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Some people shop with the intention of picking an item in a certain color, to go with a certain other color, or something in a specific cut, that will work well with an accompanying style. But this fall, instead of focusing on these standard details, I encourage you to look closer at your garments and instead, mix and match your ensembles based on texture. Read More

Everyone’s seen The Devil Wears Prada, obviously. Our favorite part? That scene in which Andrea experiences the pristine wonder and immaculate beauty of the fashion closet. It’s a cinematic sequence that gives us chills, because, look, we’re not afraid to admit we go gaga over a well-organized closet. Which is why your closet pics for the ShoeDazzle Dream Closet Contest are giving us major moments of envy!

We asked, and you delivered. And we’re talking in droves! Color coded, stacked like jenga pieces, towering, overflowing– so many unique and inspiring closets to ogle. Don’t get us wrong, we never underestimated our Dazzlers, but we couldn’t have anticipated that so many of you were secretly dressing yourselves in such ultra-amazing closets everyday!

To put it lightly, we are a little jealous, and if you haven’t already submitted your closet pic, do it now as we climb towards the celebration of reaching 2 million facebook fans, where two lucky winners will receive $1,000 to spend at The Container Store plus $1000 to spend on Shoedazzle.com! And that’s not all, ladies. In addition, 22 of you will walk away the proud new owners of a $200 ShoeDazzle gift card, to fill your closets with your very own version of pure delight.

September 24, 2012

I usually know a trend that will catch on when I see one– but the peplum? It became a thing this spring and I swore it was going to be a mere blip on fashion radar, everywhere one minute, and then the next– poof! Gone. But it looks like the peplum actually has a point, and it plans to stay around for at least another season, parading on shirts, dresses and skirts in colors that will be wearable into winter. But speaking of wear-ability, would you rock a peplum?  Read More

September 24, 2012

The first time I donned a crop top, my guy friend asked me where the other half of my shirt was. Needless to say, sporting your bare midriff is not for the feint of heart, only extremely bold or freakishly beautiful girls can do it, until now (I’d say I belong with the former, fyi).  Read More

Fashion’s night out was kind of like our industry’s season opener. It’s been about a week now,but the night showed off our first opportunity to dust off our Dolce’s and break out our first of the season splurges (which have only JUST arrived in stores), before we tire them out during our whirlwind tour around Spring/Summer, Resort and Pre-Fall catwalks. Ask any athlete, and they’ll tell you, the S.O. is the ground for testing new strategies – and come Thursday night, we’ll especially be putting one Fall RTW lesson into full practice: velvetRead More

September 20, 2012

Kim Kardashian Ankle Cuff Sandals

The ankle cuff trend is Haute off the Press this fall as seen on celebrities and strutting the runways.  Get this look with ShoeDazzle’s Kasia pump!  Kim Kardashian rocked this trend for Fashion’s Night Out and you too can get the steal on this trend without the splurge!

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