The Best Booties to Get Through Summer in Style

Your summer is about to get a lot more bootie-ful, girl! We know it’s hot AF outside, but these summer booties are going to have you looking even hotter. Keep scrolling to get tips on our top 5 booties to wear now and later.

There has never been a sexier bootie than Aris. Celebs like Kim K. have been seen rocking similar styles, so you KNOW it’s on trend. Plus, her versatility is almost too good to be true! Wear this beauty with literally everything from skinnies to minis.

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The whole denim shoe trend has us bursting with excitement – not just for how chic of a trend it is – but for the unlimited puns it provides as well. From “It’s in your jeans” to “That’s jeanius” and many more, we won’t ever be overall this. See what we did there? ;P

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The moment we first spotted Kimara, we started humming Rihanna’s hot new “Wild Thoughts” song… weird, right? *insert silly face emoji here* But seriously, this bootie inspires us to live a much wilder life, and we’re totally into it.

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Whether you’re a basic B or not, every girl needs a basic bootie. Samaya will find her way into every single outfit you own, and we can’t help but love her for that. What’s even better is that she’s also ridiculously comfortable, so we’re willing to get called out for wearing her multiple days in a row. #noshame

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We all have our go-to LBB (Little Black Bootie). Right now, it’s definitely Tiani. She’s got this way of perfectly balancing sexy with sweet, and those tassels are basically speaking for you saying, “I’m here to have some fun,” which is perfect because summertime is ALL about having some fun.

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Which of these summer booties is your fave? Let us know in the comments below!


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