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Fall means something different to every girl. For some, it’s a cozy knit throw and a dreamy fireplace. (Let us know when you find one of those!) For others, it’s simply a pumpkin spice latte and a bit of crisp air. But no matter what your autumnal routine, everyone can appreciate a good go-to sweater to wear with absolutely everything! Working in varied weaves and shapes and sizes that are just begging to be touched will ensure that by winter, you’re cozying up to something a little more alive than just your bulky cardigan from grandma, and that’s never a bad thing. Whether you pair it with your standby leggings, wide-leg jeans, mix it up with a skirt or over a summer dress, we’ve scouted the headlining sweaters of this season. And it’s up to you to choose to buy in bulk at low prices, (speak: sweater marathon) or invest in just one pricey piece that you’ll wear everyday.  Read More

It happens to the best of us– the temptation to literally replace your entire closet at the start of a new season is thrilling, but Dazzlers know the trick is to integrate a few key items and mix and match with the staples you already own, know, and love. Step away from the Salvation Army donation bags! If you’re anything like us, your daily daydreaming consists of planning your future outfits, along with your absolute-musts shopping list; crisp new tights, boots, and rich hues. Seriously, how good are socks going to feel after months of naked feet!?  Read More