Call Her Miss Kira

kiraHey Kira!  Tell us about everyyyything you do here.
Kira:  Wellllll, I’m currently working as the in-house footwear designer for the dazzle creating unique designs that reflect the brand DNA.  It’s a great gig and it’s definitely a unique position where my creativity can thrive. Not too many companies are like that!

We can’t tell you how much we adore all the designs.  This June marks your 2 year anniversary here!  What have been some of your favorite projects?
K:  I can’t believe how fast time flies!  Seems like only yesterday I was getting my feet wet!  My favorite projects have most definitely been working with the celeb collaborations for charity and being able to work on various projects from handbags to special novelty shoes.

It’s always great to be able to give back through fashion.  Let’s talk about that DAZZLE hat!  Tell us; how do you dazzle?
K:  I dazzle the best when I’m out trend shopping.  My creative juices start to flow and it gets me ramped up to work on the next project!  Also, a little hip-hop music around the office doesn’t hurt either.  😉

You work in what we call our “merch space” which is kind of a fairy tale.  Has it got you “thinkin’ pink?”
K:  Absolutely!  It definitely has some quirkiness that even Nicki Minaj would be inspired by!  I’m very lucky to work in a space where my mind can be free and not feel so clustered.  It definitely has many aspects of a true artist’s space.

Your ultimate designer dream crush?
K:  Alexander Wang, Balmain, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Galliano in his hay day…need I go on?

What are your spring fashion must haves?
K:  I’m so into bright color-blocking with gold accents (hence the Seven sandal), mirror metallics and iridescent are so fresh and fun for spring- true eye candy!

Speaking of candy…Who’s your man candy of the hour?
K:  Give me Lenny Kravitz any day!!

On Kira:  Seven

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