Beauty Beat A – Z: Avocados

avocado-halves (2)

Over the years, we’ve found that Mother Earth has an answer to most if not all of our beauty queries. With a little bit of experimentation we’ve found natural alternatives that can put your favorite beauty line to shame. If you’re up for a little DIY, follow Beauty Beat A-Z to add a little nature to your beauty regimen. 

Not only do avocados make a tasty bowl of guacamole; the creamy fruit is known for its high content of “good fat”  and is rich with vitamins that do wonders for skin and hair. When applied to the face, avocados penetrate the skin to boost moisture and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Hair also reaps the hydrating benefits when essential oils permeate and nourish our dry strands.There are plenty of different ingredients you can add to your hair/skin mask. But, we prefer to use an even mixture of avocado, honey, and extra virgin olive oil. Leave the mask on for fifteen minutes, remove with warm water and finish by closing your pores or hair cuticles with cold water.

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