Quiz Alert! What Kind of Bachelorette Babe are You?

Everyone knows that a Bachelorette party can get pretty cray. And at every bachelorette party, there are always different kinds of girls. To kick off wedding season with a bang, we teamed up with Sony Picture’s new film, Rough Night, which follows five lifelong friends that reunite and take female bonding to a whole new level on a bachelorette weekend from hell. Let’s help you find out what kind of Bachelorette babe you are!

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Ready to take the quiz? Let’s do this!


You’re heading out with the girls. What are you wearing?

A: A sparkly top, some shorts, and a fun pair of heels.

B: Sandals, a patterned top, and a long skirt.

C: Jeans all the way, baby!

D: Light colors and some comfortable heels.

E: A romper, some fringe, and some sky-high, party-perfect heels


What’s your life motto?

A: Cheers 

B: Success is it’s own reward 

C: Above all, do no harm 

D: Good vibes only 

E: Let’s party! 


When it comes to jewelry:

A: I like something simple and dainty!

B: I’m all about my go-to hoops.

C: Less is more in my opinion.

D: I love pieces that are unique and tell a story.

E: The more, the merrier!


My ideal bachelorette party would be in:

A: South Carolina! I’m all about that southern charm!

B: Miami! I’m totally ready to let loose.

C: Big Sur. I love myself some fresh air.

D: Santa Barbara. An all-girls chill weekend is what I’m craving.

E: Vegas, baby!


When it comes to shoes, what do you look for?

A: Easy, effortless heels.

B: Sandals. Comfort is key in my world!

C: Something stylish and cute, with minimal fuss.

D: Heels that I can wear with lots of different things in my closet.

E: The higher and sexier, the better!



You’re a logical, driven perfectionist who has a seriously sweet side. While you love to have fun, you always make it a point to follow the rules along the way.


While you like to think you have it all, you are in total need of a girlfriend getaway. And your style? It’s sophisticated, on-trend, glamorous and a little bit classic.


A woke activist, you channel majorly chill vibes and are always down to hang with your besties. With a daring and loud activist’s heart, you’re a party-ready babe who has fun hanging on the couch or at a dive bar.


Artsy and alluring, your boho and free-spirited personality can get you in trouble – and turn heads. A health nut and animal lover, the things you stand for are more important than anything else.


Always down to have a good time, you’re known as the ultimate party planner of the group and you wouldn’t have it any other way. And while some call you wild and crazy, you take it as a compliment.

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