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If your wardrobe needs some extra TLC or you’re just in the mood to test drive a new trend, this post is tailored just for you! We tapped style expert Shauna Miller of Penny Chic to give us the scoop on fall trends. She’s got mismatched prints, monochromatic colors, and bold hues on her list of must try looks. Find out why below!

PennyChic10_email_v1_ss (3) APennyChic10_email_v1_ss (3) B

PennyChic10_email_v1_ss (3) CPennyChic10_email_v1_ss (3) DPennyChic10_email_v1_ss (3) E


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October 28, 2013

SpazMag A

SpazMag B

SpazMag C

SpazMag D

SpazMag E

SpazMag F

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Thursday night, Who What Wear and Cadillac celebrated 50 Style Stars at the London West Hollywood. The night brought out style driven starlets like Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie for champagne and a smooth playlist from Samantha Ronson. All guests were dressed to the nines, but we had an eye for style blogger Kelly Golightly’s look. Her oversized sweater, polka dot blouse, and leopard booties had chic written all over it!


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October 21, 2013







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September 30, 2013

MM 9.30.13

MM 9.30 13 B

MM 9.30.13 C

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September 25, 2013

Check out Haya from ‘Good Good Gorgeous’ in our Carven booties!

MM BethanyStruble 9.23 A

Meet our Monday Muse, Bethany Struble! She’s not your ordinary fashion blogger. This gal is a mom and jill of all trades. Keep reading to find out why we just can’t get enough.  

How did you get your start in blogging?

My blog started out as just a photography blog and it slowly morphed into a personal style blog. I started about three years ago!

You’re a blogger, photographer, singer, and musician. What passion has your heart?

I’m passionate about all those things! I think music is closest to my heart, but photography is something I do every single day.

Can we listen to your songs on the internet or see you perform live?

I haven’t put any of my personal music on the internet. I’ve written some instrumentals and theme music with my dad for the American Music Awards and the Academy of Country Music Awards, so if you watch re-runs from years past, you can hear some of the music we did.

What music artists are on repeat for you right now?

Alt-J has been on repeat. It puts me in such a relaxed and chill mood for the day!

We want to know your beauty secrets! How do you maintain your gorgeous tresses?

My hair really just does what it wants and I sort of let it. I never use heat tools. I let it air dry with some moroccan oil most days.

After going to NYFW, what styles are you coveting the most?

For shoes, I can’t wait for some of the lace up heels I saw!

Any advice for other “Hot Mamas” pursuing fashion blogging?

I think blogging is an amazing thing that moms can do from home! Be creative and manage your time wisely! And don’t let being a mom make you dress down!

Finish the sentence: When I want to relax I_________________.

When I want to relax, I turn a movie on for my daughter and take a long bubble bath.

MM BethanyStruble 9.23 B

MM BethanyStruble 9.23 C


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Flor 9.19 B

Flor 9.19

Flor 9.19 C

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