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Richy 1.29 B

I’m not sure oversized clutches ever really go out of style; I think they just lie low for a few seasons and then pop back up when you forget to expect them, like fanny packs and mini-napsacks. Clearly, some of us forgot about these strapless giants, because here they are, again—back and bigger than ever.

Richy 1.29 E

Here are a few reasons why I think a jumbo clutch is fitting for right now, right now:

1)      They shield. When needed, they’re adept at blocking golden drops of sunlight as well as burning frozen raindrops—depending on where you are in the country. Plus, you can use them to hide your face from paparazzi, which is something I know I have to deal with NEVERy day.

2)      They hold your tablet. The oversized clutches I’m talking about have plenty of room for your digital devices, but I’m not really one to suggest you use them for that purpose. I get that it’s useful, but there’s something frivolously fashionable about ditching practicality when it looks pretty.

3)      They’re very photogenic. Want to make your legs, look longer in pictures? Try holding an oversized clutch right in your underarm and posing like your showing off the bag. Want to look like you have a longer torso? Grip the clutch from the bottom with just your fingers—you won’t be able to tell where exactly your top ends. The best part: you can adjust anywhere in between from one photo op’ to the next.

Richy 1.29 D

Richy T.—Trying to make Clutch happen.

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January 23, 2014

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January 20, 2014

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January 16, 2014

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January 13, 2014

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