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We all know there are plenty of other fish in the dating app sea, but most are merely “okay” at playing Cupid. If only you could shop for dates like you shop for ShoeDazzle shoes.

Oh wait, you can on ‘Tinder’ and ‘Twine’.

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Both are pretty much spinoffs of one of my favorite games, Hot or Not, but on Tinder you get a a profile and “matches” that like the same things (on Facebook) that you do.

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Just like real life, there’s no gray area; wannabe dates get either “liked” or “noped” and only when two people ‘like’ each other are they able to communicate via IM.

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Twine adds to the fire Tinder started by giving users the ability to ask a question to their smartphone suitors. It’s a dating game that makes it easier to win.

A good friend of mine said these sites are ‘like ShoeDazzle; if you don’t like it, don’t buy it because there’s always other options.”

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While we’re on the subject of dating apps, how about we talk about How About We. This app lets you suggest random ideas for dates like: “how about we do cartwheels in a park?” and “how about we go drunk shopping?” Anyone interested in partaking can message you. If nothing else, you can get some really great date ideas; it’s like a dating look book, inspirational.

Richy T. — save the date.


Image via TMZ/Image via Disney

Here’s the truth: As guys’ shorts get shorter, girls’ shorts (and pants) get higher-waisted. So this is how T. Swift ends up paddling in a (not-my-fave) trunkini. It’s only not my fave because you have to be a pretty millionaire to get away with that print. On her, I think it’s groovy; you just need the same slimming cut in a solid color to look like a million bucks. Annette would approve.

I wouldn’t dare put the kibosh on the Teen Beach Movie trend—mostly because I’m a fashion fan of short shorts and faux surfing.

In the movies, they don’t wear shoes, and their hair doesn’t get wet when they swim. Clearly, there’s a disconnect; they need shoes.

Shoes like Olinda are Jackie O-so-good with vintage looks. But if you want to keep things outta sight, go for something nude like Deandra or Joan.


Richy T. – All souped up.


July 26, 2013

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Image via Buzzfeed

If you liked it, then you shoulda dripped a ring on it—instead of just nailed it.

Clearly, we’ve managed to manually cure the common French Tip with creative colors, dazzling decals, and fun filing. So the question becomes “what’s my next manicure about?” and “can I handle it?”

Buzzfeed.com reports that a brand by the name of “Beyond” by Rad Nails is nailing the next level of digit-al fashion. It’s cute and it’s cuticle.

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Image via Buzzfeed

“Another Round,” “Your Point??,” and “In a Pinch” (in order from top to bottom) invite you to finger it out.

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Image via Tikiroom.com

The area just above your nail is poised to become prime fashion real estate this year with both temporary and potentially permanent tattoo options.

Permanent tattoos sound painful, but they might make you reconsider the meaning of flipping someone off.

Richy T. – Go finger.

130724_Thursday'sRichyTBlog_pbLA is currently enduring a hot, wet summer. Everybody’s paring it down to the basics: T-shirts and jeans. Why? because no one here’s used to this weather except maybe aspiring actors from the Midwest.

Personally I’m hot and sticking with beefy-T V-necks and Levi’s shorts—but I kind of like it like it because it forces me to step up my shoe game. This week I’m ranting and raving about shoes that elevate, escalate, and go on dates when paired with plain white tees and denim.

Joss because you’re wearing stovepipe jeans and a T-shirt doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize with a turquoise necklace that references one of the many hues in your heels. Moral of the story: feel free to add a dash of color to your crew-neck.

I didn’t come up with this one on Myona; I’ve witnessed plenty of women strolling through malls and on boardwalks in oversized T-shirts, super skinny jeans, and sneaky heels. I complimented them shamelessly and gave them my card. True story.

If you want to Spycee things up, play with proportions. For example: Try high waists, calf cuts, and cropped tops. Cut it out because those looks are getting hotter as we speak/read.

Don’t forget your hats, belts, and sunglasses when putting “tee and jeans” looks together.

Richy Tee. – See you monsoon/on Friday.

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Remember when videophones were a thing of the future and you could only win them on “The Price is Right” or “Sally Jesse Rafael?”  Unfortunately, I do! But thankfully, some sort of revolution happened and the world finally got smart to smart phones.

So, I’m letting you know now—before anything has been “Dazzled”—that in the future you may be able to have your ShoeDazzle shoes sent to you via email thanks to 3-D printing.

This desktop 3-D printer appeared on my Facebook timeline a few days ago, I was ready to pop on some glasses to see it, but turns out, it wasn’t that kind of 3-D. This printer by Form1 creates objects you can hold, turn, and definitely throw. How? Lasers harden liquid plastic one itty-bitty layer at a time to form structures from the bottom up. The result is an object (not a print!).

This technology was not developed specifically for shoes, but conceivably, you could order a file from ShoeDazzle and instantly print your shoes straight from your desktop. Of course, we’d offer a wide variety of designer plastics that “laser out” to be colorful, pearly, metallic, matte, all that, and everything else. I imagine it would be something like choosing a nail polish from a great wall of options.

It’ll take a while, but I’m sure we’ll get there eventually.


Richy T. – Step Up to the Future. 

Richysrant 7.17.13

If I said I liked flats, I’d be lying. I watch “Mean Girls” enough to know that heels in high school are totally sanctioned. Pretty much the only thing I like about flats is that sometimes they’re androgynous enough for me to “play” Shoedazzle, too.

However, lately I’ve noticed that some of the sensational flats on our site compensate for their lack of height with a heaping helping of shiny. As much as it pains me to admit it, these are some flattering flats. Gag.

Glora is the first in this sequence and has sequins for days. No, literally: She’s a great daytime shoe and as casual as other loafers, but all shiny about it.

Guard is dazzlingly dapper and not as flashy as Glora! A top hat and cane are optional, but a tux jacket with coattails is a must.

I actually went so far as to buy Treat (I had grand illusions of a stylish take on the Tinman), but even a size eleven was too small. Though, I did notice that the tapered toe elongates legs like a heel. I vote you keep the outfit as monochromatic as the shoes.

*Richy T. – pants in fire.

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