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How would you describe your personal style.
I would say my style is new age vintage with an edgy twist. I usually incorporate one vintage item in my outfit everyday and like to edge it up with some boots or accessories. I’m ridiculously into 80s/90s/00s fashion right now so there’s always a vibe from that era happening.

Where are you from?
Los Angeles born and raised!

Who or where do you find style inspiration from?
A lot of vintage imagery, vintage and present models and editorials.

What’s your go to piece to make a fashion statement?
I would say a beanie, shoes or some unique sunglasses.

What other creative outlets do you use besides blogging?
I own an online vintage clothing store called Penelope’s Vintage which ends up being another great, creative outlet for me, from shopping for the inventory to styling the photoshoots.

What are your favorite spots around Los Angeles? Any secret spots?
My favorite spots in Los Angeles are The Dime on Fairfax, The Prince, which is also great for Korean fried chicken and kimchi fried rice, and Hemmingways.

Favorite restaurants?
I can go on for hours but I think my faves right now are Animal, Nabeeya, Roscoes Chicken and Waffles, Cactus, The Little Door, Ink, Earth Bar, and Liquid for all my health freak needs.

What’s a typical day like for you as a blogger?
I usually start my day off with a boot camp class in the morning. After showering and making food I’ll answer emails, work on any freelance writing projects and work on my vintage store; listing items, packing orders, getting projects going etc. Later in the day I’ll shoot some photos for my blog/work on my blog and make some dinner. A lot of times my day ends with an event or two and then I come home to my boyfriend and two Boston Terriers and call it a night! It sounds easy but a lot of times I’ll put in 12 hour days.

Do you have any beauty secrets?
The less makeup the better, take care of your skin and always wear sunscreen.

Favorite quote?
“Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together.” – Elizabeth Taylor


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Jag Lever means “I live” in Swedish. What sparked your interest in their culture?

My interest began with my deep love for the Swedish musician Lykke Li. I then began to follow Swedish brands/designers such as Acne and Minimarket. Since my interest started I’ve also fell in love with other Swedish musicians like First Aid Kit and Miike Snow. I subconsciously am drawn to Swedish things!

How would you describe your personal style.

It changes a lot but I’d say lately it’s revolved around a western/60′s/70′s vibe.

Who or where do you find style inspiration from?

I love to follow First Aid Kit’s style. It’s very 70′s bohemian vintage. I love it! I also find inspiration from other fashion blogs. My favorite one is misspandora.fr.

What’s your go to piece to make a fashion statement?

My hats are definitely my go to piece that really transform an outfit.

What other creative outlets do you use besides blogging?

I draw! I love to draw cartoon-ish stuff in my sketchbook. They’re like doodles I take very seriously. I used to paint with oils a lot when I could afford to. It’s expensive!

 You moved from Chicago to New York, how has the location change been so far?

Great and challenging. I love living here but it is a lot more expensive in general. But worth it!

What are you favorite spots around NYC?

I love to go thrift shopping in East Village. I love the pier in Williamsburg too. It’s a great place to be when the sun sets and you can watch it happen right over Manhattan and it’s beautiful!

What’s a typical day like for you as a blogger?

Get up, gotta have a big breakfast (eggs, coffee, toast) and if it’s a weekday I’ll make my outfit post for the day. Then I’ll either style a few looks to shoot, edit photos or work on e-mails for the next few hours. Then around dinner I usually take a break. I may stay up until 2 AM some nights answering e-mails (like I am right now! ;) ) Some days I have events or showrooms to visit.

Do any of your readers ever recognize you on the street?

Yes! I had my first recognition in New York a few days ago. It was at a grocery store that I shop at all the time. I was picking out incense when she approached me and she was very excited and it was really nice! I feel so honored when people come up to me. It’s very strange but amazing and it definitely makes me feel proud of where I’ve gotten over the years.

Do you have any beauty secrets?

Lately I’ve been obsessed with taking better care of my hair. The ends are pretty dry usually since I dye them lighter and I curl my hair often with heat. I’ve been using L’oreal Mythic Oil hair masks and the oil serum. I spread it around all of my hair and spend extra time coating the tips, roll it into a bun and let it sit for 20-ish minutes and then wash it out. It comes out really soft and smooth, almost like brand new hair! It’s also important to use a heat protector before using hot tools. Otherwise… refer to “Burning off the hair” on YouTube! (It’s actually a really great video.)

Tell us, do you ever get mistaken for Zooey Deschanel? If so, we’d love to do a She & Him duet with you haha :) !

Oh my gosh. So often that it is kind of annoying! But I love Zooey. She’s quirky and adorably pretty so I think it’s a compliment… but it happens a LOT. I’ve had the same haircut since I had hair. But I won’t lie… occasionally I can be found playing She & Him on my ukulele ;)




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We aren’t sure if the phrase “Let them eat cake” ever left the great Marie Antoinette’s mouth. But, we’re positive that if Annette Vartanian was around she would have no qualms with the queen. After all, it’s her duty as a bride-to-be to indulge in sweet delicacies.  Find out what other things the blogger fancies below, hint: it’s related to her blog name. 

Your blog name is “I Heart Vintage Couture” do you have a favorite vintage item or places to find great pieces?

I have too many favorites! I love all of the pieces handed down from my Mom (one of my style icons). I’m also obsessed with a Givenchy black lace gown I purchased from Shareen Vintage. It’s so beautiful that I actually wear it around the house just to feel extra fabulous.  I also love a pair of Hollywood regency crystal lamps I purchased from a vintage store several years ago.  They add the right touch of glam to our mid century living room.   My favorite vintage stores are Shareen Vintage for fun and beautiful dresses and Sunbeam Vintage for the home.

You’re getting married! Are there any similarities to picking out a wedding dress/bridesmaid dress and styling a post?

Yes, most definitely!  When styling outfits for the blog, I stay true to my style and personality since the blog is an extension of me.  I focus on what I like and what works on my body type rather than what is most trendy.  Shopping for a bridal dress is very similar.  I wanted a bridal dress that had a vintage silhouette with modern touches and fortunately I found the perfect dress.  It’s very unique and screams Annette!

What’s your number one piece of advice for future brides?

Go to as many cake tastings as possible!

Any beauty secrets?

Get lots of sleep and drink lots of water.  To keep my hair healthy and shiny, I don’t color it and I only wash it once a week.

What are your favorite reads? (This can be a magazine, novel, poetry, etc?)

I was an English Lit major in college so I’m definitely a book nerd! I definitely prefer flipping through interior design magazines as I sip on a cocktail (naturally), or curl up with a good book after a long day at work.

Do you have a favorite quote?

Not what we have but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance. by Epicurus. You can have all the material goods, but if you don’t enjoy life, the people around you, and everyday epiphanies, then you’ll never be happy. This is definitely my motto for enjoying a productive and meaningful life.

Where would one typically find you on the weekend?

I definitely love to sleep in as late as possible and then have a decadent brunch with my fiance, Alan.  We love to hobnob around town to check out new art galleries, visit our favorite vintage stores, and finish the night with a cocktail.





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1. Rosalee

Here’s a sneak peek of I Heart Vintage Couture’s most recent post styling ShoeDazzle.









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MM NanysKlozet G

MM NanysKlozet g

A petite girl with a great sense of smell and even better sense of style, Nany’s Klozet is a blogger you should know about! Read below to get a feel for a few of her favorite things and idiosyncrasies

Entering the Blogosphere: I was in my senior year in college and I got an interview with Telemundo, one of the biggest Hispanic TV networks. I started researching online and I couldn’t find any blog in Spanish dedicated to sharing fashion and beauty tips. So that day I ended up opening my blog, which was fully written in Spanish at the beginning.

Style Crushin’: My style crush is Miroslava Duma. She is definitely a style inspiration, she is petite like me…and her style is breahtaking. If I had to choose a favorite look I’d say this one.

Music Therapy: You would find a lot of 90′s pop music in my iPod… N’Sync, BSB, Britney, Spice Girls: they will always have a special place in my heart.

Wise Words: ”Don’t love what you do…DO what you LOVE” . I love this quote because it has inspired me to pursue my dream and not settling for nothing.

Favorite Reads: My favorite book is “100 Years of Solitude” and favorite magazines are People Style Watch and STYLE.

From Miami to NY and Back Again: (I’m already back in Miami) I learned that you have to work HARD and late hours to make it in the business. I learned that NYC and Miami are very different and that you have to grow thick skin in order to stay in your feet.

Weekend Destination: You will probably find me at a local park by the beach with my dog and my boyfriend.

Epicurean: One of my favorite places right now is called “Ceviche105″- it has the best Peruvian food and ceviche I have ever eaten.

Secret Scent: I actually collect perfumes; and I have a super sensitive nose. Reason why I LOVE perfumes and each one reminds me of a phase in my life. Just by smelling it, I feel like I can travel back in time. Right now I’m loving and using DKNY “Be Delicious” (the pink one).

Beauty Secret: - One. never, ever ever ever, go to sleep with your makeup on. It doesn’t matter how tired you are, it only takes 2 minutes. Two, moisturizer is your skin’s best friend. Three, I try to wash my hair just once a week, it sounds crazy but it’s what works for me. I feel like if you wash it every day, you just wash it every other day. If you hair is very oily, by washing it you are “telling” your body to produce more and more oil.

Writing on the Wall: I’m very superstitious. For example:  for me, giving shoes to someone means that you want them out of your life (shoes=walk away). So when someone I love/care gives me shoes, I have to “pay” them- even if it’s just a penny.

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1. Sherrylin


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MM Sazan Barzani 2

MM Sazan Barzani 1

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. But, we didn’t take heed to that advice when we saw Sazan Barzani. This Texas beauty looks angelic from the outside and actually has an immune system to prove it. Read on to get to know this muse in depth, and see why she’s the exception to the popular saying! 

Entering the Blogosphere: An obsession of sharing pictures of my new shopping purchases and outfits sparked my interest in blogging! I would take pictures of what I was wearing (shot with my cellphone) and inspirational fashion pics I found online and post it to my Facebook page, just for fun! More and more friends started to comment and suggest that I start my own online fashion blog to store all of it. I was always a fan of the fashion blogging world but I never thought I would become a part of it. Online fashion blogs are today’s go-to place for inspirational outfit ideas from everyday girls. And just like that- I become a fashion blogger.

Style Crushin’: I have always had the biggest style crush on Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen. I feel like Ashley’s feminine style mixed with Mary-Kate’s edginess is the perfect combination that makes up my personal style. If I could raid pieces from their closet, I would grab all of their over-sized designer handbags and sunglasses…. totally chic to the max.

Music Therapy: Just like my personal style, my mood depicts the type of music genre I feel like listening to for that day. Right now on my Ipod, you’ll see me listening to a variety of artists from Rihanna and Justin Timberlake to Empire of the Sun, and even The Great Gatsby soundtrack. Love it all!

Epicurean: I moved to Los Angeles from Texas in January and I’ll tell ya, LA is no Texas when it comes to food BUT I’ve become more of a clean eater by living in this town! The Italian and sushi out here is also great! Some of my fav spots to chow down are Lemonade, Blu Jam Café, tex mex eating at Marix, and Cafe Med for Italian! Can’t lie- I love Chipotle too. The list goes on…

Secret Scent: Not a crazy perfume girl. Strong perfume scents make me dizzy! I can do soft scents but for the most part you’ll see lots of Victoria’s Secret body sprays in my bag that are perfect for on the go!

Beauty Ritual: The beauty questions I’m asked about the most on my blog pertain to my hair! It’s no secret that I love big hair (hello I’m from Texas ya’ll). If you’re someone who wants that natural voluminous look, get a good voluminous shampoo/conditioner, and style gel. Try not to use a flat iron at the top of your head (the crown area). Instead blow dry it straight and then tease the roots with a tease comb and flexible voluminous hair spray. After you tease, flip your hair upside down and brush lightly with a round brush. When you flip your hair back to normal, it will instantly look 80% fuller and thicker. To keep it full all day- you have to make sure you are teasing correcting (plenty of youtube videos on how to do this). Also using a separate hairspray to add extra hold if desired.

Weekend Destination: My jobs as a busy part time fashion blogger and entertainment host take up a lot of time during the week, so when I get a chance to relax, you’ll probably find me in doors on the weekends kicking back with my closest pals or attending fun blogger events in LA! I’ve spent a lot of time learning how to balance this industry’s work and also finding time to play. I think both are equally important for living a balanced and happy lifestyle!

Wise Words: My favorite quote is, ” Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Confucius.

Currently Reading: Right now on my reading desk I’ve got handful of my fav magazines including (just to name a few) People StyleWatch, Elle, and Redbook! Book wise- I recently started reading “God’s Not Dead” by Rice Brooks and I’m hooked!

Life changing Story: In 2008, my little brother was diagnosed with Leukemia and I was his lucky bone marrow donor that helped save his life! Never in a million years do you think that you will be a vital role in helping save someone’s life. The process wasn’t painful, I was put to sleep for it. Him and I now have the same immune system and blood type. Sometimes we get colds at the same time…so funny.  Best gift I’ve ever given. :)

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1. Brona

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Monday Muse in Depth Jean Griege 1

Meet Madeline Pendleton, the personal style blogger behind Jean Griege, whom we’ve affectionately given the nick name “Queen of Edge”. Check out her style as she rocks the Kinsley and gives us insight into her world!

Music Therapy: I love anything from the 1970′s! Summer for me always means ELO, T. Rex, and Television.

Quote to Live By: “Anything worth doing is worth doing right”.

Favorite Reads: Oyster, Mirage, and Purple.

Favorite Destination Around Town: Larchmont for brunch, Melrose for shopping, or downtown in the artist district for coffee.

Epicurean: Sage in Echo Park is by far my fav — all vegan with great raw and gluten free options, and it’s a small business owned by a cool chick, so you can’t go wrong!

Favorite weekend activity: Definitely the Melrose Trading Post flea market! It’s my favorite place to get jewelry and knick knacks for the house.

Aroma Therapy: Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

Beauty Ritual: Coconut oil for everything!

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MM LoveJooKim 5.13 B

Music Therapy: I listen to all kinds of music, but my replay list this week is Miss Out by Blush, Closer by Tegan and Sara, and Love It by Icona Pop.

Quote to Live By: “You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction” -George Lorimer

Favorite reads: Style.com, Elle, and Lucky

Favorite Destination Around Town: I hang out in Downtown LA quite often. There’s a bunch of new restaurants that keep popping up.

Aroma Therapy : Jadore Dior

Beauty Ritual: I wash my face every morning and as soon as I get home at night! I always moisturize and do a vitamin face pack once a week and a peeling gel.

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MM LoveJooKim 5.13 J

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