers out there to make your Pleas your very own.

Richy T. – I’m different, and I got friends in low Pleases.

Valentine’s day is today, and this particularly jaded pessimist is scheduled to blog about it.  Read: “Yay, obligatory romance.” The other day, in a half-hearted attempt to reconnect, my ex asked to “see me” and retrieve some stuff from my garage. I promptly set fire to the aforementioned “stuff” and okay’d the visit for later that day. Bitter much? Probably, but I’m not devastated; I’m diva-stated, which means I want to be loud about it and make a scene.

Me? I’m planning to spend my V-day using social media to keep tabs on the people who were and/or are my unwilling Valentines.  Like, Kaydra, some booties are made for stalking.

On Facebook, be facetious; he better not “Like” anything but your Lockport today or else he’ll be the one getting locked out.

On Twitter: If he hasn’t @mentioned your Margarets, he must be #ReTwiculous, HashTag, #OverIt.

Oh no, not YouTube. Get more views in spectacular shoes like Decker.

P to the S. No one’s Pinterested in excuses this year. Gentlemen, step up to your lady’s level , ’cause from atop her heels, you look like a sad, little Instagrampa



Richy T. – Chocolate-covered peanut bitter.

Okay so, we don’t do the whole “Skip the Month” thing anymore at ShoeDazzle, but I’ve decided to revive the phrase in the name of fun fashion “don’ts”—this is the second installment. As it happens, there’s no other month I’d rather skip than February. If February asked me to be its Valentine next week, I’d be like, “No thanks.” Why? Because my momma raised me to be polite and—just like I told Wednesday—“Your spoken name isn’t completely hooked on phonics; I can’t handle it.” Plus February’s too short for me.

Even though we’re not an item, February manages to anger and age me year after year on my birthday. I want to be with someone who makes me feel youthful and special; not a noun—proper or otherwise—who makes me feel octo-Generic.

So this month on “Skip the Month,” we’ll fashionably focus on things that give us that young, unique feeling before the sig’nif others encourage us to sign off.  Let’s get Valentiny.

If your Valentine’s flowers are delivered wearing the CVS bag in which they were purchased, skip the month. Show ’em the dark side as you walk away in Margaret.

If the bouquet includes “baby’s breath,” skip the month. Bright and creamy shoes like Pat are way cuter.

If you’re hoping for a ring and get a tequila shot, drink the shot and skip the month.  That’s what Miroslava would do before people got hurt.

Richy T. – The errant “R” in FebRuary.