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Hi Lauren!  First things first.  Those shoes are hot.  What made you pick this pair?

Lauren:  That star!  It caught my eye immediately.  Plus, I am loving curved wedges lately.

Yes, those shoes are really fun!  I think everyone will be really excited once the Leven wedges come out mid-month!  It’s always fun to give a little sneak peek of what’s in store!  Describe your average day at ShoeDazzle.

L:  With my multi-functional role as HR Coordinator and Brian Lee’s assistant it is always busy and fun.  I never know what I might get to work on that day or who I might meet.  I love it!

So you get to plan lots of fun things and work with our very hip and innovative CEO, Brian.  Not a bad “average” day.  What are some perks about working in e-commerce for a shoe company?

L:  I’m trying not to put on my HR hat but we definitely work in a young and exciting environment.  Every day here is something new and unexpected.  Of course there are the perks of our shoe discounts too!

No gal can have enough shoes!  Any hidden talents you don’t mind sharing with us?

L:  I will, on occasion, sing Opera.  Lately it’s been in the middle of the night in my apartment  though.  So far no complaints from my neighbors!

Looks like they’re liking it then!  What’s a beauty must have for you?

L: Lancome Definicils High Definition Mascara.  I can’t live without it.

What isn’t there to love about Lancome?  You’re always so well dressed!  Do you like to pick your clothes or shoes first?

L:  Aww, thanks!  Depending on my mood and the weather, I would say that my outfit usually starts with me picking my top or shoes first.  If it’s a rainy day, I will definitely pick out what boots I want to wear first and then my outfit.

What is…your favorite thing to wear when you’re going out?

L:  My black high waist disco pants from American Apparel with a fun top and heels.

That sounds like the perfect recipe for a fun night out.  Fill in the blank.  A woman should never leave her house without her ___.

L:  Lip balm!  I think I need it even more than I need my phone.

Favorite spots to shop/brunch in LA?

L:  I like to shop around Melrose a lot and Botegga Louie downtown is my favorite spot to brunch.  Since I just moved here I am still looking for more cool spots.  Any suggestions?

KTCHN in DTLA is another great spot and we’re a huge fan of LIttle Dom’s in Los Feliz.  Last but not least, who’s your current celebrity crush?

L:  Doesn’t everyone have a crush on Ryan Gosling?

Yup!  We just can’t get enough of him.  Thanks for catching up with us!

Keep your eyes peeled for the Leven wedge (coming out mid-month).

Hi Rachael!  What’s your typical day like as a Project Manager–Creative Services for ShoeDazzle?

Rachael:  The greatest thing about my job is that I actually never have a typical day.  It’s pretty awesome.  Day to day I’m like the octopus that reaches out to link the copywriters and graphic designers to other departments in ShoeDazzle to ensure that all our incredible projects get done on time.

How many shoes have you acquired working here?

R:  Oh jeez.  A girl should never tell her age, so she certainly shouldn’t tell anyone how many shoes she has.  How about we focus on my more recent purchases?  I’m obsessed with my Aine heels, Diane sandals and Ronnie booties and those were all in the last few weeks!

All right.  We’ll let you have that mystery.  We work with tons of great celebrities and celebrity stylists what have been some of your favorite projects?

R:  Obvi it has to be Rachel Zoe!  We share the same name (minus the A) and when she comes into the office I’m always having a moment.

Are you trying any new trends that you normally wouldn’t right now?

R:  I actually just purchased a pair of ombre burgundy to black skinnies.  I’ve never done ombre before and now I’m hooked.  Generally, I shop for more timeless pieces that can flow from season to season effortlessly but every now and again I love to take some risks.

Ombre is everywhere and we can’t get enough of it.  Do you have any Valentine’s Day plans?  Outfits?

R:  Actually, my boyfriend and I are pretty romantically challenged so we’re not too into Valentine’s Day.  Thankfully my BFF/roommate’s birthday IS Valentine’s Day so a big group of us are going out to dinner in Venice to celebrate.

The more the merrier!  Your skin is always perfect.  What are some of your favorite beauty products?

R:  Can’t live without Kiehl’s!  I slather on their Midnight Recovery Concentrate so I wake up looking like I’ve slept for twelve hours on a bed of roses.  It tends to prevent people from asking me if I’ve had another late night!

Oh, those serums are magical!  Tell us a few things about you that we would never guess by your (fun, fun, fun) pictures.

1.  I  don’t pick sides in the cat vs. dog feud.  I love both.  Equally.

2.  I’m a needlepoint fanatic.  I’m working on my biggest project yet: a big flower with an intricate border.  I’m going to make it into a pillow!

3.  I love Italian food.  It’s perfectly acceptable to put cheese on every dish and that’s why I love it.  Studying abroad in Italy didn’t help…

4.  I can easily replicate people’s accents.  I get a lot of weird looks at restaurants when I try them out on unsuspecting waiters.

Working in California is something we will never complain about.  Fill in the blank.  The best part about living in California is ___.

R:  The diverse landscape.  You could be at the beach one day, the desert the next, and the mountains the day after.  More climates = more outfits!

Sounds like you’re a bit of a travel bug!  What are some other fun things our readers should know about working here.

R:  We are just as impatient to get our shoes as our clients are!  When they arrive I can’t resist trying them on and taking a spin around the office to show them off when they arrive!

The thrill never ends.  What are the Top 10 Songs on your playlist right now?

Elephant by Tame Impala, Money Grabber by Fitz & The Tantrums, Ho Hey by the Lumineers, Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Little By Little by Radiohead, Who by David Bryne & St. Vincent, Dance, Dance, Dance by Lykke Li, Hot Knife by Fiona Apple, Black Tin Box by Miike Snow ft. Lykee Li, Icarus by White Hinterland

Next on your travels?

R:  I’m heading to Vail for a gals ski trip in February, NYC for my little sister’s graduation in May and Hawaii for my cousin’s wedding in August!

Sounds like you have a great year ahead of you!  Last thing.  Your AMAZING hair.  We love it.

R:  My hair is less predictable than the weather.  It’s often like living with a moody adolescent on top of my head…it changes its mind daily on who it wants to be.

Hair with a mind of it’s own!  Lastly, if you weren’t living in LA where would you live?

R:  That’s a toughie but I would have to say San Francisco.  I go wild for their local food and handcrafted beers.

On Rachael:  Aine

1.  Hi Monica!  How’s it going?  Thanks for setting some time aside to catch up.  What’s your average day like working the front desk at ShoeDazzle?

Monica:  The pleasure is mine!  A typical day consists of greeting guests, answering calls, receiving mail…oh, and feeding the company’s pet piranha named Dazzle!

2.  Dazzle is a cutie!  You started out working in Client Services then transitioned into this role.  Describe the major differences.

M:  In Client Servcies, I got to work hands-on with clients assisting them with their orders, talking about shoes, and all of the extra good stuff.  Now that I’m ShoeDazzle’s receptionist, I’m exposed to different fields and aspects of the company.  I meet cool new people every day and I’m always keeping busy with various tasks.  I do miss working personally with our awesome clients though!

3.  We have such great clients.  We all really love how we are able to get so personal!  Speaking of shoes, what was your first ShoeDazzle purchase?

M:  The ever-so-popular, Ciji!

4.  Oh, that Ciji!  She had to make quite a few comebacks!  What are the highlights of your job (aside from all of the great shoes)?

M:  On my first day working as the receptionist, I had the pleasure of grabbing Rachel Zoe an iced latte and some English Breakfast tea.  It’s kind of silly but i would say that had to be one of the best moments of my job everrrrr since I love Rachel Zoe, but it was also nerve-wrecking at the same time since it was my first day.

5.  Oh, I bet!  We are beyond excited to have her on board as Chief Stylist.  So, we heard your boyfriend works for an airline and we’re all a little jealous of that.  Do you two get to travel everywhere?

M:  I guess we like to consider ourselves little jet setters!  Occasionally, we fly out and go on one day trips to Vegas just to have lunch.  This definitely spices up the average date night!

6.  That is definitely not average and we like it.  Valentine’s Day is coming up.  1.  What are you getting your significant other and 2.  Are there any special plans in store?

M:  Ahh, we’re actually not too big on Valentine’s Day but I do love to surprise the boyfriend every now and then.  I truly believe that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  He can expect a good meal to come!  Will I be cooking for him?  Maybe.  I do like to play chef in the kitchen while experimenting with a dish or tow.

7.  Lucky man!  What are some of your beauty must haves?

M:  I’m currently obsessed with my Clarisonic I got this past Christmas.  Ladies, it is a must!  I will never wash my face using my hands again!

8.  What are five ways you would describe yourself?

M:  Macaron lover.  Queen of happy hour.  A foodie-enthusiast.  Travelista.  Bargain-shopper-whore (I’m always looking for a good deal!)

9.  The best thing about working in Santa Monica is _____.

M:  All of the amazing places to go eat!  I get so excited every time lunch comes around.  I’m always looking for new places to try.

10.  We’re lucky to be in such a prime location.  Lastly, your current obsession is…

M:  I would have to say working out!  I’ve never been much of a gym rat so let’s see how long this lasts!

Thanks Monica!  I’m sure our readers had just as much fun reading this as we did making this blog post with you!

On Monica:  Sabina (coming soon! )

1.  Hi Michelle!  We’re so happy we were finally able to catch you.  You’re our accessories and handbags buyer.  Can we call you our bag lady?

Michelle:  Only if we can do a ShoeDazzle edit of Erykah Badu’s Bag Lady song!

2.  That would be really fun!  Tell us, what’s it like being a buyer for ShoeDazzle (it’s kind of every girl’s dream job).

M:  It’s a ton of fun.  I get to buy unlimited amount of bags, jewelry and watches without spending a dime.

3.  Well isn’t that nice!  I’m sure your closet is spilling over with all the goodies.  As a buyer, you’re always traveling.  You must have a few essentials you always have with you.  If you were a bag, any type of bag, what kind of bag would you be?

M:  That’s a tough one but I would most likely be a studded cross body because I’m always on the move.  Whether I’m headed to my car, the subway, a restaurant or a party, I like to have all my essentials close to me and am obsessed with studs!

4.  We love them all too–flat, spiked, squared, you name it!  What are your top 5 beauty must haves?

M:  Mascara, Carmex, gum, Advil and a hair brush.  Long hair does care!

5.  You’re right!  You never know who you’ll run into!  Since we’re changing our styles so rapidly to stay on trend, what’s it like buying so many accessories every month?

M:  It’s great!  Costume jewelry’s the best.  I love being able to snag some great deals for our girls.  You can layer and accessorize without having to break the bank.

6.  Speaking of never knowing who you’re going to run into, we heard a funny story about your running into your man crush Joseph Gordon Levitt.  Details on that please.

M:  Well, the background story on that love interest is that I’ve loved the boy since 3rd Rock from the Sun!  I was driving down on La Cienega Blvd a few years ago and came really close to a pedestrian.  And by really close, I mean I almost love tapped him with the front of my car only to find that it was Joseph Gordon Levitt!  Needless to say, he and I both are alive and I haven’t seen him since.  Heartbreak.

7.  Wow!  Talk about a love encounter!  Hopefully your paths cross again very soon…in say, a romantic park with a sundae.  Speaking of sundaes, do you prefer ice cream or fro-yo?

M:  I scream for ice cream!  My boyfriend actually makes fun of me for chewing my ice cream.

8.  That sounds really chilly!  Maybe that’s how you keep your pearly whites.  ;)   Last but not least, it must be so fun providing such a variety of product for every type of woman out thee.  Thanks for helping our client do it with so much ease.  Since you’re off to NYC this weekend, what new trends will you be on the hunt for?

M:  Jewelry wise I’ll be looking out for ear cuffs, layered rings, intricate body jewelry and chunky chains.  On the bag side, we’re looking for laser cut outs, perforation and more prints!

Sounds promising!  We can’t wait to see what 2013 brings us!  Thanks for chatting with us Michelle!  Stay warm in New York!

Michelle is wearing a January mid-month release.  Keep your eyes peeled for the Kaydra bootie!

Maison Martin Margiela’s much awaited collection for H&M was released in Los Angeles on November 15th, and well worth the hype. The capsule collection recreated the best of Margiela’s famous over-sized and deconstructed looks that have made him a staple in high fashion throughout the years.

We here at ShoeDazzle couldn’t wait to dazzle up the line by pairing the looks with our favorite heels.

*From left to right: PR intern Ericka in the Agatha, Content producer Priscilla Barragan in the Pansy, and Copywriter Valerie Friedrich in the Carine.

1.  First things first.  When did you get your knack for PR?

After interning at Vogue and Women’s Wear Daily, I couldn’t think of a better way to combine fashion and writing. I got my start at a small PR firm and now I’m dazzling at the coolest shoe company on the Internet.

2.  What are the top three things you find most interesting about working in PR for a fashion company?

The pace of my work flow, the relationships I get to build, and seeing all of the new shoe styles before they¹re released.

3.  Who is your absolute style icon?

My style and icons are always changing but Solange Knowles and Clothes Encounters’ Jenn Im are currently my cause for inspiration.  Both of these women let their personality show through their clothes and look confident doing it. Plus, it’s always good to see a woman (Solange Knowles) who can mix her prints well.

4.  Words to live by?

Thoughts turn into reality. I’ve learned that when you think positive you get positive results.

5.  Lastly, for all of the girls wanting to get into PR, do you have any words of wisdom for them?

Build and nurture as many genuine relationships as you can. You never know what little bits of knowledge your peers or superiors can offer you!

Shop the Look:

Pumps:  Tabi


Ruby works it in neutral tones this Wednesday. Meet the fancy fingers behind ShoeDazzle‘s social media.

Fast Five

1. Dark choc, milk choc, or white choc?

Dark or milk! But my favorite is Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Nuggets with toffee and almonds. Mmmm…

2. Joseph Gordon Levitt or Ryan Gosling?

JGL forever!

3. Fill in the blank:  When I’m not thinking about social media I’m thinking about ____.

Food! If you visit our corner, you’ll immediately become hungry…food talks all. day. long.

4.   Next place on the travel itinerary?

Korea! But I would love to live in my dream city, London for at least a year or two. Bring on the cute British men!

5. What types of books do you like to read?

Fantasy (yes, nerd-alert!), non-fiction, and the classics. My favorite book of all time is the Great Gatsby! Can’t wait for the movie to come out this December!

Shop the Look

Handbag- Keswick

Booties- Kadesia


Need fashion advice? Follow and tweet Ruby at @Ruby4ShoeDazzle!

Meet Jonika, our merch intern red-y to rock in polka dots, distressed denim, and ShoeDazzle‘s red booties.

Fast Five

1.  Favorite album of all time?

That’s a super tough one! I literally live through music so picking one is difficult…but I would have to say Voodoo Child by Jimi Hendrix. It reminds me of my dad.

2.  If you can only eat one thing for the rest of your life…?

Sushi!! I get it every Monday, and would literally eat it every day if I could.

3.  Dream man?

Someone who I can be myself with, artsy or kinda rocker maybe. But still compliments me well. Opposites attract  they say!

4.   Can’t live without…?

Fashion. Dance. Music. Each are ways I express myself and let go! I definitely couldn’t live without them!

5.   Currently eyeing… (at ShoeDazzle)?

In general I’m totally eyeing this amazing feather jacket from Topshop. My life would be complete with it!! From ShoeDazzle, I’m am completely obsessed with the Wandering bootie! I have both colors, and you can literally wear it with anything.

Lauren from Client Services looking striking in our Striking bootie.

Fast Five:

1. Can’t live without accessory?

A cute hair accessory– usually a headband. It’s always fun to add a little interest to plain black hair.

2. How many shoes do you own?

This is either really awesome or really embarrassing depending on who you’re telling, but probably 75-100 pairs!

2a. Wow! Sort of jealous…How many are ShoeDazzle?

80% of my collection is a direct result of my working at ShoeDazzle.

3.Celeb crush?

Do I have to pick just one? Anyone who plays a vampire…because, seriously, how ridiculously attractive are vampires?

4. Halloween costume?

Lauren: I’ll be vacationing in Cancun during Halloween but if I were going to dress up this year, I’d probably be Wonder Woman. Yet honestly, that would probably simply be an excuse to buy a killer pair of red boots.

5. Currently eyeing?

Just got the Vandalia handbag. It’s such a quality piece. Structured, great detailing, and comes in two funky fall colors. LOVE it.


LOVE Lauren’s style? Call her at 1-888-508-1888 to get her expert styling advice.


It can be totally awesome when your gal gets engaged. But, let’s be real – we all cringe at the thought of her turning into a bridezilla at the point between cake tasting and party favor shopping. Thankfully, Marissa O. (Director of Product) has been nothing but a cool and calm bride since he put a ring on it. With her big day – October 13 – fast approaching, we asked Marissa to give you three tips on how to help you keep your sanity through the planning fun:  Read More