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September 8, 2014




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1. Nevermind Denim

2. Trinite flats

3. Handbag 

September 5, 2014

Aroundtheweb 9.4


@melaniepace21  takes on day one of NYFW in the Vanka 

@nanysklozet Daniela Ramirez stuns in the Rayna

@catcherinthestyle takes a break in the Jango 

@tayehansberry  lounging never looked so chic

@grasiemercedes shines in the  Jeana

@iamfashionlaine takes a NY minute to snap a shoefie of her Raisha’s

@thestyleeditrix poses in the Jaffie 

@sazanbarzani takes the Sleek to NY and we’re sure it created street style envy



September 2, 2014

TheMarcyStop B

TheMarcyStop A

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August 29, 2014

Aroundtheweb 8.29

@orlyshani takes glam to a new level in the Eva during Emmy weekend

Hey @iamfashionlaine can we have a ride in your Cadillac while you drive in the Raisha‘s?

We love @tayehansberry‘s sultry sidewalk pose in the Ransa‘s!

@the_joiee gives the Bassa some shoefie love.

We made  @melaniepace21 ‘s favorite shoe roundup! Get the Vanka to follow suit.

Let’s forget about the stigma surrounding this more-than-a-century-old drink: the Daiquiri is still one of the simplest, most refined cocktails to ever be enjoyed worldwide. Who wouldn’t enjoy the blended, blissful simplicity of its sweet, sour, and fruity flavors? Recent generations may have grown weary of flimsy packets of Daiquiri premixes, but a Daiquiri done right is something to behold. So behold: here’s our delicious take on the Daiquiri.

tt 0828

WHAT YOU’LL NEED (serves 2)

1 cup pitted cherries
3 tablespoons of lime juice
2 teaspoons sugar
2 ounces rum
2 ounces cherry liqueur
2 cups ice


Add all ingredients into a blender and thoroughly blend on pulse, then blend on high until smooth. Pour into 2 glasses and garnish with a slice of lime and/or maraschino cherries. Serve immediately.

KeshiaChante Ianthe 8.19


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Stuffshelikes 8.25

Stuffshelikes 8.25 B

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August 22, 2014

Aroundtheweb 8.22


  @keshiachante gets tomboy chic right in her Ianthe sandals.

We’re taking breakfast notes from @bethanystruble. Acai bowl with a little Sao? Yes please!

Behind the scenes never looked so good @orlyshani! Could the Sleek mules have something to do with that? Either way you’re dazzling!

@iamfashionlaine strikes a mod pose in her Marnie’s.

 A perfect shoefie from @blakevond while wearing the Candalia.

@annacdesouza looks calm and collected while wearing the  Loyita’s.


I’m not a denim expert; more like a denim hoarder, really. It’s kind of a problem. I just can’t toss away a pair of jeans because they aren’t ‘cool’—they aren’t like middle school friends…kidding! I’m just saying: I know my bleached-out, Marky Mark mega-pipes from 8th grade are going to make a comeback, and when they do, I’ll be ready.


Until that happens, let’s focus on current denim, modern washes, and, more importantly, what your choices say about you, now.


Deconstructed: Ok, it’s not really a wash, but when the ravaged sections aren’t a hue of blue, it counts. You’re a hot mess…emphasis on ‘hot’. You don’t give a fuss, yet your look is always fashionably put-together. Check out Shay.


Ombre: From one color to the next, you love a good transition or–better yet—transformation. That’s ok. Some might say, “all over the place”; others will say, “Life of the party.” Change into Meagan.


Color Blast: Usually you have a bright and endearing personality, but you need to go a little dark now and then. This treatment is primed for your shady/chic looks. Try on Carsen for the night.


Acid Wash: You know your stuff…is vintage—but that’s why you love it. Combined with pieces you bought at the mall yesterday, your acidic look, like you, is incomparably original.


White: Outwardly, you’re all dainty, but the truth is that you’re ready to rumble—not tumble, though, because you don’t want to get THAT dirty.


Richy T. – …owns all of these washes.






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