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Can’t wait for the weekend? Need some help getting getting through the week? Then allow us to share with you this fabulous playlist of some of our office favorites! We went around asking everyone what they’ve been listening to lately, and so here are the songs that have been fueling our work week. Let’s get pumped up!


Getting settled into the new year? Good, because now is the time to try something different! We all have our resolutions and we all know how much of a struggle those can be, so let’s not forget that the real fun is in the pursuit and not just the finish line. Even if you teeter off a bit from your goals, even if you find yourself with some set-backs, just enjoy the ride and don’t forget where you want to finish. Trust me: when you find joy in the journey, you’ll find yourself wanting to travel (even on those long roads).

And to get you where you’re going, here’s a lil’ playlist to take along for the ride.

Welcome to the new year! This week, we’d like to share our very first playlist of 2015 with you, featuring fifteen of the freshest sounds from around the world. Check it out and start the year right!


December 30, 2014

So many tunes, so little time. Another year of music is coming to an end, while an entire new year of tunes is waiting for its turn. So let’s hear it for two-thousand-fourteen: a great year for new favorites, most-certainly worthy of another listen. Scroll below for this week’s newest Tuesday Tunes playlist, and let it help you ring in the new year!


Happy Holidays! It’s the only time of the year that holiday music is socially acceptable, so we’re going all-in with this week’s tunes. Whether you’re taking care of some last-minute shopping or getting ready for the big holiday party, these jingles will help you make it happen. So come celebrate the season and all its good tidings with these festive faves from the past and present.

Wishing you the best!



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That winter magic is in the air! Spirits are high for the holidays, so it’s definitely time for some seasonal sounds. Whether you’re at work counting the days until holiday break, busy at home wrapping everyone’s presents, or you just really want to listen to something festive, this week’s Tuesday Tunes has got you covered!


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Ready for a sampler of this season’s newest music? We’ve been hearing a LOT of new tunes around here in the office, so we’ve compiled some of our faves for you in this week’s playlist. And of course, we haven’t forgotten our festive spirit: you’ll also find some holiday tunes in the mix to make the season bright.


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There’s nothing quite like an AM stroll on a crisp November morning. Whether you’re walking to work or dropping in for morning coffee, you simply can’t beat that refreshing fall air. But it can get a little chilly during this time of year, so be sure to bundle up, and/or take these tunes with you: because all you really need is a hot beat to warm you up.

…of course, the right accessory can help keep you warm too!


November 18, 2014


Heading home for the holidays? You might be in for a long ride, but that’s nothing to worry about. Everybody knows that with the right music, your travels can turn into a righteous trip, so we’d like to share our latest playlist with you to spread some love. Be sure to take it with you wherever you go this season: you’ll be glad you did!

November 11, 2014

Tuesday Tunes - adsasdas

Looks like we’re here: the homestretch of 2014.

Feels like we got here fast. Feels like we had much fun on the way here. Doesn’t feel like we had enough time to enjoy it all. But the year is not over! There’s still room for good times: a strong year deserves a strong finish, and another strong playlist. Listen to these tunes for a lasting groove that’ll help you see it through.

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