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March 27, 2013

Hi Jimmy!   You’ve been with us for awhile now and we love ya!  Tell us a bit about your role here and being with ShoeDazzle from the very beginning.

Jimmy:  Lemmetellyasomethin…I have been here a looooong time!  Haha…My role has changed here a lot.  When I was first hired, I actually was the only creative on staff.  So, I took pictures of the shoes.  I designed the emails.  I designed printed inserts.  I worked on the site.  My duties have grown a lot since then to include art directing photoshoots, designing our various packages, and I still work on most of the printed needs of the company.  I really wish there was a way to clone myself because there certainly aren’t enough hours in the day.

We do have quite a number of wonderful things going on at all times!  As an art director, where do you go for inspiration?

J:  It’s really not hard to get inspiration working here!  My coworkers are awesome and crazy, so they inspire me everyday, even if I don’t want to be inspired.  :)   I also go to blogs and pay attention to what’s happening in music, films, theatre, magazines, etc.  As a creative, I get inspiration from the uncanniest of things…

There’s never a dull moment, that’s for sure!  You’re known for your quirkiness around the office.  What are some other gigs you’ve had before you landed this one?

J:  Tons…but the one that stands out in my mind is one that I had when I was 16.  My dad’s duck club needed all the decoys retrieved, cleaned and repainted.  So I agreed to do that as a summer job.  I went out there with him, piled about 200 decoys into the back of a pickup and took them home, soaking them in one of those kiddie pools so the dirt could be scraped off of them.  Then I painted new eyes, feathers and details on ALL OF THEM.  Took me all summer to do, and, not gonna lie, I think something was growing in the pool by the time I was done.

Sounds crazy!  What’s been your favorite shoot thus far?

J:  It’s been an evolution.  After almost every shoot, I feel like that is my favourite.  Which is good, I guess, yeah?  I feel like each shoot keeps getting stronger and stronger.  Some that have stood out in my mind are “Vivid,” “A Thing of Beauty” and “Street Brights.”  “Vivid” was awesome with the energy and movement of the model.  “A Thing of Beauty” was a shoot I’ve been wanting to do for years now with its mood and theatricality, and we were finally at a place to make it happen.  “Street Brights” was just fun and zeitgeist-y.

We love it.  It’s been really great to see the progression. Tell us something else we wouldn’t know about you.

J:  You know how they say everyone in LA is an actor?  GUILTY.  I act, I sing, umm….I don’t dance well, but I pretend to know costume design.  I don’t right good. (That was supposed to be a joke :) .  I told myself that I wanted to shoot a feature film and be cast as the lead.  I should have been more specific and said I wanted to get paid too!  It was an indie film, so it was very, very low budget.  Oh well..it was still fun to be a part of!  I really love theatre too!  Just wish I had more time for it.

You’re a passionate one!  Also, may we say that we are really feeling those sneakers on you.  What made you get them?

J:  Well…to tell ya the truth, sometimes I try the samples we get in the studio.  Yeahuh even the heels…HA.  I tried SPLASH on and they looked and felt good, so, why not?!  My first ShoeDazzle purchase for myself!  BTW, heels…?  How the heck do you walk in those?!

A true lady can always walk in her heels!  It’s officially spring.  Spring has sprung and you’re really into _____.

J:  Short-shorts and sweaty bods!  Just kidding.  Not really…but the sun is always something to look forward to.  I love being outdoors, so being able to do things when the sun is out is hella nice.

You’re also the captain of our volleyball team!  Care to share any details about that?

J:  LOVE volleyball!  I started the team shortly after we moved offices and now we’re doing pretty well.  We’ve received 2nd place a few seasons so far.  That championship is just waiting for us!

Sounds promising!  Tell us:  what do you love the most about working here?

J:  I have to admit, throughout it all, the things that make working at ShoeDazzle the best are the people.  I work with some of the most talented people I’ve ever come across.  Not only are they good at what they do, they are genuinely good people.  It makes my job easier because I can lean on them and then can lean on me.  It’s fun and there’s always something new to learn.

What would you say is your favorite part about design?

J:  What I like most about design is the problem-solving aspect of it.  Trying to figure out what will work and communicate the message I’m trying to get across with my design in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Lastly, what’s your favorite trend on women right now?

J:  Finally, an easy questions!  This has been hard!  I love seeing colour.  I think trying different colour combos and layering is always fun and adventurous.  One thing I’ve learned after working here, is not to be afraid of trying new things.  Sometimes the things that don’t seem to go together, really do work!

Thanks Jimmy!

On Jimmy:  Splash Sneakers

SD Man Repeller 3.22.13

Craving all the makings of the perfect spring wardrobe? Well look no further than Leandra Medine, also known as the Man Repller’s recent collaboration with Los Angeles based brand PJK. The playful line which is literally called “Man Repeller x PJK…Just Sayin”, wouldn’t be complete without Medine’s charming personality shining through in t-shirts that read “I think all shirts should give advice”. The line also features sleek silk pants, crop tops, and tropical silk shorts that give us a little bit of the Lolita vibe. Overall, we love the line and can’t wait to try the floral on floral trend as seen on Medine above with a sleek platform pump like the Margaret.

WorkIt_1 WorkIt_2 WorkIt_3Tam and Scott, what was your inspiration behind this photo sesh?  We heard there was a certain rumor that you guys could give Gap Kids a run for their money.

Tam:  This is what happens when you spend too much time together at ShoeDazzle.  We start showing up in matching outfits and then finishing each other’s–

Scott:  …sentences.

Tam:  I was actually going to say “lunches,” Scott.

Scott:  We’re like Bonnie and Clyde, only we steal office supplies and we don’t hurt anyone.

Tam:  Scott occasionally wears fancy hats and dresses.

Scott:  Don’t report us to Accounting, we’re just kidding.

Tam:  I’m not kidding about Scott’s fancy hats.

Oh, you two!!  Scott, what’s it like working for ShoeDazzle?

Scott:  I’ll tell you what…I know more about women’s fashion than I ever thought I would.  I figured out what a wedge was when I first got here, and I just learned the term “romper” (thanks, Tam).  Aside from that, ShoeDazzle has been great!  Tons of nice creative people working for a common goal!

Any favorite shoes you like on women in particular?  (I.e. pumps, sneakers…you know the drill).

Scott:  I would prefer her to wear sneakers/flats.  I’m a pretty spontaneous dude, so you never know if we are going to be running from anything.

A man on the go!  You’re our first guy to be featured on our blog!  How does it feel?

Scott:  I feel like a trailblazer, a real pioneer.  I just hope the guys featured after me will appreciate the legacy I left them.

They will have some big shoes to fill!  You get to work with a lot of creative minds and you’re also in our marketing department.  What are some of your favorite things about working here?

Soctt:  Just that.  Working with these super creative people on a daily basis.  I’m always learning something new every day.  Thats why it’s that much harder to lose Tam from our team!

We know.  We’re holding back the tears… What would you say are some of your favorite menswear pieces of the moment?

Scott:  I would have to say currently, my Michael Kors watch and my Phillies fitted (that’s what the cool kids call caps these days).  I also just moved and found a cool striped V-neck at the bottom of one of my drawers.  I’m thinking of adding that to my T-shirt rotation.

How long does it take you to get ready?

Scott:  It depends on the time of day.  I don’t drink coffee so in the morning just dragging myself out of bed takes a good 15 minutes.  Then I try and regain consciousness in the shower…another 20 minutes.  Clothes and hair…5 more minutes and then I’m out the door.

Sounds like you got it down.  On a first date, do you prefer a girl with pumps or flats?  Does it not matter?

Scott:  I dunno.  Can she dance in heels?

We hope so!  Lastly, Tam, we are heartbroken that you’re moving on to the next chapter in your life.  We’ve loved having you as one of our copywriters.  What will you miss most about ShoeDazzle as you leave us?  Any last words?

Tam:  I’ve been lucky enough to have so many epic adventures here!  I’ll definitely miss working with such a hilarious, inspiring, and creative team (and brainstorming the best and worst puns imaginable on a daily basis…I still can’t believe I got away with referencing the 2006 Bubba Sparxxx song “Ms. New Booty” in an email subject line).  Fortunately, I’ll be working nearby in the same city.  Feel free to stalk me on Twitter @tamiam, and have a glass of champagne for me!

Thanks, you two!  It’s been fun!

March 8, 2013

We’re celebrating our new commercial by kicking off an Instagram contest!  Snap an Instagram picture and show us how you #dazzlelikeyoumeanit to win ShoeDazzle swag.

One grand prize winner will win $500 of ShoeDazzle credit.  We will also be choosing a daily winner who will be awarded a $25 gift card if their photo receives the most “likes” that day using hashtag #dazzlelikeyoumeanit.

Individual entrants cannot exceed 3 daily wins.  Contest beings Friday, March 7, 2013 at 12:00 am PST.  Contest ends March 31, 11:59 pm PST.  Our social media team will choose the winners and officially announce the grand prize winner on April 1, 2013 at 3:00 pm PST on ShoeDazzle’s official Instagram.

So grab whatever you need to get your creative juices flowing and snap your best photo!  Terms and conditions apply.  Click here for more details.

March 6, 2013

0000_Test Shots 1202-edit0000_Test Shots 1211-edit
Hi Amanda!  You are such a busy bee in the office!  Tell us what your job description is and what your average M-F looks like.

Amanda:  That is very true!  I am on the marketing team and my primary focus is on email marketing.  I make sure that our girls are in the know about the latest shoes!  The good thing about my job is that there is no such thing as an average day.  We are working on so many exciting things that each week comes and goes before I know it.  I am in and out of meetings all day, so I definitely enjoy any time I get to sit down at my desk and cross things off my to-do list.  One thing I make sure to do is break away from the office and exercise.  It really helps get my mind off things and keeps me happy and energized, but that is definitely easier said than done!

It sure is!  It’s so great that we have a gym downstairs to get our exercise on.  We love that you’re a hapa.  Do most people know that when they meet you?

A:  A lot of people can’t tell that I’m half Japanese.  My dad is Japanese, so my last name is usually what gives it away.  Okay, and before you ask, I don’t speak Japanese and I have never been to Japan, but it is on my bucket list!

Haha, thanks for the clarifications.  Fill in the blank.  Your favorite thing to do EVER is ______.

A:   Travel!  I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to travel all over the world.  I studied abroad and lived in Italy for 4 months.  I traveled all over Europe while I was there and that’s when I fell in love with traveling.  It sounds cliche but it really does open your eyes to so many things.  I definitely have some exploring to do in the states.  That’s next on my list!

It’s always good to have a little wanderlust in you.  Speaking of, you’re off to NYC soon!  Which ShoeDazzle shoes are you bringing and what are you looking forward to most?

A:  Yes!  I am so excited.  I’ve never been there yet, so I’m not too sure.  I have a tendency to overpack, so I’m going to have a hard time figuring out what shoes to bring.  It’s going to be really cold when I’m there, so I’ll definitely bring my favorite boots:  Lati and Marcy.  Too bad my new spring sandals Gabriella and Diane will have to sit out on this trip.  My boyfriend grew up there, so I’m most looking forward to him showing me around, linking up with my best friend who I haven’t seen in a couple of years and of course, shopping!

Don’t hold back on this trip!  This spring, it’s all about _____.

A:  Pastels, neutrals and a splash of bright colors.  I also think Rachel Zoe said it best when she said it’s all about “daytime metallics.”  I love shopping our boutiques because they have the latest fashion trends.

You get to shop and work at the same destination!  What are some of your beauty essentials?

A:  My beauty must have of the moment is my nail polish.  I’ve developed quite the collection.  The girls at ShoeDazzle never cease to disappoint when it comes to a good manicure.  I paint my nails once a week.  Crazy, I know!  The trick to making them look professionally done is to paint your thumbs last so you can use them to clean up around the edges.

Good to know!  What’s the best advice you’ve ever given and the best you’ve ever received?

A:  I think the best advice I’ve ever given someone is to remind yourself that life is short.  Sometimes it takes something tragic to remind you of this, but I don’t think that it should have to come to that.  I think everyone knows it, but sometimes it just takes a little reminder to put things into perspective.  I think the best advice I have ever received is that if there is something in your life that is holding you back from being truly happy, change it.  You have the power to do so and you deserve it!

Sounds like some powerful words and we love it.  What are you favorite songs right now?

A:  “Adorn” by Miguel…The best way to describe it is Chris Brown meets Marvin Gaye.  “Stay” by Rihanna…I love the change of pace from her other recent hits.  “I Love It” by Icona Pop…It’s the anthem for our new commercial we just launched.  If you missed it, you’re missing out!  But don’t worry, I have you covered.  Watch it here.

Care to share three things we don’t know about you?

A:  Hmm, let’s see…I’ve been a ShoeDazzle member since 2009.  My closet is at it’s maximum capacity.  I’m a ginger ale addict.  My coworkers know the nicest way to brighten up my day is to surprise me with a nice cold can of ginger ale.  There are two amazing women in my life that taught me to be strong, humble and gracious.  My mom and sister are irreplaceable role models for me.

And you are very  much all of those things!  Lastly, 2013 is the year of _____.

A:  New things!  We launched our new site, we have Rachel Zoe as our new Chief Stylist, and that’s just the beginning!

Thanks Amanda!
On Amanda:  Top:  UNA pump (coming soon!).  Bottom:  Alder

Hi Sharon!  How are you?  Will you let everyone know what your title is here at ShoeDazzle?

Sharon:  Sure!  I am a Product Manager here at ShoeDazzle and I love it!

What is it like being a product manager for ShoeDazzle?

S:  My career has been very exciting here!  As a Product Manager, my main responsibility is to help make the website a great shopping experience for our lovely ladies.  With the recent release of our new site, it was amazing to be part of an innovation that made ShoeDazzle more fun for everyone.

What do you wear when you want to look business chic?

S:  I’m obsessed with peplums right now.  I love how versatile they are.  You can look sharp for work and classy when you’re out for the evenings.  No matter what body type you have, Peplum gives you an instant hourglass figure.  Who wouldn’t want that?

What was your most recent purchase from your February showroom?

S:  Evans!  I decided to change it up and get a cute mint clutch — something I’ve been trying to find for months.  I can’t wait to use it this weekend.

What are you some of your favorite things about your job?

S:  I love working in e-commerce and fashion.  It’s the perfect intersection of two worlds that I absolutely love.  I also never know what to expect.  One day, I will be optimizing our website, then the next day, I could be thinking of new concepts for awesome new projects.  It’s great.  ShoeDazzle keeps me on my toes.

Tell us 3 fun facts about you.

S:  1.  I pulled an airplane before (with the help of my classmates).  2.  I used to be a Bridal Consultant and discovered that bridezilllas really exist.  3.  I am a nomad–I’ve moved 10 times in the last 9 years.

Florals and sneaker wedges are trending right now.  Do you have any of them in your wardrobe?

S:  Yes!  Sneaker wedges! I love how comfortable they are….and it makes me nostalgic of the 90′s.

What’s on your bucket list?

S:  My bucket list includes a LOT of traveling.  I want to visit every country one day because I really value new experiences.  I’m also dying to see the Lantern Festival in Thailand.  It’s so beautiful and romantic…almost surreal.  If you’ve ever seen Tangled, it’s like the lantern scene but in real life.

Favorite actor/human of all time?

S:  That’s a no brainer–Ryan Reynolds.  He just gets finer with time!  Please tell me he’ll be in more movies this year.

Advice for the girl that want’s it all?

S:  Whatever it is, your passion is your most important asset.  I think everything else falls into place when you do what you love and you’re willing to give it your all.

Lastly, tell us a random story!

S:  While walking form the subway station to my boyfriend’s place in Downtown (yes, I actually take the subway in LA), I saw Batman zoom past me in his Batbike.  That was crazy surreal.  I could feel my heart skip a beat.

Love it!  We can still believe in superheroes, right?  Thanks, Sharon!

On Sharon:  Brona

Hey Blanka!  You’re our Merchandising Project Manager.  What’s your favorite thing about working for ShoeDazzle?

Blanka:  The easy answer here would be to say “the SHOES” of course (and don’t get me wrong, that part doesn’t suck)…however, my favorite part about ShoeDazzle is the people that I am lucky to work with each day.  Being part of a team full of women with strong personalities could be a recipe for disaster but I can honestly say that I consider all the lovely ladies on the Merch team not only my co-workers, but real friends.

We do have an amazing blend of people here!  Tell us some fun facts about yourself.

B:  I have a twin sister; yes- we are identical.  No, we cannot read each other’s minds and yes-having a spare closet full of stuff that fits you is awesome!  I was also born in the Czech Republic and move to the US when I was 7 years old.

How did you get into fashion?

B:  I found myself working on the corporate end of the industry right out of college.  I loved it and stuck with it.  It’s not all fun and games like some may think though-you have to work hard, put your time in and really pave your way.

Words you live by?

B:  Favorite famous quote: “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” -Coco Chanel

Favorite Blanka original: “Surround yourself with good people and the rest will fall into place.”

Beauty must haves?

B:  Well, my basics that I try to never run out of are my: MAC concealer, a good clear lip gloss and under eye cream!  Honestly, I’m beginning to rely less on products and more on natural go-tos like eating right, exercise, water and good ol’ beauty rest!

Tell us the the truth: how dreamy is it working in a super pink building?

B:  LOL!  Working in the “super pink” Merch space is surreal sometimes…It’s open…it’s modern…it’s fresh…it’s creative!  I’m a big believer that surroundings are key and the space definitely adds to the great vibe that we have.  The surround sound stereo system, gourmet coffee bar and endless candy supply don’t hurt either.

There’s nothing wrong with some pink creative space!  Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.  Any plans?

B:  A group of my girlfriends and I are getting together for a big dinner over in Studio City so I guess you could say we’re having a “Gal-entine’s Day.” Any excuse to dress up and eat some good food works for me!  I’m also thinking of baking up some goodies for my Dazzle sisters…

What are some of your favorite hang out spots?

B:  I live over in West Hollywood right off the Sunset strip so…needless to say, there is an infinite amount of “hot spots” right in my own backyard.  A few places to check out are Eveleigh (ask for Garrett the bartender, he’s rad).  Laurel Hardware is great – get the brussels sprouts!  I do have to say – I’m just as happy at a local sports bar wearing jeans and my Dream sneakers as I am being decked out at a 5-star restaurant.  I’m a Libra-it’s all about balance!

What shoes would you rather dance in:  pumps or wedges?

B:  Funny you ask…I’m heading to Vegas this weekend and found myself packing nothing but my highest pumps (it is Vegas after all)!  However, when I go to a wedding, I’m more likely to wear a wedge (especially if it’s outdoors).  It just depends on the occasion.  Tip of the Day:  If your bag can spare the room- pack a pair of flats that work for any occasion.  Your feet will love you for it!

Do you prefer a boot or a bootie?

B:  Bootie!  Tall, short, thin heel or think heel- I love them all!  Find your perfect pair (or two, or three…) and it can go with just about any outfit in your wardrobe!  most girls don’t realize that booties can be the new pump that goes with all your ‘pretty’ dresses.  As far as color:  black is my favorite and eternal must have but I’m also really feeling snake print these days.

Any last words for our lovely clients?

B:  GET EXCITED!  There is so much amazing-ness coming your way…You have no idea!

On Blanka:  Marysol pump (coming soon)!

Hi Lauren!  First things first.  Those shoes are hot.  What made you pick this pair?

Lauren:  That star!  It caught my eye immediately.  Plus, I am loving curved wedges lately.

Yes, those shoes are really fun!  I think everyone will be really excited once the Leven wedges come out mid-month!  It’s always fun to give a little sneak peek of what’s in store!  Describe your average day at ShoeDazzle.

L:  With my multi-functional role as HR Coordinator and Brian Lee’s assistant it is always busy and fun.  I never know what I might get to work on that day or who I might meet.  I love it!

So you get to plan lots of fun things and work with our very hip and innovative CEO, Brian.  Not a bad “average” day.  What are some perks about working in e-commerce for a shoe company?

L:  I’m trying not to put on my HR hat but we definitely work in a young and exciting environment.  Every day here is something new and unexpected.  Of course there are the perks of our shoe discounts too!

No gal can have enough shoes!  Any hidden talents you don’t mind sharing with us?

L:  I will, on occasion, sing Opera.  Lately it’s been in the middle of the night in my apartment  though.  So far no complaints from my neighbors!

Looks like they’re liking it then!  What’s a beauty must have for you?

L: Lancome Definicils High Definition Mascara.  I can’t live without it.

What isn’t there to love about Lancome?  You’re always so well dressed!  Do you like to pick your clothes or shoes first?

L:  Aww, thanks!  Depending on my mood and the weather, I would say that my outfit usually starts with me picking my top or shoes first.  If it’s a rainy day, I will definitely pick out what boots I want to wear first and then my outfit.

What is…your favorite thing to wear when you’re going out?

L:  My black high waist disco pants from American Apparel with a fun top and heels.

That sounds like the perfect recipe for a fun night out.  Fill in the blank.  A woman should never leave her house without her ___.

L:  Lip balm!  I think I need it even more than I need my phone.

Favorite spots to shop/brunch in LA?

L:  I like to shop around Melrose a lot and Botegga Louie downtown is my favorite spot to brunch.  Since I just moved here I am still looking for more cool spots.  Any suggestions?

KTCHN in DTLA is another great spot and we’re a huge fan of LIttle Dom’s in Los Feliz.  Last but not least, who’s your current celebrity crush?

L:  Doesn’t everyone have a crush on Ryan Gosling?

Yup!  We just can’t get enough of him.  Thanks for catching up with us!

Keep your eyes peeled for the Leven wedge (coming out mid-month).

Hi Rachael!  What’s your typical day like as a Project Manager–Creative Services for ShoeDazzle?

Rachael:  The greatest thing about my job is that I actually never have a typical day.  It’s pretty awesome.  Day to day I’m like the octopus that reaches out to link the copywriters and graphic designers to other departments in ShoeDazzle to ensure that all our incredible projects get done on time.

How many shoes have you acquired working here?

R:  Oh jeez.  A girl should never tell her age, so she certainly shouldn’t tell anyone how many shoes she has.  How about we focus on my more recent purchases?  I’m obsessed with my Aine heels, Diane sandals and Ronnie booties and those were all in the last few weeks!

All right.  We’ll let you have that mystery.  We work with tons of great celebrities and celebrity stylists what have been some of your favorite projects?

R:  Obvi it has to be Rachel Zoe!  We share the same name (minus the A) and when she comes into the office I’m always having a moment.

Are you trying any new trends that you normally wouldn’t right now?

R:  I actually just purchased a pair of ombre burgundy to black skinnies.  I’ve never done ombre before and now I’m hooked.  Generally, I shop for more timeless pieces that can flow from season to season effortlessly but every now and again I love to take some risks.

Ombre is everywhere and we can’t get enough of it.  Do you have any Valentine’s Day plans?  Outfits?

R:  Actually, my boyfriend and I are pretty romantically challenged so we’re not too into Valentine’s Day.  Thankfully my BFF/roommate’s birthday IS Valentine’s Day so a big group of us are going out to dinner in Venice to celebrate.

The more the merrier!  Your skin is always perfect.  What are some of your favorite beauty products?

R:  Can’t live without Kiehl’s!  I slather on their Midnight Recovery Concentrate so I wake up looking like I’ve slept for twelve hours on a bed of roses.  It tends to prevent people from asking me if I’ve had another late night!

Oh, those serums are magical!  Tell us a few things about you that we would never guess by your (fun, fun, fun) pictures.

1.  I  don’t pick sides in the cat vs. dog feud.  I love both.  Equally.

2.  I’m a needlepoint fanatic.  I’m working on my biggest project yet: a big flower with an intricate border.  I’m going to make it into a pillow!

3.  I love Italian food.  It’s perfectly acceptable to put cheese on every dish and that’s why I love it.  Studying abroad in Italy didn’t help…

4.  I can easily replicate people’s accents.  I get a lot of weird looks at restaurants when I try them out on unsuspecting waiters.

Working in California is something we will never complain about.  Fill in the blank.  The best part about living in California is ___.

R:  The diverse landscape.  You could be at the beach one day, the desert the next, and the mountains the day after.  More climates = more outfits!

Sounds like you’re a bit of a travel bug!  What are some other fun things our readers should know about working here.

R:  We are just as impatient to get our shoes as our clients are!  When they arrive I can’t resist trying them on and taking a spin around the office to show them off when they arrive!

The thrill never ends.  What are the Top 10 Songs on your playlist right now?

Elephant by Tame Impala, Money Grabber by Fitz & The Tantrums, Ho Hey by the Lumineers, Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Little By Little by Radiohead, Who by David Bryne & St. Vincent, Dance, Dance, Dance by Lykke Li, Hot Knife by Fiona Apple, Black Tin Box by Miike Snow ft. Lykee Li, Icarus by White Hinterland

Next on your travels?

R:  I’m heading to Vail for a gals ski trip in February, NYC for my little sister’s graduation in May and Hawaii for my cousin’s wedding in August!

Sounds like you have a great year ahead of you!  Last thing.  Your AMAZING hair.  We love it.

R:  My hair is less predictable than the weather.  It’s often like living with a moody adolescent on top of my head…it changes its mind daily on who it wants to be.

Hair with a mind of it’s own!  Lastly, if you weren’t living in LA where would you live?

R:  That’s a toughie but I would have to say San Francisco.  I go wild for their local food and handcrafted beers.

On Rachael:  Aine

1.  Hi Monica!  How’s it going?  Thanks for setting some time aside to catch up.  What’s your average day like working the front desk at ShoeDazzle?

Monica:  The pleasure is mine!  A typical day consists of greeting guests, answering calls, receiving mail…oh, and feeding the company’s pet piranha named Dazzle!

2.  Dazzle is a cutie!  You started out working in Client Services then transitioned into this role.  Describe the major differences.

M:  In Client Servcies, I got to work hands-on with clients assisting them with their orders, talking about shoes, and all of the extra good stuff.  Now that I’m ShoeDazzle’s receptionist, I’m exposed to different fields and aspects of the company.  I meet cool new people every day and I’m always keeping busy with various tasks.  I do miss working personally with our awesome clients though!

3.  We have such great clients.  We all really love how we are able to get so personal!  Speaking of shoes, what was your first ShoeDazzle purchase?

M:  The ever-so-popular, Ciji!

4.  Oh, that Ciji!  She had to make quite a few comebacks!  What are the highlights of your job (aside from all of the great shoes)?

M:  On my first day working as the receptionist, I had the pleasure of grabbing Rachel Zoe an iced latte and some English Breakfast tea.  It’s kind of silly but i would say that had to be one of the best moments of my job everrrrr since I love Rachel Zoe, but it was also nerve-wrecking at the same time since it was my first day.

5.  Oh, I bet!  We are beyond excited to have her on board as Chief Stylist.  So, we heard your boyfriend works for an airline and we’re all a little jealous of that.  Do you two get to travel everywhere?

M:  I guess we like to consider ourselves little jet setters!  Occasionally, we fly out and go on one day trips to Vegas just to have lunch.  This definitely spices up the average date night!

6.  That is definitely not average and we like it.  Valentine’s Day is coming up.  1.  What are you getting your significant other and 2.  Are there any special plans in store?

M:  Ahh, we’re actually not too big on Valentine’s Day but I do love to surprise the boyfriend every now and then.  I truly believe that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  He can expect a good meal to come!  Will I be cooking for him?  Maybe.  I do like to play chef in the kitchen while experimenting with a dish or tow.

7.  Lucky man!  What are some of your beauty must haves?

M:  I’m currently obsessed with my Clarisonic I got this past Christmas.  Ladies, it is a must!  I will never wash my face using my hands again!

8.  What are five ways you would describe yourself?

M:  Macaron lover.  Queen of happy hour.  A foodie-enthusiast.  Travelista.  Bargain-shopper-whore (I’m always looking for a good deal!)

9.  The best thing about working in Santa Monica is _____.

M:  All of the amazing places to go eat!  I get so excited every time lunch comes around.  I’m always looking for new places to try.

10.  We’re lucky to be in such a prime location.  Lastly, your current obsession is…

M:  I would have to say working out!  I’ve never been much of a gym rat so let’s see how long this lasts!

Thanks Monica!  I’m sure our readers had just as much fun reading this as we did making this blog post with you!

On Monica:  Sabina (coming soon! )