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The ladies of ShoeDazzle went out and about for fashion week on New York City’s way west side and found ourselves sipping ornate cocktails, complete with orchids frozen in perfect chunks of ice while we ogled the very bold numbers at the Alice and Olivia presentation. The drinks were pretty, sure, but the clothes? Read More

In addition to giving you an insider’s peek into the happenings behind ShoeDazzle, we are also thrilled to share an inspiration board curated by our very own PR Director and Conde Nast! The fabulous folks behind the media powerhouse interviewed Nav Mundi before she hopped on a flight to NYFW and got pretty excited over her fall inspiration – the colour burgundy. Conde Nast whipped up a cool, hot-on-trend inspiration board with a chance to win one of two prizes.

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September 6, 2012

It’s that time of year again where every fashion girl comes together for that one special week. As Summer comes to an end, it opens up a even better beginning. Fashion Week has officially begun and whether you are to be seen in New York, Paris or BOTH, it’s completely vital for you to look your best. Now, we all know when you’re not at the shows, you are practicing your “candid” pose in front of that mirror  for when Tommy Ton happens to be standing right next to you and searching desperately for the perfect details to match each outfit. The key with every Fashion Week outfit is to find the perfect accessories to go with it, so instead of spending more than rent on that luggage tote everyone is carrying, we are here to make you and your wallet happy.

  1. Maje Stretch-Crepe Jersey Mini Dress, $340
  2. Golden Gleam Bracelet, $39.95
  3.  Waukon Purse, $39.95
  4. Amaranta Ankle Bootie, $39.95
  5. House of Harlow Chelsea Shades, $138
  6. NARS Storm Bird Nail Polish, $18
September 5, 2012

There is an uber-cute male model in a tuxedo running around ShoeDazzle HQ that’s been stealing all of our hearts. His name is Leonardo DiCATrio, a black and white kitty rescued by one SD employee, Rachael L. and adopted by another, Lauren O.  Read More

We know, we know –– why are we trotting out fall fashion forecasting when it still feels like we’re living in the tropics? Well, in answer to your disfavoring looks and furrowed-brows, answer us this: if September issues can hit your mailbox a month early, why can’t we? So to speak…And besides, it’s only a quick six-month rewind to remember this season’s runways.  Read More

From Kourtney Kardashian to Jessica Simpson to Reese Witherspoon the latest Hollywood accessory isn’t a clutch or a chunky necklace, it’s a baby bump! Looking great 24/7 is hard enough, but while your pregnant it’s the biggest challenge. Having just survived 10 months of styling my own bump, I have put together some tips and tricks to help you look like a star while pregnant. Read More

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