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Monday Muse in Depth Jean Griege 1

Meet Madeline Pendleton, the personal style blogger behind Jean Griege, whom we’ve affectionately given the nick name “Queen of Edge”. Check out her style as she rocks the Kinsley and gives us insight into her world!

Music Therapy: I love anything from the 1970′s! Summer for me always means ELO, T. Rex, and Television.

Quote to Live By: “Anything worth doing is worth doing right”.

Favorite Reads: Oyster, Mirage, and Purple.

Favorite Destination Around Town: Larchmont for brunch, Melrose for shopping, or downtown in the artist district for coffee.

Epicurean: Sage in Echo Park is by far my fav — all vegan with great raw and gluten free options, and it’s a small business owned by a cool chick, so you can’t go wrong!

Favorite weekend activity: Definitely the Melrose Trading Post flea market! It’s my favorite place to get jewelry and knick knacks for the house.

Aroma Therapy: Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

Beauty Ritual: Coconut oil for everything!

Monday Muse in Depth Jean Griege 2

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MM LoveJooKim 5.13 B

Music Therapy: I listen to all kinds of music, but my replay list this week is Miss Out by Blush, Closer by Tegan and Sara, and Love It by Icona Pop.

Quote to Live By: “You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction” -George Lorimer

Favorite reads: Style.com, Elle, and Lucky

Favorite Destination Around Town: I hang out in Downtown LA quite often. There’s a bunch of new restaurants that keep popping up.

Aroma Therapy : Jadore Dior

Beauty Ritual: I wash my face every morning and as soon as I get home at night! I always moisturize and do a vitamin face pack once a week and a peeling gel.

MM LoveJooKim 5.13 A

MM LoveJooKim 5.13 C

MM LoveJooKim 5.13 D


MM LoveJooKim 5.13 F

MM LoveJooKim 5.13 G

MM LoveJooKim 5.13 H

MM LoveJooKim 5.13 I

MM LoveJooKim 5.13 J

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1. Sherrylin

2. Missy

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Nanysklozet 5.6.13 H

Nanysklozet 5.6.13 G

Nanysklozet 5.6.13 F

Nanysklozet 5.6.13 E

Nanysklozet 5.6.13 D

NanysKlozet 5.6.13 C

Nanysklozet 5.6.13 B

Nanysklozet5.6.13 A

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IHVC 4.30 Post 1

IHVC 4.30 Post 2

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  2. Anjali



It’s not hard to imagine that Kelly Lee of Kelly Golightlys favorite quote is “Happy girls are the prettiest girls”.  Her blog exudes bliss and we were lucky enough to discover a few her indulgences.

Music Therapy: I love picking up old records at thrift stores and my best recent find was the Breakfast at Tiffany’s soundtrack, so I play that over and over and over again. I may be a little obsessed. Moon River…

Favorite Read: I’m lucky that I get to write about some of the world’s most beautiful weddings for Inside Weddings magazine, so that’s definitely a favorite for party and decor inspiration — and while I love the design aspects, the couples’ love stories and how they met is actually my favorite part (I’m such a sap). I also love any interior design and decorating magazine I can get my hands on (’til this day, I still miss Domino). And New York magazine is my US Weekly.

Favorite Destination Around Town: Sprinkles Ice Cream and Bouchon Bakery are both in dangerous walking distance from our place, so I’m often getting my sweet tooth fix there. And when I want my clothing and candy fix in one go, I head to A SweeT Boutique, where they serve up both!

We recently bought a weekend house in Palm Springs, so we split our time between LA and Palm Springs. When we’re out in the desert you can find me at Las Casuelas eating Mexican food, shopping at Party Lab for fun party supplies and treasure-hunting at all the great vintage and thrift stores in town.

Curious Epicurean:  I love the casual French bistro Mr. Marcel in Beverly Hills for brunch/lunch and Speranza in Silver Lake for the best Italian (so cute for date night — they even pass out blankets to keep things cozy!). Now that we’re homeowners with an actual yard and pool, I must admit al fresco meals by the pool can’t be beat.

Weekend Schedule: My ideal weekend day is sleeping in, having a long leisurely brunch at home, swanning in the pool,exploring the desert (and maybe getting in a photo shoot) and hitting up a vintage furniture store or two.

Aroma Therapy: I don’t typically wear perfume but have been known to dabble a little vanilla extract behind my ears. There’s nothing better than the smell of baking — even if you haven’t spent all day in the kitchen.

Beauty Ritual: Sleep, lots and lots of sleep. And a big sunhat!

MondaysMuse _4.29 3

MondaysMuse_4.29 4

ModaysMuse 4.29_5

MonadysMuse  4.29 6

MonadysMuse 4.29 7

MonadysMuse 4.29 12

MondaysMuse 4.29 11

MondaysMuse 4.29 8

MondaysMuse 4.29 9

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  1. Skyla

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Flor 4.22 A

Flor 4.22 B

Flor 4.22 C

Flor 4.22 D

Flor 4.22 E



1. Shoes: (courtesy of) ShoeDazzle ‘SADIA’

Spaz 4.10 A

Spaz 4.10 B

Spaz 4.10 C

Spaz 4.10 D

Spaz 4.10 E

Spaz 4.10 F


1. Shoes: (courtesy of) ShoeDazzle “MARIE

Spaz 4.15 A

Spaz 4.15 B

Spaz 4.15 C

Spaz 4.15 D

Spaz 4.15 E

Spaz 4.15 F

Spaz 4.15 G


1. Shoes: (courtesy of) ShoeDazzle “SHERRYLIN

Fashionandbeauty finds 4.5 A

Fashionandbeautyfinds 4.5 B

Fashionandbeautyfinds 4.5 C

Fashionandbeautyfinds 4.5 D


1. Shoes: (courtesy of) ShoeDazzle “YNEZ

Fashionandbeautyfinds A

Fashionandbeautyfinds B

Fashionandbeautyfinds D

Fashionandbeautyfinds C

Fashionandbeautyfinds E

Fashionandbeautyfinds F

Fashionandbeautyfinds GOUTFIT DETAILS

1. Shoes: (courtesy of) ShoeDazzle “YASI