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Hey everyone! I’m Hayley from ‪ and I’m so excited to share my 3 looks today. Now that it is officially fall, it’s time to bring out all of our favorite boots. Some of my favorite styles to play with during this time are OTK boots, booties, and thigh high boots. Being only 5 foot 3, I have to be careful with longer dresses and boots, because I can easily make myself look even shorter than I already am. 


I am a lover of all dresses, even in the fall. I’m from California, so when it comes to thigh high boots, I always like to go with a shorter dress. Of course it’s easier to style these types of boots with a pair of jeans or leggings, but it can get a little tricky with a dress. Overall, I love how this look turned out! I was a little nervous to try it out because I’ve been unsuccessful with thigh high boots in the past, as far as them just not fitting and me looking ridiculous (haha), but these were PERFECT!


When it came to the booties, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to pair them with my short black dress from earlier, or with this one because they looked so cute with both outfits. Since this was a longer outfit, I felt the booties would look best with them, since my other two pairs of shoes just would not work with this look.


I love booties because they can be worn with so many different styles, where as you can be pretty limited with OTK’s or thigh highs. I actually folded part of this dress underneath so that it didn’t go lower than the length of the coat. Had I not gone with the coat, I would’ve kept the normal length of this dress, but adding the coat changed the game a bit.


Now for my absolute favorite look: The off the shoulder sweater with these burgundy knee high boots! This dress is also more on the longer side, but since I was pairing it with knee-high boots, I thought the tied up look would be perfect. It’s one of my favorite “go-to’s” when I need to shorten a dress, especially when I don’t want the dress to be touching the top part of the boots. I feel like it gives a more flirty feel to it.


Hopefully this gives you all some fall fashion inspiration! Would love for you all to continue following along! <3

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